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Lava Titan with Legion Defense!

Lava Titan Defense Game of War GoW

Lava Titan Defense Set is a welcomed relief to trap players who are facing insanely high rally attack leaders. This set provides 30,000% Defense broken into three types 10,000% Troop Defense, 10,000% Type Defense (ie. cavalry), and 10,000% Legion Defense! Combine Lava Titan with Mythical Gem Set for the best combination trap defense in Game of War! The set is ... Read More »

Gem Set Recipes: Mythical Divine Gem Set!

Divine Gem Set Game of War

Vanquish Foes with the Divine Gem Set! The "Divine Gem Sets" contain three tiers which confuses players. This is further explained below. The following article provides Gem Set recipes, stats, bonuses and research tree requirements. Learn more about Ultimate Combat Troops and Tree. From the in-game Game of War Blog: Gems are already a powerful way to enhance your gear's ... Read More »

Daily Bonus Club – Best Investment in GoW

DBC Game of War GoW

Game of War Daily Bonus Club is a feature for players of all types.  This club should be the first investment you make in Game of War each month because it provides additional benefits in packs, event rewards, significant gift every day that you log in, and features not obtainable any other way, such as "Break Item." Daily Bonus Club ... Read More »

Imperial Banners: Legion Attack, Glorious Rally, Marshal’s

game of war imperial banners

The Imperial Banners building allows you to equip special banners that give you unique bonuses to your empire permanently. Unlocking the Imperial Banner Building The Imperial Banner building is unlocked when you spend some money in the Gold Store similar to the Speed Up Treasury. It requires a purchase of any amount. Imperial Banners The various banners available: Banner of ... Read More »

Wreck Your Enemies with THE PANTHEON!

The Pantheon building in Game of War provides fantastic combat bonuses for your troops in Rally. It is the newest essential element for Rallying success. First, I'll explain how to unlock the Pantheon and what requirements are needed, then I'll get into the combat strategy. Max Pantheon 30 Deity Boosts Athena's Wisdom 125,000% Troop Attack Zeus's Lightning 125,000% Infantry Attack Ares' Fury ... Read More »

Ultimate Combat T6 Research Requirements and Stats

T6 Ultimate Combat Troops Research GoW Game of War

Tier 6 Ultimate Combat Troops arrived in Game of War! The Ultimate Troop research tree unlocks 12 new troops and a total rally size of 85 million which includes 75 million troops and 10 million mobile traps! Also, nine new traps and a new march animation.  You will soon see mostly blue torches above rallies in your kingdom. Ultimate Research ... Read More »

Dungeon Guide – Mastering Wonder and Speed Dungeons

Wonder Dungeon Masteries

Game of War is widely known as one of the best mobile multiplayer real time strategy games available, but what is less widely known is that there is a way for players to take a break from the war in a more quiet place underground.  The dungeon is a great PvE (Player verses environment) aspect of the game. Unfortunately, many ... Read More »

Mausoleum Building Requirements, Stats, and Strategy

Mausoleum Building GoW

The Mausoleum building, located next to your graveyard, provides boosts to Type Defense Debuff, meaning infantry, ranged, cavalry defense debuff, along with Legion Attack, Legion Defense, and Rally/Wonder Health. The Mausoleum provides maximum boosts of the following: Type Defense Debuff: +3,000% Legion Attack: +50,000% Legion Defense: +2,000% Rally/Wonder Health: +50,000% So, for rally/wonder leaders this building provides a decent amount ... Read More »

Game of War Super Wonder Invite, News, and Guide


For one extended weekend a month, the Super Wonder in the Kingdom of Fire opens for epic battle and the illustrious title of Emperor of Game of War.  A 2 day epic battle for GoW supremacy! In this Super Wonder guide I cover how the SW works and what is required to survive the weekend and to give some idea ... Read More »

Rural Building Boosts Level Requirements and Stats!

Rural Building Boosts Game of War GoW

Get Rural building boosts on your Farm, Quarry, Mine, and Logging Camps! Guaranteed 3,500% Legion Attack, Legion Rally Health, and Wonder Holding Legion Health. Remember Legion Stats can not be debuffed.  So, in essence, they are a premium stat! The higher your building's level the cheaper it is to VIP boost to the next luck level. You can begin boosting ... Read More »