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Often KvK kill events can be stressful, confusing, and difficult. Here are a few unique and useful tips that your alliance should be familiar with before starting a kill event.

The scoring for the kill events recently changed. The following image will help you understand what is needed to score positive against your enemies.

Kill Event Point System in Game of War

Kill Event Points GoW

The chart above shows the point awarded per troop tier. It also shows points for battle marks. Keep in mind that only the attacker will benefit from battle marks. Defenders who battle mark the attacker gain no additional points. Sorry trappers.

Troops Killed Breakeven Analysis

In this next chart you can easily learn how many T1 or T2 you must kill to remain point positive as a rally leader. This assumes the target is battle marked. Since the release of Battle Marks Research Tree, its almost a certainty that the target will be marked.

As you can see from the chart below a 50 million troop rally must kill at least 178.6 million tier 2 troops to be point positive. Meanwhile, a trap must not lose more than 178.6 million tier 2 to remain point positive in the encounter.

Kill Event Scoring March Size - GoW

Power Destroyed Breakeven Analysis

This next chart is a quick reference based on Power Destroyed on Report. This chart basically shows how much power a trap can lose and still remain positive. So, if you have a T1 meat shield you can lose up to 1.25 billion power to a 50 million rally and still break even on points.  However, if using all T5 for instance against a 50 million rally then you may only lose 511.4 m power to break even on points or 11.4 million troops as the previous chart explains.

So, even when you cap the rally you can still possibly lose the points battle!

Power Destroyed Kill Event Points

Points Traded on Burn

The final chart demonstrates the number of points an attacker gives up when burning a trap of various size and against various tiers.

For instance, a 50 million rally provides the defender 6.25 billion points when all troops in rally are killed.  If that rally leader burns a T1 trap by killing more than they lose, aka, +50,000,000 then that trap has given 500 million points, at 10 points a kill as learned from our first chart for 9 points for tier 1 killed plus a point for battle mark, which I mentioned previous that without a doubt you as a trap player will be marked because of the strength of Battle Marks research.

Burning Kill Event Points Scoring Game of War

If you have any further questions concerning the Kill Event Scoring breakdown please ask me in the comments below!

Warfare Leaderboard

Game of War Kill Events are now organized by Warfare Brackets.  To see current scoring by total points or by bracket choose the following:

To see everything sorted by Points GOTO:
To see everything sorted by Brackets GOTO:

Thank you to Elle from “GOW.TIPS REAL TIPS LINE ROOM #2” for these scoring brackets!

Assemblies and Forums

Each Warfare is now divided into two Assemblies, Olympia Assembly and Pythian Assembly. Think of these as divisions.  Each division is divided further into Forums.  Your kingdom is now competing in one of these Forums in each KvK event.

Why was this done?

I believe Mz is attempting to level the playing field a little. In the first Warfare Leaderboard competition one kingdom had significantly more points than any other in the game. By combining kingdoms into Forums these Forums and Assemblies will likely compete against one another in future kill events.

5 Kill Event Tips

1. Know the “Strong Against” Circle Like The Back of Your Hand

When rallying or solo attacking it’s important to attack enemies with troops that are strongest against the enemy’s weakness. Not only should you send the right troops, but you should make sure your hero gear is skilled against their weakness as well.

Strong Against Circle

Contributed by Arcturus I in Sangul

Tier 5 Troops

InfantryRanged CavalrySiege
SentinelsCrossbowmenDragoonsHeavy Catapult
VikingsAssassinsWolf RidersDreadnaught

2. Your War General Needs to Call Out The Appropriate Troops and Rally Leader

Your war general should check the hero gear and troops of the enemy, then choose the core gear which focuses on the enemy’s weakness (see chart above) and tell the rest of the alliance which troops to send to the rally. VIP queue is typically used unless otherwise directed by the rally leader or war general.

