Battle Marks: Track Your Enemy’s Every Move!

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Game of War: Fire Age - Battle Marks

Game of War has needed Battle Marks for a long time. In this article I will breakdown the abilities and uses of each of the battle marks: Battle Mark Location, Peace Shield, Hero, and Teleporting.

Don't underestimate the strength of Battle Marks!

Battle Marks 1.0: Mark Your Foe!

mark your foe battle marking

Initially, Battle Marks released in July 2016 shortly before a Kill Event.  We didn't fully understand how they worked and many believed these marks would track the enemy even if they ported.  However, we soon discovered this was not the case. Regardless, the event was rewarding immense points for troop kills if the target is marked so many players invested in the first Battle Marks.

What improvements have been made to Battle Marks?

Battle Mark: Peace Shield Notifications

Battle Marks

Arguably the best Battle Mark is the most recent Battle Mark: Peace Shield Notification.  This notification indicates several options when activated about the marked target's peace shield. The notifications are approximate time indications of peace shield expiration.  In other words, Battle Mark Peace Shield Notification will not tell you the exact time left on a peace shield.

Target Peace Shield: Expiring Soon

Battle Mark Peace Shield Notification

This icon indicates that the target's peace shield is expiring soon.  Unclear is what this means exactly... 1 hour, 2 hours, etc.  However. I assume it means the shield will drop in the next 6-12 hours so your alliance members can keep an eye on it.

Target Peace Shield: Medium Duration

Battle Mark Peach Shield

The icon above indicates that the marked target's peace shield has medium duration.  However, it does not indicate whether the shield is an 8, 24, 3, or 30 day shield.  If you see this icon it may be a target of some interest but you will need to check back on it in later that day to see if the notification changes to Expiring Soon.

Target Peace Shield: Long Duration

Battle Mark Peace Shield

A long duration icon will appear to have all the sand in the top of the hourglass.   You can likely dismiss this target when you see this icon.  It is best to check back on it the following day or two.

We will try to follow up with more accurate time estimate asap.

Target Peace Shield: Peace Shield Down

Battle Mark Peace Shield

Finally, the peace shield notification you've all been waiting for!  Peace Shield Down!  This icon will be a welcome sight when tracking an Expiring Soon target.  Once the icon changes from Expiring Soon to Peace Shield Down it is time to assemble your alliance, equip some deadly cores, and hammer the target before they come around to re-apply their shield.

Activating Peace Shield Notification will extend the Battle Mark 10 minutes longer.

Battle Mark: Hero Notification

track enemy heroes game of war

Battle Mark Hero Notification indicates the status of the Stronghold's hero.  This mark will be especially helpful against players using the hero captured profile image glitch which indicates a change in their profile image making you believe that their hero is captured while safely inside their stronghold.

Also, this notification combats the crafty players that use a slightly similar hero and stronghold name to make it seem their hero is captured.

Finally, heroless marches or fake rallies can quickly be indicated using this battle mark.

I find this Battle Mark to be the best option if you were going to buy just one type of Battle Mark.

Types of Hero Notifications

This battle mark will indicate four icons on the targets hero status:

  • Home
  • Marching or Away from Stronghold
  • Captured
  • Executed

battle mark teleport

Battle Mark: Teleporting Notifications

Next, the release of Battle Mark Teleporting provides alliance notification on the marked target's location.  The marks would be awesome if they provided you with the coordinates of the new location, but, alas, they don't quite go that far.  Instead teleporting mark provides one of four notifications.

Target Has Not Moved

Battle Mark Teleporting

When the target is marked and you've unlocked the Battle Mark Teleporting it will provide you this symbol when the marked target has not yet teleported.

Target Teleported Nearby

Battle Mark Teleporting

When the marked target has teleported but is nearby you will receive this notification.  Also, a compass will appear that will show the direction the target has teleported.  So, your alliance members can narrow their search for the target.

This is especially helpful saving time deciding whether to let a rally march or cancel.

Target Teleported Far Away

Battle Mark Teleporting

This Battle Mark Teleporting icon notifies your alliance that the target has teleported far away but is still in your kingdom. The next icon will notify if the target has teleported to another kingdom.

Target Teleported to Different Kingdom

Battle Mark Teleporting

This Battle Mark icon indicates that the target has left the kingdom!  It is likely you won't bother continuing a rally if you see this icon.  Again, the battle marks will not provide the updated coordinates.  If you choose "Go To" it will only take you to the original marked coordinates.

Additional Battle Mark Features

So, what else do Battle Marks provide us?  Well, you receive a 10% Troop Attack bonus on the marked target. Also, the coordinates of the target appear in your alliance tab making it easy for all alliance members to find the target without scrolling through alliance chat searching for the copied coordinates.

Recently, copy/pasted coordinates for other kingdoms will not work properly when pasted from clipboard to alliance chat.  You must retype the coordinates in chat for them to work properly.  However, Battle Mark coordinates DO work properly.

Another feature of Battle Marks is the target's stronghold will turn red making it very clear which stronghold you are indicating.

Conclusion: Have battle marks hit their mark?

Battle marks initial release was arguably a disappointment for most players.  We wanted the battle marks to be more useful such as tracking the target when porting.  However, with each new battle mark release the marks did become more useful.  I find the Hero Notification to be the most useful of the four types because it is a sure fire way to indicate whether a hero is home for a heroless rally using Nike Core Set or Artemis Core Set.

The Peace Shield icon is not bad but it missed the mark slightly because players would enjoy seeing an exact time left on the Peace Shield.  However, this would probably be a bit overpowered.  Knowing when players exact shield expiration may be a bit too far.

Teleporting icon also missed the mark slightly because it doesn't indicate the exact location of the player.  However, it does give the necessary information of whether to bother continuing to hunt down the target by letting us know if they've left the kingdom.  We can save our core set and cancel rally before it marches and know the general location of the target.

Which of these battle marks do you find most useful?  Are they a complete waste of cash?

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