Biggest Burns in Game of War!

Biggest Nerf Hit in GoW

Surpassing the limits in Game of War is what drives many of the best players in the game.  Here we pay homage to some of the Biggest Burns in Game of War History!

Recently, Game of War received many new updates. Stronghold 30 and 26, Runes Research Tree, and higher Building Boosts.  It's no surprise that the record books would need re-written.  However, what's surprising is by how much the old records would be smashed to BITS!

Updated February 18, 2017

Biggest Surprise Nerf Hit

Every once in awhile a player will set on a target to burn and open the report after rally to an eye-popping result! In this category we report such hits as the "Biggest Surprise Nerf Hit."  If you wish to avoid ending up on the wrong end of these reports then be sure to use our Game of War Nerf Calculator!

The following heroless rally on 1.84 T 354 B power loss with 44 billion troops killed.

Biggest GoW Nerf Hit

Biggest Hero Home Rally Burn

6.17 T Burn by ONE Family and (1 CT) XxCtessexXDN

Record Hit by Ctesse GoW

Just moments before the Super Wonder was set to open, (ONE ) Xx Dutch xX spotted this goliath in monster gear just begging to be tried, and tried they did.  Ctesse with her Super Wonder team behind her stepped up and took a big swing at the mighty Goliath and BURN!!

Once again shattering the record books!

Biggest Power Loss (Non Nerf)

Power Loss 164.5 billion. K886 (Evil) JerseyWins

Biggest GoW Burn with Hero Home Non NerfBiggest GoW Burn with Hero Home

Biggest Kunai Burn

The player below was wearing two Kinoichi Kunai Daggers at the time of this amazing burn!

Big Kunai Dagger Burn In Game of WAr

That bring us to the end of the current records in Game of War. If you believe you've broken one of these records or just want to share with the community an amazing report, then post the report here or find me on Line App: darkthorne.  Also, our Beta site coming soon will have a brags and report section to show off all your amazing feats in Game of War!

History of Biggest Burns

The following hits are records from the past and show a progression of the game. Enjoy!

2.2 Trillion Player Burned by (ONE ) XxCtessexXDN

2.2 T Game of War

Biggest Burn in Game of War

With 56 B troops, this player was heroless at the time.   (ONE ) XxCtessexXDN set and made history!

Biggest Rally Burn in Game of War Fire Age

Ctesse Game of War Fire Age

Another rally to top that one against a 62 B troop player a few moments before!

Ctesse also demonstrated her solo power with all the new updates recently.  Check out her record solo burn below!

Biggest Solo Burn 6 B Power!

Biggest solo burn in Game of War Fire AGe

This one just speaks for itself. WOW!

It appears (ONE ) XxCtessexX is currently sweeping the record books?  Who will dethrone the Empress?!

Continue reading for previous record setting feats! To learn more about her check out the Ctesse Real Tips Interview!

Ctesse Burns 356 Billion Player

If you've played Game of War for any period of time then chances are you've heard of Ctesse. This legendary player has already accomplished so much in her amazing career! Whether it be fighting for the Super Wonder with one of her several 1 Trillion Power accounts or pushing the envelope of the game by burning and zeroing HUGE players, Ctesse with her crew, ONE, remain in the glorious glow of victory.

Now comes one of the most extraordinary feats in Game of War History once again. Ctesse (you can view her instagram here) has burned a 356 billion player while their hero was home!

356 b profileBiggest hits in Game of war

Kuniyoshi Re had over 11 billion troops with his hero home.  His cores had apparently ran out and he didn't equip any new gear afterward.

Ctesse and her crew used Nike Core Set, a devastating heroless core set, to take this monster down a peg.  Ctesse left a message for others on her Instagram feed.

Biggest hits in game of war history

Congratulations Ctesse on the Greatest Hit in Game of War History. We can't wait to see what you do next!

Blind Eagle and Raiders Elite

Blind Eagle came up with a new Heroless recipe and tweeked the debuffs until it came out just right.  With the new recipe dispersed to all his Rally Leaders, the hunt began.  It was only a matter of time before they found their target.