3. Call For Troops Appropriately

When in the fog of war, the alliance chat needs to populated with only succinct useful information. The last thing you want is a bunch of members asking clarifying questions while you are trying to set a rally as fast as possible. Meaning, you should abide by these rules:

  • If you ask for reinforcements, tell your members the troop (a) count (b) type and (c) tier you need. For example, “need 10mil rein strat rang t5”. Which means I need 1 million reinforcements of strategic ranged t5 troops.
  • For important rallies have your war general call out port coordinates in the chat “80:245:201”, then call out “CLEAR CHAT” so that members know they need to port now, stop searching for targets, and participate in the rally to the exact specifications of the war general.
  • The next comment the war general should make is about which troops to send and to whom. For example, “send even mix 9 with t5 to drogba”. Which means donate a march of even t5 troops of each t5 troops except siege.

4. Set a Max March Size for Contribution

If many players are online for example during a kill event then ask the war general or rally leader what max march amount to use  we use. For 2 main reasons:

  • It allows more people in the alliance to participate in rallies and reinforcements to earn points
  • It minimizes troop losses for any one single person

However, since rally sizes are 50 million now and its much harder to fill a rally then you should be prepared to boost your march size 200% to fill rallies quickly!

5. Before Porting in to Rally, Hide your Gear

This trick is to confuse your enemy by making it harder for their alliance mates to reinforce with the proper troop type. Many trap players are using Training Garrison to swap their meat shield of troops to counter what they expect to be incoming.  So, by waiting to show your troop type is best practice.  Running anti-scout until just before launching will help in this practice.


  1. Find target, try to scout the enemy to see which troops they have
  2. Decide which Core Gear you need to wear, but wait until you are prepared to launch for the time being
  3. Post coords, call rally, port in, start rally. Now, the enemy should reinforce their team member with the wrong troops potentially, or in the least a mixed troop reinforcement.
  4. I use Pegasus to launch my rally if I suspect I’ll have a few seconds to switch to gear. I use the march screen to launch and click hero to switch quickly to preset. WARNING: The target may see this and port to make your rally strike immediately! Yes, you can switch gear mid solo march or rally march. The gear that is equipped at the time of the hit is the gear that will be used.
  5. Let the march hit and enjoy the satisfaction of a good rally!

Bonus Advice from “Bo” in the comments:

“Here’s a related strategy for when you are soloing/rallying someone who you’ve scouted and who has balanced troop types.  Check the battle reports to see what troop type you are hitting that the opponent has the most of.  Be prepared to change core/troop types to better counter them if you are in the midst of zeroing the target potentially.

Perhaps let a second alliance mate set with a different core set that is ready then take turns knocking the target down.

You can also split into two alliances if you have plenty of rally fillers.  Remember, you can’t set a simultaneous rally on the same target from one alliance.

My alliance has an open alliance for quick access to start a second rally against a target we are zeroing.

Knowing this means you don’t have to run scouts and read reports in between hits, which is really important if you are trying to hit an active player several times before they can shield or if you find a sleeping player you want them zeroed before they wake up.

I hope you guys enjoyed these kill event tips, if you have any others please share them in the comments below!


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  1. David Prather says

    What’s new chart with t6 scoring and break even

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  11. Curious says

    How longis the kvk kill event

    1. Darkthorne
      Darkthorne says

      It approximately 16 hours now.

  12. KO says

    I thought that you must have gear equipped before war march starts. Once it starts you can take it off before the march even hits and the statistics from the gear will still apply. However the article seems to contradict what I believe is correct

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      ” the gear that is equipped at the time of the hit is the gear that will be used.”

  13. Umair Saeed Chaudhary says

    I really appreciate your articles, however consider my strategy. something I like to call, Master of duality.
    I have been experimenting with cores for over a month now and I have concluded that using 2 troop sets rather than one are much more effective than using 1 or 3 for that matter. It is important to highlight I am talking about Core/relics only.

