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The Best Permanent Gear for a Rally Trap

Regular gear is the most cost effective and safe gear you can have for a Rally Trap account. You can use it for as long as you want and get the same results every hit. You don't have to worry about presets or switching your gear in time before getting hit by a 1 min Rally, and you don't have to worry about getting hit a few times (ideally) when you are looking away from the game or offline.

An anonymous contributor has built 4 mini Rally Trap tanks and scored over 1 billion points with each of them in the last KvK KE. For the full details of his build, check out the R.R. Rally Trap build in our Best Trap Account Setups article (slightly outdated, but look for gear with similar bonuses).

His recommendations on the best regular sets for a mini rally trap using his build are below.  However, Game of War continues to progress with more research and more devastating Core Sets.  So, we've updated this article to provide a new set of Best Regular Gear for a Rally Trap.  We've retained the old set below to show the difference and for historical purposes.

Currently, the best regular gear set for taking a rally is the Anniversary Colossus Set.  This set has both high specific troop defense and general troop defense.  Its great if you have all the items of the Set.  However, if you have one or two then a good chance exists that not all your troop types will have high defense.  So, if you can get all the pieces of the Colossus gear set then it is recommended you use that set.

For the rest of us that can't yet craft Colossus, it is recommended to use the following:

Best Regular Gear for a Trap

Helm: Frostlords Will
Armor: Imperial Mantle
Feet: Imperial Greaves
Weapon: Frostlord Shatter Star
Accessory: Frostlord Wielder, Kinoichi Kunai, Barbarian Spear

Frostlord's WillImperial MantleImperial GreavesFrostlord's Shatter StarFrostlord WielderKunoichi's KunaiBarbarian's Spear

Gems Recommendations

  • Defense: 25% Defense
  • Shadow Gem: 12.5% Defense, 12.5% Troop Attack Debuff
  • Gem of Honor: 12.5% Defense, 12.5% Troop Attack Debuff. Yes, its the same as Shadow Gem but can equip both)
  • Gem of Protection: 25% Enemy Rally Attack Debuff. The use of this gem is controversial.)  I use two of them to negate enemy's Rally Attack from their hero skill tree, but I'm still testing if I should use more against the occasional rally leader stacking Rally Attack boost gems.  If you have data concerning this please leave a comment below.
  • Elite Defense Special Defense: 25% Defense
  • Rainbow Special Defense: 35% Defense
  • Chocolate Special Gem: 35% Attack Debuff

New gem set research bonus provide additional boosts for your trap.  Combining Lvl 6 Bulwark Gem + Lvl 6 Elusive Gem + Lvl 6 Trickster Gem + Lvl 6 Rainbow Gem provides additional attack bonus.  However, attack for a trap necessarily needed. This gem combination is not required for a successful trap. This research tree is expensive and adds considerable power.  Power added to your trap makes you a less desirable target.

Controversial Kinoichi Kunai

Much controversy exists in Game of War of how many Kinoichi Kunai should be used in traps.  The strength of the Kunai is in its Defense Debuff Resistance of 30%.  Three Kunai and +20% Defense Debuff Resistance (DDR) from research gives traps 110% DDR.  Tests show that three Kunai versus Poseidon cut losses in half over using just two Kunai.

Kunai Test

Three Kunai Test

At lower Defense Debuff percentages Kinoichi's Kunai will benefit your trap less.  However, against high defense debuff core sets it is best to use three Kunai perhaps in a preset so the Rally Leader won't suspect you have them.  The strength of Kunai against high defense debuff has become common knowledge.  So, if you show three of them you may have a hard time getting people to set on you.

Also, Blind Eagle in his article Reign of Kinoichi's Kunai is Over, rally leaders are using full attack setups to overwhelm Kinoichi's Kunai users.

Blind Eagle is currently working on a battle tested article all about Kinoichi Kunai's uses.  Stay tuned!

