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15yr Old BastiOn Breaks Trap Record – 3.7T Points

Bastion Trap Champion GoW

A new champion has risen in the trap arena. (AotL) v BastiOn has achieved an amazing feat, 3.7 trillion points in a single kill event! Bastion, inspired by reading the interview with the "Godfather of Traps" (AoX) 0 Nex 0, decided to build a trap to beat Nex's record. Nex, by being the first to achieve trillions of points in a ... Read More »

Gem Set Recipes, Research, Bonuses + Video!

Safeguard Gem Special GoW Game of War

Boost Your Gear Sets Even MORE with Gem Set Bonuses! The following article provides Gem Set recipes, stats, bonuses and research tree requirements. From the in-game Game of War Blog: Gems are already a powerful way to enhance your gear's potential. Now they're even more valuable – Gem Set Bonuses are here! Equip the right combination of Gems in your ... Read More »

Black Market Has Awesome Items!

Game of War

Since its release, the Black Market continues to offer better items! Now you can purchase many various Game of War Gem Presets and Avatars needed for avatar boosts.  Keep a close eye on this building for items you need. If you are a Daily Bonus Club member you can unlock this building for an 80% off Pack. Below I show you which ... Read More »

Battle Marks: Track Your Enemy’s Every Move!

battle mark teleport

Game of War: Fire Age - Battle Marks In this article we breakdown the abilities and uses of each of the battle marks: Battle Mark Location, Peace Shield, Hero, and Teleporting. Also, included is the Battle Marks research tree requirements and benefits. Don't underestimate the strength of Battle Marks! Now they have their own research tree! Battle Marks Research Tree ... Read More »

The Best Core Gear You Can Craft And Why


In the past, when someone in Game of War: Fire Age asked about the "Best Core Gear", they stirred up quite a debate. We all had our opinions whether one core set was better than another in a given situation. However, MZ has taken much of the guess work out of choosing the best core sets with their many "secret ... Read More »

Health Traps in Game of War: The Fundamentals

Health Trap Game of War

Health Traps are increasing in popularity in Game of War: Fire Age. With a Health Trap you can score big points during a kill event or cap everything that's thrown at you. You can use a Health Trap on a limited budget and have a lot of fun crushing your enemy's rallies. I love my Health Trap. I can score ... Read More »

Alchemy Lab 30: Upgrade Requirements and Crafting Guide

Alchemy Lab 26 GoW

Construct an Alchemy Lab to craft potions which provide an assortment of boosts.  Mix one vial and up to six ingredients to develop a concoction which provides various combat boosts. Potions are active for varying durations of up to 3 days at max Alchemy Lab level. Alchemy Lab requires an Alchemist's Tome, Philosopher's Tome and Alchemist's Cauldron.  At max level you ... Read More »


Video: Runes

Runes Video The Runes research tree in Game of War contains unstoppable strength for little power gained. This tree is perfect for traps and rally leaders alike! We now have a Runes video for your viewing and educational pleasure! We provide a full analysis of Runes research tree including how to apply runes to your weapons. In addition, the following ... Read More »

Wonder and Super Wonder 2.0: Wonder Only Items

Super Wonder Kingdom of Fire Game of War GoW

Since Game of War released on July 25, 2013, Wonder strategy has experienced limited changes. The most recent notable change is "Wonder Only" items and the ban of solo marches at the Super Wonder, reducing lag from 10 minutes to 10 seconds. The recent research tree Runes, Wonder core set Aether, and Unbreakable Health Gem Set have significantly changed the ... Read More »

Wreck Your Enemies with THE PANTHEON!

The Pantheon building in Game of War provides fantastic combat bonuses for your troops in Rally. It is the newest essential element for Rallying success. First, I'll explain how to unlock the Pantheon and what requirements are needed, then I'll get into the combat strategy. Pantheon Deity Max Boosts Athena's Wisdom 5,000% Troop Attack Zeus's Lightning 6,000% Infantry Attack Ares' Fury ... Read More »