    I have 3 core suits, inf+ranged, Ranged+cav and Cav+ inf

    Just like you explained in the article certain troops have a “natural” advantage over other troops however you forgot to mention one classic thing, strat vs normal troops. Strat troops are weaker for their same type of troop. So this is my strategy to counter this:

    1. When rallying a sh with 300m power or less

    Use one of your core suits, however use the gear changing trick. EG: If you are going to use Inf+Cav use ranged gear and soo on… This works for active players who are usually willing to take a rally. They will quickly make adjustments to counter your ranged whereas in reality they are just inviting their doom.

    2. Use it for wonder wars

    In wonder wars i use 2 core suits…. I usually send only regular troops to the wonder in my rallies and have “cav” gear first. This makes the defense change the troops quickly to inf. but in reality you are suing a secret ranged core suit which you change exactly after 10sec remaining. I have annihilated enemies in wonders.

    I usually don’t share my techniques with others but sharing is caring, so enjoy.

    I am LuLu vi GB from Megara k190.


    1. Navi
      Navi says

      Thank You for such an awesome comment Umair. No doubt this will help a lot of players.

  14. Ruthless says

    We do it a lil different.We do 1 mil t3 (even mix)125k t3 traps (even mix) and then get reinforced with 1 mil strategic t4 run anti scout and start burning a hive with t1 (usually only 50k Calvary cause there fast) and 9 times out of 10 an outlander will port in within minutes. And since my power is only 45 -50 mil so a 400mil to 1.8 bil player is not gonna think twice at hitting u especially when he sees ur marches out. I have 400k hospital space I can take 4-5 hits before shielding (more if iam quick enough and have rss to heal inbetween hits) we kill any where from 200-375k troops per hit. Each hit averages around 12-22 mil points and the better part is it helps our bigger players get points for gold prize.last event I had 495 mil points and placed 6th place. Mind you iam only 45 mil power lmao.

    Anyway about the t1 Robin

  15. Robin says

    Replace reg for strat t3 and add like 450k (150k of each) t1 strat and you will become even more effective. Imagine 200k t1 in your hospitals with instant heal instead of 91k t3s.

    T1 in hospitals -> 0 points given away

    1. The Joker K2 says

      Yeah am currently only training strat toops (ranged mainly but some cav as well) but u kept my 200k INF because on my boosts from items + hero + gems etc reg inf is more than 100% more attack bonus than the others lol so reg inf with 100% more attack than strat inf is probably more effective and on the other troop sorts my boosts are pretty equal strat and reg so i train mainly strat on thoose and i will only train strat from now on because my strat research is catching up more and more, and yes i will train T1 soon but waiting until i reach 450-500k T3 first until ill start doing T1’s but yeah thats the plan and thx for the feedback

  16. The Joker K2 says

    In Yesterdays KvK KE i played this strategy vs the most pussy-like kingdom ive ever seen (K28 Lio) i was unshielded for 7 hours without anti scout up and only got hit twice.

    I played “speed rein trap”, My numbers etc: 346K t3 and 100K T3 Traps is what i had when i started the day, my hero was specced on skills to max Troop Hp and Troop Def as well as Trap Attack, the rest of the points i distributed into Cav and Inf attack mainly and some on Range but not as much (i got fewest of thoose)
    my hero items i tried making items with troop hp and def and troop attack and trap attack (with that in mind i did have other items because i haven’t bought a single gold pack just small ones so i cant afford great equipment but did the best with what i had and my items where on

    Head Leonidas Helmet lvl 6
    Body the 1 Year anniversery armor in LVL 3!
    Feet i used the Alexanders Boots lvl 6
    Weapon i used the Aigis lvl 5
    Extra items i had 2 Torches lvl 6 and 1 Petatos lvl 5
    these i put lvl 5-6 Gems focusing on Troop HP and Def mainly but the only Troop attack gem i had and the rest i filled up with range inf cav trap attack etc

