A Dragonville City Walkthrough

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Welcome to your Dragon City. While many features are similar to ones that we are used to there are also some unique ones as well. In this Guide, we will cover your Dragonville City and include all the information you need to know as you work on your setup.

We have heard the Dragon War Dimension called many things. Among the community, it has been known as “the basement,” “Dragonville,” “the Toothless Realm” (if you do not get this reference, go watch How to Train your Dragon… now), and much more. Whatever you choose to call the Dragon War Realm, it has sparked many players’ interest. Therefore, Teamrealtips will work to get guides out to you so that you can be successful as you build your city among the dragons.

A City Walkthrough

For this guide, we will be walking through the city and exploring each building and its functions. Some will be familiar, others may be new, but hopefully we will be able to give you a basic understanding of what is going on in your Dragon City.

Dragon’s Den

The Dragon’s Den is one of the very first buildings you encounter when beginning your Dragonville account. This is where your Dragon will reside. I named mine Ruby, so Ruby lives in her Den in my Dragon City.

One thing that most players have noted is that if you are not currently able to level up your Dragon, it may be better to wait to hatch it. Dragon Level Up Crystals are only available in packs, and the higher levels can be costly.

We talked some about the Dragon’s Den in Enter The Dragon Dimension. More information can be found there, but we will cover some of the basics here as well.

Dragon Facts
  • Leveling up your Dragon Costs Dragon Level Up Crystals.
  • As HP decreases in Combat, Attack and Defense boosts will decrease with it.
  • Your Dragon’s stats can be customized utilizing a skill tree.
  • Your Dragon can join Rallies and Marches and will assist in Combat.
  • Your Dragon can occupy and defend your Empire, Resource Tiles, Wonder, etc.
  • Your Dragon will naturally heal itself over time while it rests in the Dragon’s Den.
  • Instant Heal Items can be found in Special Sales.

This building maxes out at Level 2. Benefits provided by this building are:

  • Dragon Reinforcement Capacity: 9
  • Dragon March Size: 1
  • Dragon Rally Size: 10
The Dungeon

Every good city needs a dungeon! Where else would the monsters lurk? You certainly do not want them out among the common folks, they frighten easily. The Dungeon is your access point for your Speed Dungeon and your Explorer Dungeon. The Dungeon stays at level 1 and does not go to a higher level.

Speed Dungeon

The Speed Dungeon, we are familiar with. It is where we go to kill our Lightning Shardbeast. This beast will drop not only Speed Up items, but resources, making it a valuable asset to our cities. In addition, there have now been special dungeons added for gems and the black market, so be sure to check out that dungeon as it contains valuable treasures.

DungeonsExplorer Dungeon

The Explorer Dungeon is not yet available. It is there, but is not something we have been able to access at this point. However, if it is similar to the Explorer Dungeon of the past, it will offer very helpful rewards for slaying the monsters that lie within.

Black Market

The Black Market is new to Dragonville. It needs to be unlocked, but unlike our Black Market in the Demigod Dimension, the Unlock is free. Here, you can buy different items for your Dragon City utilizing Black Market coins. These can be obtained through the Gold Store and by participating in special Black Market Events.


The Portal is where you travel between the Demigod Dimension and the “basement.” It only levels to one and its sole use is to transport you between dimensions.



The Stronghold is the center of your city. The level of your Stronghold determines most of what you are able to do and what buildings you can unlock. In addition, tapping on your Stronghold will also give you an overview of your city’s economy. The Stronghold in Dragonville currently goes to Level 30.

Stronghold Benefits

Below, you can see what benefits you receive at each Stronghold Level. Certain buildings that are dependent on your Stronghold Level are listed as well, so that you can see when these open.

11Alliance Help Max: +1
March Size: 1K
March Slots: +1
22March Size: 2K
33Alliance Helps Max: +1
March Size: 3K
44March Size: 4K
55Alliance Help Max: +1
March Size: 5K
66March Size: 6K
March Slots: +1
77Alliance Help Max: +1
March Size: 9K
88March Size: 8K
99Alliance Help Max: +1
March Size: 9K
1010March Size: 10K
The Academy

The Academy is where you complete research. Currently, we have four research trees in Dragonville:

  • Hero
  • Combat
  • Wall Traps
  • Economics

Upgrading your academy speeds up your research and also allows access to new improvements for your city. Research does add good stats to your setup, but also gives a substantial increase in Power, so if you want to stay low-power, be aware of the power that is being added by your research.

Dragonville Academy Details
wdt_IDLevelResearch Speed Bonus
Hall of War

The Hall of War comes with its own set of abilities. This is where your rallies gather and leave from within your city, and we all love a good rally. The War is led by the Hero of the Player who initiated the Rally. By increasing the level of your Hall of War, you can increase the number of troops you can send in a given Rally at a time.

