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8 Ways To Spot a Trap Account

game of war trap

How To Spot a Trap Account Trap accounts are the sneakiest play style in Game of War. They are all about creating the perception that your Stronghold is weak, when in reality it's very strong. What Are Traps? A "trap" is a low power account that is specifically built to look weak but is actually very strong. Not only that but ... Read More »

Gems Selection Guide for Game of War: Fire Age

gems selection guide

Gems Selection Guide for Game of War: Fire Age The following is a gem selection guide for Game of War Fire Age.  It provides general guidance for choosing proper gems for any combat situation and gear set. Each combat scenario is unique, but the following guide will give you the best gem for your situation.  Which Gems Should I Use? As ... Read More »

Cheap Game of War Gold Packs – Up to 25% OFF

amazon coin

Cheap Game of War Gold Packs with Amazon Coins If you have an android phone, android tablet, or PC, you can use Amazon Coins to save yourself 25% or more on Game of War: Fire Age gold packs! If you don't have Android, but you have a PC, download the Android emulator Nox App Player (yes it's a direct download link). Quick Steps to Buying Gold Packs ... Read More »

The Best Permanent Gear GoW Rally Trap

Jiao Dragon and Glacial King Defense Gear Comparison GoW Game of WAr

The Best Permanent Gear for a Rally Trap Regular gear is the most cost effective and safe gear you can have for a Rally Trap account. You can use it for as long as you want and get the same results every hit. You don't have to worry about presets or switching your gear in time before getting hit by a ... Read More »

Game of War VIP Prestige vs. Regular (Includes VIP 27)

VIP 27 Game of War Fire Age

Game of War VIP Prestige vs. Regular VIP Prestige may not be the best idea for you. After adding up how many alliance points you have to use for prestige, view the chart to see if it's worth making the move into prestige. Once you start VIP prestige you will lose some of your regular VIP 10 bonuses until you reach ... Read More »

Announcement: Mobile Redirects – We Hate Them Too

Hi Everyone, I want to address something that is plaguing the whole advertising industry right now, not just our site. Mobile redirect ads (adware) are affecting some of the largest websites in the world such as: NBC, Ebay, New York Post, etc. By the end of this article you will understand: How these redirects occur Who they affect (more people ... Read More »

“Rope-a-Dope” Prison Deconstruct KvK Scoring Trick

Rope-a-Dope KvK Trick Game of War Fire Age

Defending and winning against multiple rallies in Game of War Fire Age is a great way to score some big points in a KvK kill event. Waiting for a rally leader to actually attack you can be boring! So when one finally does you want to maximize the points you gain from them.  I discovered a great way to trick ... Read More »

Monster Skills for Mythic Monsters and World Bosses

monster killing art

Monster Skill Points Question: "How should I allocate my monster skill points?" Answer: "The way in which you can do the most damage to the monster, the most often." This was good advice for a long time.  However, now in Game of War hitting monsters provides very little return.  Monster hitting is now about Mythic Monsters and World Bosses.  Its ... Read More »

Additional Building Plots

Additional Building Plots Game of War

Additional Urban Building and Rural Building Plots are now available in Game of War! The blog describes it very clearly. Your Empire now has the potential to grow even more: four new Urban Plots and as many Rural Plots of land have just been discovered! Currently one of each of these plots of land can be unlocked – watch for the ability to unlock ... Read More »

What Are Trap Accounts & Why Are They Awesome?

bishaman dungeon trap feature

The Beginner's Guide to Trap Accounts Article 1: What are Trap Accounts and Why Are They Important? Article 2: The Two Types of Trap Accounts Article 3: The Latest Requirements For A Flawless Trap Account Article 4: 5 Advanced Trap Account Strategies Article 5: Build A Perfect Trap With Only $200 Article 6: Best Trap Account Builds Article 7: 7 Ways to Spot a Trap ... Read More »