    My troops was (i got a big “weakness”)
    200k reg inf
    7.6k strat inf
    62k reg cav
    37k strat cav
    0 reg range
    35k strat range
    7k reg siege (they just wont die lol ive had them for 8 months …)
    on Traps i ofc tried to even the score by doing mainly burning rocks and catapults (both strong vs ranged i also had some strat tower traps.
    my hospital covered 192k total (am working on improving it.

    with this stuff i got a total of 7.3m points in being hit 2 times. this could have been way more effective but if u continue to read u will know why i failed. Worth mentioning is that i only gave away total of 3.6 m points…

    as i said i played without anti scout and had a 20% attack boost on, first hit i got struck by we played it safe and i was speed reined with 375k T4 Cav (to beat my weakness ranged units) and thoose came a few seconds before the hit came on me. the report said that “we” lost 94k troops and he 152k. on our side “I LOST” 3k traps and 91k T3 went into my hospital (i insta healed thoose troops) and my reiner lost 0, the outlander/enemy lost 152k T3 (All of hes T3 Meatshield) but unforturnately we didnt kill any T4 :/ but gained 3.3m points and he got 1.8 M give or take a few points.

    next hit came after 4 hours of waiting … and we where completely caught off guard and he hit me with 250 K FULL T4 march and 0 T3 and i didnt have any reiner because i barely saw the hit comming myself lol. the report said “i lost 98k” (exactly almost as the first hit) but this time a few more of my traps died but only 91k of my troops went to hospital while i KILLED 40K T4 on my own

    40K T4 * 100 points each kill = 4 M points for me and 91k T3 in hospital on my side = 20 points each for him = 1.82 M points.

    this was 2 guys above 1-2 B players and they both lost badly to me point wise since i could just insta heal back troop count and i scored more in event then i gave away so i know for a fact that this strategy WORKS.

    But it needs to be well executed and not as we did on the last hit where i was alone (it went well anyway but could have been better)

    Feel free to try this strategy and if u got questions comment below this comment 🙂 – The Joker K2

    my total “losses” was 0 troops except 180k in hospital total and i lost total 8K T3 Traps that is easily replaced.

    1. Pako says

      So, all explanation above just for taking solo attack? or also can use for taking a rally? (hero skill setting & gear)

      if not, is anyone out there can assist me what the best setting for taking rally..


      1. Navi
        Navi says

        It can be used for taking a rally…

  17. The Joker K2 says

    this is a few useful tips, here’s how we do KvK in K2 with the alliance i am in BWN
    we play and usually get on top 10 leaderbords and we have even placed number 1 even though we shift from 800m to 1.2b power for the entire alliance.

    We use traps, but not as normal people trap (this is the tactic we use most but not the only)
    first we got a few 30-70m power players with different troop amounts and researches etc depending on kingdom we face we use or not use anti scouts we put on hero gear (some times we try baiting with shit items or full research items equipped but works without it) then we scout outlanders that looks like they wanna solo hit players and considering how small we are noone thinks of us as traps and when they scout they see that we are not that dangerous (300-600k T3 usually and some of us got 70-120k traps) and we ofc spec all our items on troop hp def and attack and if we cant get it we focus on the troops we got most of since everyone is different it differs from every player. the strategy is basicly to scout or taunt outlanders to hit u and when they port in and u get the incomming march or u know that its comming then we got a few T4 players speed reining the target player with 375-1m T4 depending on how many players with T4 we got at the time and in alliance. and if this is executed good then he will send hes 375k T4 without a hero into 300-600k T3 aswell as 70-120k T3 Traps (meatshields useful in both these cases but dont have exact number on it) + 375k-1m T4 and a hero whos mainly specced on Troop hHealth Def and Troop Attack and the rest on individual troops or traps attack etc and it is a wall of pain for them to hit, we got players who always get gold prize in it and they don’t do anything really except taking lots of solo hits from different enemies and they dont have a big army but they get reined and so and it earns them a few M points each hit.