Updates - Kinoichi's Kunai
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The Previous Best Regular Set for a Mini Rally Trap

Helm: Frostlords Will
Armor: Hearthflame Kindle
Weapon: Frostlord Shatter Star
Feet: Frostlord Unrest
Accessory: Colossus Aegis (x3)

Frostlord's WillHearthflame KindleFrostlord's Shatter StarFrostlord's UnrestColossus AegisColossus AegisColossus Aegis

The Previous 2nd Best Regular Set for a Mini Rally Trap

Helm: Shogun Elite Kabuto
Armor: Hearthflame Kindle
Weapon: Haunted Kunoichi Machete
Feet: Kunoichi Snow Tabi
Accessory: Colossus Aegis (x2), Frostlord Wielder

Shogun's Elite KobutoHearthflame KindleHaunted Kunoichi's MacheteKunoichi's Snow TabiColossus AegisColossus AegisFrostlord Wielder

Contributed by an Anonymous Trap God

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  1. Well, 20 million sized rally. My combination of Glacier helm, imperial mantle, glacier feet, frost weapon, 1 kuniochi, 1 barbarian spear and frost gloves are gonna be tested. troop defence at 6000. helped by gem tree completion and aegis gem sets. I’ve increased t2 regular size to 1.6bn each and will be pushing 120-130billion in size. Maybe more troops. we shall see in kvk.

  2. I’m thinking of replacing the Imperial Mantle with the Obsidian Knight Battleplate. Thoughts?

  3. Page needs updated, several new sets out. Skeleton King and Obsidian Knight are two that I’d really like to see info on. Also just to better clarify you mean guy mention which sets were considered. That way in a couple months when someone comes across this page they can easily tell that the next defense set wasn’t considered when decidingwhich is best defense set.

  4. I cap 8 million rallies. Don’t Burn. Loose few troops dependant on core.Troop loss can be 2 million t2 down to no troop loss just some t1 traps and I do not boost ever. Just anti scout. I sit and watch only 🙂
    Set up is Cockatrice helmet, Imperial mantle Armour, Shogun winter kegutsu boots, Haunted Kuni machete , two Kuni daggers and Barbarian Spear. 160 billion troops t2 and t4 at 12:1 ratio. No wilds. My size 29 billion.
    My gear gets people to hit me in rallies which is the objective as they think they have a chance to zero me. Use ten shadow gems, 5 defence gems, 4 elite defence gems, rest are gem of honour. Vip 22. Hero 65.

  5. Maybe anyone knows why this became so glitchy/bugy after update ( 03/10/2016 ) ??? All I see is messed up game buttons ( code_build22 ) and other stuff…I cant even see cordinates…tried to reinstall the game, soft reset my phone, cleae cache and stuff but nothing helped

  6. My buddy tested for the same core with Frostlords Will, Imperial Mantle, Imperial Greaves, Frostlord Shatter Star, Frostlord Wielder and 2 Kinoichi Kunai took rally with no boost and he burnt but barely 8.5m t2 loss, but with 75% defense boost he capped the hero.

  7. The use of Kunai in colossus is actually pretty devastating. We tested it in k426. A fully researched account with maxed powered up Bacchus core set with all defense debuff gem set rallied me, and I had full colossus but replaced one accessory with kunai and no any additional boost, and I lost 45m t2. When I replaced with full set colossus, I had 15m t2 loss. But when I used 75% defense boost, on full colossus, I capped the hero with just 14k t2 in hospital. My colossus contains just defense gem, shadow gem, gem of honor and elite defense gems.

  8. Hey! Just wondering if there could possibly be an update to this… since there is now the SH24, Hero lvl 65 and all those “wonderful” orb boosts? A month ago I could eat a Nike rally, yesterday I couldn’t. It was quite painful.

  9. IF you can take the hit then you want gear which is nothing but defense an health. You also want to setup your hero tree that way as well and stop worrying about debuff. Debuff is useless now days if you have enough troops to take the hit.

    • Easy for you to say when you have over 1 billion troops in your SH. What’s the point in playing if all you’re doing is making reg troops to counter new cores?!

  10. Needs an update. Full set Golden Shogun is ridiculous, and I’ve heard a lot of good about the new Paladin set as well.

    • Matthew Phillips

      The frost lord set with the imperial mantel, greaves, and Kinoichi Kunai pieces give and overall defense of 3500. The Golden Shogun only gives 1500.

  11. Hey moderator, sorry, attached wrong SS, here ya go

  12. This is my favorite article, I’m glad to see it being updated with all the recent gear releases since the first time this was published.

  13. You’d be surprised what these bigs would hit. The last kvk I had two rallies called at once one canceled one did hit. I was in full set of imperial he lost big in points and he was wearing poseidon ate his whole march but I didn’t get his hero… time. Big egos big gear

  14. So, if you are not a rally trap (size = 25 billion) would it be better to use the above gear when unshielded or a full set of frostlord?

    • How much research done? What’s your troop count look like? What’s stats on current frostlord set? Gems? etc. There’s not a once answer fits all in this game. A lot of variables have to be taken into account.