Hall of War Details

The Embassy allows you to get reinforcements from your fellow Alliance members. The owners of reinforcment Troops pay for their own upkeep. This is an important building that helps you to defend against attacks! Increasing the level of this building will allow you to get more reinforcements from your fellow Alliance members.


The Prison does not open until Stronghold Level 15. At this point, your Hero is now able to be captured and you can capture the Heroes of your Attackers. Upgrading your Prison will decrease the amount of time you need to hold your enemies heroes before being able to execute. In addition, by holding Heroes in your prison, you are able to gain additional Attack benefits based off the Level of the Prisoner. You receive these benefits at Prison Level 30.

  • Highest Prisoner Level 1~19- All Troop Attack 1%
  • Highest Prisoner Level 20~24- All Troop Attack 2%
  • Highest Prisoner Level 25-29- All Troop Attack 4%
  • Highest Prisoner Level 30~34- All Troop Attack 7%
  • Highest Prisoner Level 35~39- All Troop Attack 11%
  • Highest Prisoner Level 40~44- All Troop Attack 16%
  • Highest Prisoner Level 45~49- All Troop Attack 22%
  • Highest Prisoner Level 50+- All Troop Attack 30%

The Altar opens at Stronghold 20. This building works hand-in-hand with your Prison, as you cannot execute the Heroes in your Prison until you have an Altar. In addition, the Altar provides some great benefits when your Altar Boost is active.


The Gymnos is all about your Hero. The purpose of this building is to give your Hero an XP Bonus and to retain XP for descendant Heroes. The higher the level of this building, the better your Hero XP modifier. If you are looking for XP for your Hero leveling, this building is super important.

Some players have deconstructed this building in order to set their Hero back levels and decrease their Hero power.


Our next building is the Marketplace. This building will allow you to send resources to other Alliance Members. By leveling up your Marketplace, you can increase the amount of help you can send your fellow Alliance Member and decrease the tax that you pay when sending Help. If you like to share in the wealth, this building will be a huge help.

Cinder’s Sneaky Tip: One of the reasons I love the marketplace is that if I am looking for an Alliance Mate, and they are not online, I can simply send a march of resources to them and follow the march! This could also be used for other… ummmm… covert missions. 


The Storehouse protects a portion of your resources from enemy attacks. A higher-level Storehouse will protect more resources. So if you want to keep your resources safe when you are being attacked, be sure to upgrade this building.

The Forge

Let’s be honest, this is my favorite building. Here is where you will combine materials and craft gear. You can also combine Gems here or collectibles. Leveling up the Forge will give you benefits as well, including Normal Equipment Crafting Cost Reduction, and at Level 20 you unlock your third accessory slot for gear.


The Watchtower warns you of all incoming marches targeting your city and your city’s encampments. Leveling up this building will give you further details as you progress.

Watchtower Details
LevelWatchtower Abilities
1Warns of incoming marches on your Empire, resource tiles you occupy, or Wonders under your control.
5Tells you the purpose of the March (Attack, Trade, etc)
10Tells you the name of the player sending the March and provides coordinates to the player.
15Tells you the arrival time of a March.
20Tells you the Guild of the Player sending the March.
25Gives an estimate of the total troops in the March.
30Tells you the troop types in an incoming attack.
35Gives you an estimate on each troop and provides specific names for each troop. You will also detect if a Hero is in the March.
40Tells you the exact number of troops in an incoming attack, and the Hero's level.
45Tells you what was researched in Combat, and provides the levels researched.
Barracks, Hospitals, and Villas, oh my!

Traditionally we are used to our Barracks, Hospitals, and Villas offering set stats. However, in Dragonville, this is different. Barracks are where we train our troops, but here they no longer offer Health or Defense. Barracks give bonuses for training. By increasing the number of Barracks and the level, you can increase the number of troops you can train at once and decrease the cost.

The Hospital no longer gives Health or Defense benefits, either. The level and number of hospitals you have, however, does control how many beds you have. If you want to set up so that more troops go to the hospital than die, you will want to build more hospitals and level them up.

Finally, we have Villas. The Villas are still for production of Silver, but they also offer a Troop Defense Bonus. This benefit starts at Level 10 and the amount increases at each level of the Villa. You can multiply this benefit by increasing the number of Villas you have.

Farms, Logging Camps, Quarry, and Mine

These are where you create the rest of your resources needed to complete functions within the Dragon Realm. By increasing the level of these buildings, you can increase the amount of resources that you produce. In addition, by increasing the level of these buildings, you can increase your holding capacity for these resources. If you have more resources than your Empire Capacity, your RSS buildings will stop producing.

Gear Workshop

The Gear Workshop has been added to the Dragon Dimension. Here you are able to upgrade your gear using Iron Scraps. However, in order to be able to utilize your Gear Workshop to its full potential, it is necessary to upgrade it first.

