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Short Stories : Girl Goes On 24 Hour Rampage


Girl Goes On 24 Hour Rampage

This story about a girl who loses her hero and goes on a burning rampage for 24 hrs. LOL

kate upton rage
Kate Upton experiences the rage.

I’m in a new kingdom, Nikon, it’s a 1month 1week old. This acct was in our alliance and the owner was going on vacation and left it in the hands of another member to watch over the account supposedly.

She’s by far the largest in the kingdom at 1.37 billion power and within an hour the sitter tried soloing a 250m player and her hero was captured causing her to go on a rampage for 24hrs. In that time the account sitter racked up 44m kills, 1069 heroes and billions in RSS. As well as losing 330m power of her own.

Personally, I think this game is flawed due to the fact that 5 rallies couldn’t stop her. She was honestly a tyrant for 24hrs attacking every alliance in the kingdom except ours, so now there’s a conspiracy theory that we are behind it, which is just not true… or is it ;)”

Below is a screenshot showing 1069 heroes being released at the same time. It made the game lag so bad, I was kicked out twice.


If anyone else has a good story like this to tell, let me know and I’ll post it up! Leave it in the comments below!



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  1. Donna says

    The photo won’t load anymore. This is one of my fav stories about my early days of gow

  2. […] 1: Girl Goes on 24hr Rampage Article 2: The Satisfying Burn of a 29B Player Article 3: Nearly Solo Zeroing a 9B (Mdv) […]

  3. […] 1: Girl Goes on 24hr Rampage Article 2: The Satisfying Burn of a 29B Player Article 3: Nearly Solo Zeroing a 9B (Mdv) […]

  4. De Estrellas says

    if you shield it will release all captured heroes

  5. Cow says

    How do you release all heroes in one go?

      1. Cow says


  6. Care a lot says

    WE REALLY CARE ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Nikon Resident says

    As of right now, the next two highest players are only at 600mil power. And yes, scorned avoided accounts that look like traps

  8. Oath says

    I believe the room for questions is ” The Oracle” but I could be mistaken though it has over 1.5k members..

  9. iDoc says

    Why not just rally the 250 mil to get the hero back lol im sure she aint the only one with power in her alliance……. 5 rallies on 1.3 bil person who is on and they thought they could stop her they just gifted kills lmao even Kuran with his super gear wouldnt rally her when she is on …..everything u write shows that the big players of ur kd have big lack of knowledge of gow tell em to read either thisnforum or ask some questions in Oracle room at least before spending and wasting tons of cash

    1. bdubs83 says

      Have you ever watched Kuran play? He has hit players bigger than that with a hero in their city. You give any decent alliance a 1 billion player with no hero and they are getting zeroed or shielded

      1. xXLEGENDX7x says

        Kuran sucks lmao.

  10. Chapstick says

    Forgot to mention she had a 1.18B bounty!

  11. Anonymous says

    It seems funny to read it after the fact, but I guarentee you it was a terrifying experience, LOL. Not knowing when she was going to show up and torch your hive.

  12. EZ says

    Surprised she only lost 330m power attacking that much without a hero

    1. Joao Demenjon says

      New kingdom. After that 250 got her. Sounds like she was choosing lower levels. Besides if chosen right few are ready in a month old kingdom… Plus let’s be honest 1 Bill already… She’s got every combat skill done long time ago. Lol cash.

    2. bdubs83 says

      I’m surprised people believe that 5 rallies couldnt stop a billion power player without a hero. No hero stats and a billion power is nothing. Just this last weekend saw an 800mil power player get dropped 60mil per hit with a hero but fell asleep in research mode

  13. collector/litengalmonk says

    I was the rally leader in that post, we only did 1 rally That actually hit . MZ bugged the previous 4. And it was a 168m the account sitter tried hitting 😉

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