On June 8th, 2016 Rally Leader Bluefoot84 got a scout on baymax9 (8.8 billion troops).  The temptation was too great and they had to try.  Later that day baymax9 replied to messages and gave up his hero thinking he wouldn't possibly burn.

Challenge set and the results:

8 Billion Troops Burned8 Billion Troops Mix

Blind Eagle promises to bring us more about pulling off this amazing feat!

Check out the stats of the Blind Eagle Heroless Core Set:

Blind Eagle Heroless Core SetBlind Eagle Heroless Core SetBlind Eagle Heroless Core SetBlind Eagle Heroless Core Set

Forget Zeus, Poseidon or Ares...  Custom Core sets are still dominating the Greatest Hits of Game of War!  The creativity and genius of Mad Core Scientists keep even the largest players on edge.  Is anyone safe?

The great news is it won't bust your wallet to create custom core sets of this stature.

We look forward to hearing more about Custom Core Sets that will dominate even the mightiest in Game of War!

Awesome work Bluefoot84, Blind Eagle, White Noise and Raiders Elite crews!

More big hits to come soon!


About Darkthorne

Darkthorne is a seasoned veteran of Game of War Fire Age. He's responsible for thousands of tips and guides. He's helped countless players improve their gameplay. Using a hands-on approach to uncover the secrets of Game of War, Darkthorne stays at the pinnacle of the game and brings his discoveries to all of us to enjoy and benefit! When not playing Game of War or blogging Dark enjoys playing console games, guitar, and traveling the world visiting friends, many of which he met while playing Game of War!

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  1. 48T zero started by k761 va* Magister Mortalis alliance member – bMaDD. Zero took 2 1/2 hours and 3 alliances.

  2. Zeroed this 7t with hero home in 5 minutes

  3. Got this earlier… zeroed the 7t in 5 mins with his hero home.

  4. Our alliance DNd did a 476B hit 🙂

  5. We got a 141b kills hit last KE.

  6. Another one of my solo nerf hits

  7. M solo nerf hit check it out

  8. A test hit that turned into a nerf hit

  9. Por mais que o jogador faça o que quiser e como bem entender sua forma de jogar, há muitos jogadores comprando mortes e as estatísticas para recordes dos hits de mortes se tornará ou já está se tornando uma mentira.

  10. And this is why our alliance has our scouts drop test

  11. I have to type a bunch of words here because it won’t let me add the second picture without a long comment.

  12. 75bill not nerf rally hit day during a zero

  13. You really need to update those screenshots. Those hits are older than the time itself.

  14. Kingdom 330. This was a 550 bill in Glacier king.

    • All I can add is the troop breakdown and another shot showing the hero was home. Didn’t think to snap a pic of power or gear. Putting this here was kind of an afterthought.

  15. you need to show pictures of the gear you hit and the battle report from the hit that shows the total breakdown of troops otherwise it cant be validated ….. too many variables to post tonly the kill count… u have to show whole story

    • I agree that battle reports need validation and I’m sure to ask these questions and ensure the hit is legit before I post to Game of War Real Tips. In the latest record post from Ctesse you can see screen shots of the gear, the power, the troops, and the report. If there is more I can provide please let me know.

  16. ive had a bigger hit solo…just today when a guy asked for test in the kingdom chat of azerian #866..
    so i test him
    and this happened

  17. I have a bigger solo

  18. Just having Fun!!!!!

  19. Just having fun!!!!

  20. Some of my hits

  21. No hero in my Hit

  22. Some Of my gud hits

  23. Not sure how they stack up but my these are my best so far. One solo and one rally

  24. Hit this account with DB, because that’s all I had. Earlier in the morning I zeros two smaller accts in monster gear with one hit as they didn’t have much troops. I ran across this acct and asked if he might be trapping as I only had DB running without any big March boost, attack boost, or DD boost. I took my chances and went for the kill as I had a hemlock ready just in case. Well as you see the results they were massive. I lost my hero on the second try but well worth it in my opinion lol. My March size was 3.8mil rally March with 75% attack boost, and 50% DD boost. Hope you like the results lol.

  25. I’m told DeathbyAJ burned former Emperor LuBall recently. Anyone get the details? Thanks!