This building requires Gear Workshop Blueprints to upgrade. We have put together details on upgrade costs for you to help when deciding on which packs to purchase. The total cost to upgrade this Building to max at 5 is 200 Blueprints.

12Upgrade Common Gear to Uncommon Quality20 Blueprints
23Upgrade Uncommon Gear to Rare Quality40 Blueprints
34Upgrade Rare Gear to Epic Quality60 Blueprints
45Upgrade Epic Gear to Legendary Quality80 Blueprints
Athena’s Armory

Athena’s Armory is another building that has been added to our landscape. Here we can receive different bonuses from the sets of gear available in your inventory. By unlocking the different levels of this building you can receive bonuses even if you do not have the gear crafted at Legendary. However, note that upgrading the Armory adds a lot of power and is costly. In order to fully upgrade the Armory, you need 500 Armory Blueprints.

12Unlock Set Bonuses up to Basic20 Blueprints
23Unlock Set Bonuses up to Common40 Blueprints
34Unlock Set Bonuses up to Uncommon60 Blueprints
45Unlock Set Bonuses up to Rare80 Blueprints
56Unlock Set Bonuses up to Epic300 Blueprints
Mercenary Training Grounds

The Mercenary Training Grounds currently houses three Mythical Creatures. To access this content you need to unlock your Mythical Training Grounds. Each of these troops has a specific use so be sure you use them correctly.

  • Dragon Caravan- these are essentially “Super Farmers” best used for farming
  • Dragon Raiders- These have a few benefits including double the speed T1, a bigger load carrying capacity, and 5 times the damage of T1 Troops against Barbarian Citadels.
  • Draconic Legionnaires- These are faster than T4 Troops, Stronger then T4 Troops, and have more health then T3 Troops. They are meant for attacking.
Hero Hall

We also now have a Hero Hall. This is where you are able to manage the Heroes you have in the Dragon War Dimension. There are currently two Heroes available to players here. Hero 1 and Hero 2. We will cover more information on the Heroes in a later Article.

Banner Stand

The Banner Stand has come to grace your Dragon War Dimension City. Currently, there are seven banners available in the Dragon War Dimension.

Dragon War Dimension Banners:

wdt_IDBannerMax StatsPossible UsesWhere to Obtain
1Hallowed Horseman Banner25% Rally Attack BonusRally AttackGold Store
2Dragon War Dimension Infantry Banner48% Infantry Attack
48% Infantry Defense
Gold Store
Black Market
3Dragon War Dimension Ranged Banner48% Ranged Attack
48% Ranged Defense
Gold Store
Black Market
4Dragon War Dimension Cavalry Banner48% Cavalry Attack
48% Cavalry Defense
Gold Store
Black Market
5Dragon War Dimension Troop Banner25% Troop Attack Bonus
25% Troop Defense Bonus
Loyalty Rewards
6Hallowed Vampire Banner48% Troop Defense BonusDefenseGold Store
8Wonder Troop Health Banner25% Wonder Troop Health BonusWonderLoyalty Rewards
9Troop Health Banner25% Troop Health BonusDefense
10Christmas Special March Banner25% March SpeedMarch SpeedGold Store
11New Year Special: Returning March Banner25% March Return Speed BonusMarch SpeedGold Store

Before deciding on purchasing Banners be sure to check the level available in the Gold store as at lower levels these banner stats are very small. In order for the stats to be more valuable, you will need multiple banners to combine in your forge.

BannersThere are so many more features in Dragonville that Teamrealtips is working to find out more about so we can continue to bring you the best information possible. As buildings are added and we continue to learn more, we will keep this guide updated with the latest information possible.


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  1. egor
    egor says

    Regarding the troop defense benefits from villas, is the defense benefit from villas additive, more level 10 or higher villas = higher defense numbers?

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      so one level 10 Villa gives 0.5 Defense. If you have 2 level 10 villas you will get 1 defense. The more villas you add and the higher you level them the more Defense you will get.

  2. Mike says

    Are the troop defense gains from the villas additive. More villas = more troop defense

  3. Micarta says

    If a Dragon loses HP, either through combat or use of the skill reset button, the Utility column skills will also decrease in effectiveness, not only the Combat skills (Defense and Attack).
    Ergo, if you have skilled the Utility column for greater Farm Production and Upkeep Efficiency, any loss of Dragon HP will trigger a simultaneous decrease in food production and increase in upkeep costs until the Dragon recovers completely.

  4. Bill says

    At what level does the marketplace in the Dragon Dimension allow trading of type 2 resources?

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      That capability is not available as far as I know

  5. brooklyn
    brooklyn says

    Great walk though but can you explain the collectibles and what to do with them other than combining ?

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      Once you combine them to level 6 you are able to exchange them for an item.

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