Strategic Tier 5, “Strat T5” Troops

Sentinels T5 Game of War GoW

The highly anticipated Strategic Tier 5, Strat T5, troops in Game of War has arrived.  We knew it was coming at some point since the release of Tier 5 Normal troops.  However, what many of us didn't know was coming was the rally size nearly doubling overnight! Below I show you how devastating 20 million Strategic Tier 5 can be with ... Read More »

The Best Core Gear You Can Craft And Why


The Best Core Gear You Can Craft And Why In the past, when someone in Game of War: Fire Age asks about the "Best Core Gear", they stirred up quite a debate. We all had our opinions where one core set was better than another in a given situation. However, Mz has taken much of the guess work out of ... Read More »

Gem Set Recipes, Bonuses + Video!

Gem Set Bonus Research

Boost Your Gear Sets Even MORE with Gem Set Bonuses! Gems are already a powerful way to enhance your gear's potential. Now they're even more valuable – Gem Set Bonuses are here! Equip the right combination of Gems in your gear and gain MASSIVE bonuses! Unbelievable Gem Set Bonuses!  Gems now belong to different Sets, shown on the Gem's description. ... Read More »

Health Traps in Game of War: The Fundamentals


Health Traps are increasing in popularity in Game of War: Fire Age. With a Health Trap you can score big points during a kill event or cap everything that's thrown at you. You can use a Health Trap on a limited budget and have a lot of fun crushing your enemy's rallies. I love my Health Trap. On average I ... Read More »

Styx Core Set Stats and Battle Results

Styx Core Set Game of War Fire Age

The next generation of Infantry missile cores has arrived. This set replaces Perses Core Set. Styx Core Set From the Official Game of War Blog Give your enemies a one-way ticket to the AFTER-LIFE with the new Styx Core Set! This Set massively enhances the effectiveness of your Infantry Troops! Power Up and equip the Set for 6750% Infantry Attack, ... Read More »

Video: Reincarnation Stone – Game of War

Reincarnation Stone Youtube Featured Image

The Reincarnation Stone video is now live!  In this video we explain how you obtain the Reincarnation Stone, how it functions, and the strategy for its use. A player recently used the Reincarnation Stone to reset her kills and graveyard and was able to score 660 billion points in the next kill event, thus tripling her previous best! Game of ... Read More »

Hero 75: Medal and XP Requirements, Skill Points, and Upgrades

Hero 75 Game of War Fire Age

Increased Hero Levels – NEW Abilities and More! These new Hero Levels give extra boosts to your Empire, provide powerful bonuses to key members of your Alliance, and grant the edge needed to claim victory in battle. Heroes in Game of War can now be upgraded to level 75! Hero 75 comes with a number of new skills and substantially ... Read More »

Best Deal in Game of War!

Holiday Speed Dungeon Game of War

Just below this text is the featured deal we recommend. Click it enter GoW and look more closely at the deal. Are you looking to boost your empire?  Learn how to maximize your investment by using our Best Deals in Game of War strategy! We aren't encouraging you to purchase more packs, but if you are planning to spend some ... Read More »

Advanced Economics Research

Advanced Economics Game of War Fire Age

The Advanced Economics research contains powerful boosts for defensive and offensive players. When you port to K996 the tree costs zero speed ups! Advanced Economics Resource Costs The Advanced Eco tree costs about 100 T of each resource and as mentioned above costs zero speed ups if you port to Kingdom 996. Power Increase: 21 billion. Resource Cost: 67 trillion ... Read More »

Training Garrison – Required for T5 Elite Troops!

Training Garrison Game of War

To stay competitive in battle, you need to adapt your strategy and customize your army to meet any situation.  Training Garrison can be used to promote your Troops to higher tiers including T5 Elite Troops and different Troop types – all for a lower cost than it takes to train new Troops! Access the Training Garrison building with the Training Garrison ... Read More »