      • Research is done to the point it got insane (largest march sizes, debuffs in the wild tree, etc.). 450 million t4 divided evenly among the 9 types (reg, strat, wild // inf, cav range)….50 million of each. Defense is around 3400 in the frostlord gear. Gems are defense, shadow, some bulwark and some hallows.

        If I go with a mixed set, substituting the imperial dragon armor and foot pieces, along with 1 frostlord and 2 kunai accessories (I can’t make a barbarian accessory yet) I get 3040 defense in addition to the defense debuff resistance added by the kunai. This would seem to be the better choice for regular gear defense.

  15. What about a 5 piece Golden Shogun with 2 Kunai? Should I gem it for defense and attack or Attack Debuff?

  16. Thanks Navi for this article. I’m working on my gear, guess need to add/try imperial tho.

    I wanted to ask.. I’m playing GoW on PC and I’m having this keyboard problem with both Nox and BlueStacks. It was better on the old version of BS but not after the update. If anyone is playing on PC and can type there lol please help me 🙂

    • M~ O~
      I play on PC and use Nox… is much better than Bluestacks. To use keyboard without problems go to Settings –> Language & Input –> Default –> Hardware set it to OFF
      Keep in mind that you need to do this every time you restart Nox. Hope this will help you.
      P.S.: i have installed KK Keyboard to use emoji

  17. This article KIND of made sense a couple of months ago. Now you absolutely cannot take rallies without being cored unless you are at LEAST 5 Bil, but even though you will probably still burn. New sets, especially zeus, just too powerful

    • as a 2.9b i could almost beat zeus rallies (with cores)…. i took rallies frmo 42 b players and 20b players etc and was only a few 100k away from winning and i was full t3/t4 so i doubt a 5b player with a brain and cores could burn….(atleast eh should not burn)

      • My little trap has been winning hugely on power against zeus rallies in its regular gear since 1.8 billion, it only has to use a single core to beat poseidon and ares at 3.9 billion power, and I have seen smaller win in full regular gear. Traps that burn at higher ranges generally do so because they have more research power than needed which limits their troop set up, and because they have just copied the gear of another trap or went for a full set without knowing whether that gear works for the set up they have.

      • lol Ok so you’re taking rallies from someone that might be halfway done with research. Guarantee max research (me) plus zeus would eat your 2.9b account even with cores and would still win by a lot.

        The power/size of an attacker doesn’t mean much if you don’t know their research. My trap has taken hits from 10-400b players. I’ve eaten plenty of rallies with and without cores. Find a good player in the game and I guarantee it will open your eyes.

        • herpyDerpy what kingdom are you in… I’d just like to watch a few battles to be honest.

          I’m in 665 Adela not much action ( although I’m too small to be involved anyway lol ).

          Your comment made me think of back in Febr. an outlander visited the kingdom and guys were in KC saying how they couldn’t be burned. So the guy posted some coords and said I’ll burn you and anyone else. He was 58B so they started testing. He burned 2 with solo hits then they re-skilled and asked for rally. Burned them there too. 64B guy who’s big into custom cores ask to be rallied. So 58B pulled out his custom core too. Burnt him as well. Then the guy said you know this is my small account. He brought in 112B account lol

  18. I would define a Mini Rally Trap as one being in the 850M to 995M power range. It uses no cores and is very basic and simple. It has minimal research and simply uses the best Reg Gear and a LOT of troops. When set up properly for KVK, Mini Rally Traps will most often eat entire 3M march rallies while only losing T1 or T2 troops and thus, score big in KVK points while only giving up very little KVK points. The more common rally trap is in the 1.5B to 2B power range and uses cores.

    • can’t even get by as a solo trap with that anymore unless someone with little research is attacking you.

  19. What is considered a mini rally trap?

  20. Any idea on how to rank the sets for defending against a rally? Frostlord, obviously first, but then Xena/Sam/Hearth all seem very close.

  21. How would one gem this set up?

  22. I can’t imagine too many people hitting someone decked out in frostlord gear.

    • You dont you should be trapping in economy gear and using pre-set too switch at the last second. Or

    • bait them in with research or monster gear.

      • That leaves you vulnerable to Core Solos ,depending on size of rally trap

        Top player in KE recently said something profound : I would rather hit a 2B Rally Trap baiting in Magisters then an 200m in Haunted

        Btw , are you going to add a recommendation for Rally Defense Core stats like you do for Attack Cores (custom)?

      • Hi chad ,great stuff on regular gear on rally trap ,any chance of a room or something to compare reg gear for rally trap eg why heathflame kindle and why not all frostlord or why aegis X3 and not something else ,hope more can come from this post as a avid fan

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