10 Collaborative Techniques Necessary To Win A KvK Kill Event

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Collaboration Wins KvKs

One the biggest struggles in every kingdom is finding a balance between burning any target you can in order to complete an event, yet still maintaining kingdom wide peace during KvKs so that you can win.

Pro Tip: If you haven't broken an NAP on purpose in order to cause mass drama in your kingdom, you're not playing GoW correctly.

1. Driving Out Small Players May Not Be The Best Idea

There are a few different ideas as to how to win KVK KE’s. The first and most common is to drive everyone from your kingdom except the strongest players and biggest spenders. While this works for a short term, these kingdoms last two or three KVK KE’s then are never heard from again, because those who are left abandon the kingdom due to boredom. There’s no enjoyment of ruling an empty kingdom (144).

2. Peace Outside KvK, Chaos During KvK

The other successfully used idea is to have the kingdom work as a team. This still requires the weaker players and non-team players to be removed from the kingdom though as they are a liability in KVK KE’s. While the chaos players and kingdoms will argue, it’s a Game of War! They only see the small picture, burning their neighbors on a daily basis, and miss the larger picture of: being able to successfully burn other kingdoms, winning tournaments, and gaining a reputation as a kingdom to fear. These players need to be brought into line with the kingdom rules (purges etc.) or be driven from the kingdom. While it is a Game of War, a kingdom at peace between KVK KEs who are ready for Kill Events is always more successful than a kingdom ruled or bullied through constant attacks. For a kingdom to work as a team, it takes a lot of time and effort by the kingdom leaders to get everyone in the kingdom to buy into this idea and execute it.

3. Create A Cords Room

Every kingdom has a cords room that they use to call for help when they are being burned during KVK KEs. Your cords room is the backbone to your kingdom winning Kill Events. Kingdoms need to ensure that their cords rooms are constantly being scanned for anyone who may have infiltrated the room. Winning KVK KE’s takes communication between alliances beyond just giving out enemy co-ordinates, you need to use your kingdoms cords rooms for team communication. A proper winning kingdom does need to work as a team. One alliance typically cannot win a KVK KE alone and will require other alliances to contribute points also. Cords rooms serve tons of uses described in techniques 4-10.

4. Time Rallies

Timing rallies with other alliances so they hit one after another in sequence to maximize effectiveness based upon scouting reports. Since you can only have 1 rally per alliance per target, working with your other alliances within your kingdom allows you to take out your opponents larger players faster, gaining your kingdom points before they can get online to shield. Your alliance may not gain as many points per hit, but working within your kingdom to hit multiple targets in successive, you will end up with more personal, alliance and kingdom points.

5. Coordinate Attack & Defensive Manuevers

Big players are in constant communication with each other, directing and coordinating attacks and defenses on other kingdoms. Larger players constantly talking with each other allows them to find and focus on the larger targets that are unshielded, maximizing their points gained each kill event.

6. Call Out For Rally Fillers

Calling out for rally fillers, allowing players to hop between alliances to fill in rallies so every rally is hitting with the maximum number of troops possible. Your alliance may not have enough players online to properly rally, use your cords room to ask for rally fillers. Rally fillers are usually larger players in smaller alliances who want to attack and learn but are limited by their current alliance power level.

7. Make Sure Players Burning Cores Have Targets

Monitoring gear so that those burning cores are leading 1 minute rallies, and are being fed targets by the rest of the kingdom for solo hits. Core gear costs a lot of silver and cores and pieces to run, so if someone is running cores players who aren’t joining in on the kill events should be posting single target cords for them.

8. Set Fake Rallies

Setting fake rallies to track a large or particular dangerous enemy throughout the duration of a KVK and reporting in on their cords when required. Log in on a farm, or have a smaller account within your alliance set an 8 hour fake rally to track any dangerous opposition. This is a great way to track known trap accounts to ensure that your kingdom players are not losing points to traps in a KVK.

9. Call For Help

Solo fighters can call for help when they get ported in on by enemies. This allows a larger player to port in on another big player and get in a few hits while their hero is out on a march.

10. Keep Score

Someone also has to take responsibility for scorekeeping for each kingdom since MZ doesn’t supply this for you. Requiring top alliances to check in to provide their up to date kill event points gained and given up. This requires that each alliance has their members providing up to date data when they are taking a pause in fighting. By keeping close score, kingdom leaders can judge which kingdoms they don’t need to burn anymore (in a 4 way) and which kingdom needs to be concentrated on.

By working as a team, your kingdom will be successful in kill events, leading your kingdom to be showered with gold and specialty gear.

What are other techniques your kingdom uses to be successful during KvKs?

Tip article contributed by King Thermos

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  1. Question related to KvK KE events: once in a KvK KE, is it harmful to the kingdom — from a point or penalty perspective — to attack fellow kingdom alliances whether within the kingdom or in an opposing Kingdom? Thought I once saw a discussion on this but unable to bring it back up.

  2. A little trick ive learnt is that your smaller players shouldnt be underestimated. Is there a big player burning hives? Let a trap port in there and capture his hero. As he is marching at the Trap, Some bigs rally him. His attention is immediately switched to the rally. At which point the Trap uses a core preset.

    He now has 2 choices, shield and release heroes, or take the rally without his hero.

    Ofcourse the trap could be rallied to recapture the lost hero, however as your rally is already set, yours will hit first.

    • I really like how you distract the enemy from the trap as part of this tactic. Even if you don’t want to actually rally the guy, it’s a great distraction for baiting the trap.

  3. This is a great article. I’ve been playing for about a year and in multiple kingdoms. We have been doing most of this but could get better at certain things like #7. #8 is brilliant. Not sure why we haven’t thought of that. And I really like #9. I’m a trap account and I will post cords when someone ports on me that’s 1-4bil. Only issue is our big guys port on him immediately and then he doesn’t attack me. He also usually ports away when he starts to get rallied. But it they wait for him to march on me, then he is a sitting duck for a couple people to solo him at once. Great article. I’ve already shared it with my kingdom Line chat room and people are giving great responses. Keep this good stuff coming.

  4. How exactly is scoring for 4 way kvk added up? Do you really have to score points in each kingdom to win ( meaning our kingdom scores high but seems to be in either 1 or 2 kingdoms)?

  5. How do you track score in a 4 way? How can you tell which kingdom to concentrate on?

  6. Hi Chad,

    Thank you for this post! My Kingdom at the moment is on fire and not realizing the big picture.
    I have copied and soon post to my r5 and see what happens!

    Good work as usual and I’m spreading the word
    Best regards

    • Hey Horcus!
      Glad you like it! King Thermos crushed this article. With all the new kingdoms popping up, this information is essential for them to be successful.