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Game of War VIP Prestige vs. Regular (Includes VIP 27)

VIP 27 Game of War Fire Age

Game of War VIP Prestige vs. Regular VIP Prestige may not be the best idea for you. After adding up how many alliance points you have to use for prestige, view the chart to see if it's worth making the move into prestige. Once you start VIP prestige you will lose some of your regular VIP 10 bonuses until you reach ... Read More »

5 Ways To Boost Your Hero Experience Rapidly


Turn Your Hero Into Hercules! Hero Level is crucial to the overall strength of your Troops and Stronghold. Every Hero Level increase brings with it skill points that can greatly boost your stats for battle, production, researching, and building. 1. The Best Method Is Using 25% Hero Experience Boosts Under Special Store items there is a 25% Hero Boost for ... Read More »