    for this to work u need atleast 250-300k hospital beds, 400 is recommended but a lot of players dont have it at that power lvl. The traps are essential, and it should NOT be tried unless u have the hosp coverage for it as well as AT LEAST 300k T3 ur self + meat shields and a few players with T4 to rein you or it won’t work at all. Hero should be specced in skills MAX troop HP and DEF as well as TRAP ATTACK (if u got traps…) and the rest of the points can be used to upgrade 1-2 individual troops (preferably the ones u got most of) and be sure to get the reiners to rein u with troops that suits ur need for example if ur research suck at strat but is maxed on reg troops its suicide for them to rein u with strat troops and so on, be sure to have with ur own troops aswell as the reiners an equal ammounts of all troops sorts (except siege) so that u wont have any big weaknesses obviously.
    – The Joker K2, hope this will be tried and i hope that it will help u earn points in events and kill a lot of enemy troops. (i havent tried it yet because ive been building an army etc for past months BUT we got several players in the alliance that does this every event and i watch in action behind a shield and it works almost every time unless its vs a kingdom that only rally targets etc and if we get rallied we just shield and wait for them to port away then we try again) feel free to reply to this comment if u got suggestions or questions etc about the strategy and one last thing, if u dont use anti scouts ofc have attack boosts on and if u got anti then drop it for an attack boost at the last second.

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      Thank you sooo much for such an in depth comment. No doubt, many players will learn from this.

  18. Neofelisa says

    Can I resurrect the hero if his captured at kvk???He was captured by a member of another State

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      Once it has been executed you can.

  19. jordi says

    Tengo 500000 millones de poder y ataque solo con equipo nucleo a un contrincante con 125000 de poder. Aún no entiendo como me capturo el héroe. Alguna ayuda por favor ?
    Gracias y saludos

  20. Polis K72 says

    Make sure you change gear with plenty of time to spare as the target alliance will scout bomb you which will make your game lag badly as well as make it extremely difficult to change gear (if you haven’t researched presets). I’ve seen guys leave it till the march starts and end up having empty slots in their items due to scout bombs.

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      gear swap will be awesome for this is you can unlock it in the research tree…

  21. Bo says

    Here’s a related strategy for when you are soloing/rallying someone who you’ve scouted and who has balanced troop types (most players 30mil to 100mil are balanced, in my experience): on the first attack send only the troop type you are strongest with, then on the second attack you follow the arrows on the “vulnerability circle” to determine what troop type you send on the next attack.

    For example, I am strongest with ranged. So after the first attack with full ranged they will be low on infantry. Therefore for attack number 2 hit them with full cavalry, after which then they will be low on infantry/ranged and have more cavalry, so then on attack number 3 hit with infantry. And then attack number 4 back to ranged and so on as necessary

    Knowing this means you don’t have to run scouts and read reports in between hits, which is really important if you are trying to hit an active player several times before they can shield or if you find a sleeping player you want them zeroed before they wake up.

    In my experience, once I realized this I was able to zero people with ~500k T3 much quicker and with much fewer losses

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      This is fantastic advice! I actually will add it to the end of the post!

  22. CHIEF says

    This is very useful information. However, everyone and their mother has on anti-scout these days so the only way to gauge what troop types the target has would be to use the hero gear. That is, if they have their war gear and that is the “correct” war gear. Only after the first rally will you find out what troop type the target has. Using the most powerful hero in your alliance with cores/relics is the best bet. Send troops for the type they have the highest attack boost on and hit your target.

    That changing of gear is so important now especially with the hero presets that you can apply within seconds. Great post!

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      I know right?! I love this article. haha
      Ya, I’ll be releasing a short article tomorrow on the changing of hero gear. So useful.

  23. l l says

    Thanks for the tips Navi!

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      You’re welcome!

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