Gem Set Recipes, Research, Bonuses + Video!

Unbreakable Health Gem Set Game of War GoW

Boost Your Gear Sets Even MORE with Gem Set Bonuses! The following article provides Gem Set recipes, stats, bonuses and research tree requirements. From the in-game Game of War Blog: Gems are already a powerful way to enhance your gear's potential. Now they're even more valuable – Gem Set Bonuses are here! Equip the right combination of Gems in your ... Read More »

Aether Core Set with “Wonder Only” Set Bonuses

Aether Core Set GoW Game of War

A new style of core set appears in Game of War: the Aether Core Set.  What makes this core set unique is the set bonus while attacking or defending a Wonder Only. Sorry Health Traps, no set bonus for you! Aether Core Set Stats So how does this Aether the Lightgod set compare to Nian the Fortunegod Wonder Core set? ... Read More »

Hero 1-75: Upgrade Requirements and Power Added Info

Hero 75 Game of War Fire Age

Increased Hero Levels – NEW Abilities and More! These new Hero Levels give extra boosts to your Empire, provide powerful bonuses to key members of your Alliance, and grant the edge needed to claim victory in battle. Heroes in Game of War can now be upgraded to level 75! Hero 75 comes with a number of new skills and substantially ... Read More »

Gear Workshop: New Insights! *Level 27-30*

Gear Workshop

Whether you want to defend your Alliance, destroy your enemies, or simply grow your Empire, it's all about the gear. Power Up your equipment to MASSIVELY enhance its strength with the Gear Workshop! Level up the Gear Workshop to raise your gear's power! Gear Workshop: What Does It Do? The Gear Workshop allows you to Salvage your old equipment into reagents that you can use to ... Read More »

Best Trap Player in Game of War – [aoX] o NeX o

Nex 2 Trillion Points

Who is the best trap player in Game of War?  This is not an easy question to answer.  With so many styles of traps and objective its difficult to determine who is above all else.  However, each kill event we can determine who's the best by simply looking at the scoreboard at the end of the event.  So, how about ... Read More »

Biggest Burns in Game of War!

Biggest Nerf Hit in GoW

Surpassing the limits in Game of War is what drives many of the best players in the game.  Here we pay homage to some of the Biggest Burns in Game of War History! Recently, Game of War received many new updates. Stronghold 30 and 26, Runes Research Tree, and higher Building Boosts.  It's no surprise that the record books would ... Read More »

Level 30 Building Benefits

Stronghold 27 GoW

Stronghold 27-30 is now live in Game of War.  The buildings provide ENORMOUS boosts to your ability to destroy your enemies.  Furthermore, the upgraded buildings allow for even greater building boosts, along with more hero skill points, stronger core sets, and more powerful potions. Below I provide the key building benefits and the brass rods requirements of each building to ... Read More »

Runes Research Stats and Requirements

Runes Research Tree Game of War GoW

The Runes research tree in Game of War provides unprecedented combat boosts for your weapons. They function the same way as gems, but currently there are no rune sets. Make your way through the Rune Research Tree to strengthen the potency of your weapons and get amazing combat boosts. Key Benefits: Unlock up to 4 Rune Slots for Normal and ... Read More »

Daily Bonus Club – Best Investment in GoW

February Daily Bonus Club

Game of War Daily Bonus Club is a feature for players of all types.  This club should be the first investment you make in Game of War each month because it provides you with additional benefits in packs, event rewards, and a significant gift every day that you log in. Daily Bonus Club Rewards The Daily Bonus Club or DBC, ... Read More »

Video: Hero Skill Tree Setups *Watch*

Hero Skill Tree Setups Video GoW

Hero Skill Tree Setups in Game of War can be challenging. Game of War Real Tips has you covered in this video by Navi explaining how to set up your hero skill tree for a number of scenarios including: Rally Leading Wonder Battles Tile Wars Trapping and more! Hero Skill Tree Setups Enjoy the video, give it a like, and ... Read More »