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A Meme Kind of Day


Cinder loves memes, and apparently speaking of herself in the third person. However, that does not negate the fact that memes are awesome, and over our time in Game of War, we have seen some great ones. From memes that only your alliance gets to the ones that anyone that has ever played GOW understands, there are some great ones out there. From educational to just plain funny, some of these memes we will never forget.

“If you play, you get it” memes

We have seen this meme multiple times and with many different sayings. Y’all got more of them Speedups, RSS, Packs, etc… That moment when you run out of that one item always leads to the pack itch. You know what the pack itch is: I need a pack but I shouldn’t buy a pack, but I really need a pack so I can finish this training queue… And the itch begins. We haunt the gold store waiting for the perfect pack and our bank accounts to align, and say prayers ’cause we got that pack itch.Speeds Remember when we were in Protected Kingdoms and Hives were all the rage? I know they still are for some alliances, not knocking you, I promise. However, for many of us, we sit wherever we fall asleep and it may not even be in our own kingdom, but back in the day, we had our hives. Within our hives, we had our spot, and then one day a newb joined and while we were away they went and sat in our spot. Leading to an extreme Sheldon Cooper moment, YOU’RE IN MY SPOT! Chill dude… there are green pixels everywhere, just park your Stronghold elsewhere. “THAT’S MY SPOT.”My Spot

Scout bombs… Taking advantage of lag for many years. If you haven’t been scout bombed in the midst of being rallied, then you haven’t really lived. As a bait trap, I was constantly scout bombed with the lead, hoping I would be kept from changing gear (too bad they didn’t know I am better than that, hahaha). However, it does not change my opinion on scout bombers, you low-lifes, scum of the earth (too far?). Many a time after capping, the bomber was then the recipient of having their skills as a heroless trap tested.

Scout Bombs“The Types of People you meet in Kingdom Chat” Memes

KC Trolls or Keyboard Warriors… I don’t really need to say more but I will. They rage in kingdom chat as if they are the biggest and baddest of all, often in all caps. Kingdom chat has provided the perfect place for many types of Game of War Trolls. You have the trap troll: an active player who just wants to get hit. The outdated troll: their account is outdated, but they are going to come back one day and burn everyone to the ground. Finally: the person that “quit” but are there to rag on everyone still playing… everyday… dude, I thought you quit? Game of War Trolls

On the opposite side of that, you have the other people in KC… the people that feed the trolls. DON’T FEED THE TROLLS, PEOPLE!! When you feed the trolls, they never go away and continue going on and on and goading and baiting until you once again feed them. I am telling you, it is a vicious cycle. Be like Bill: walk away and save us all from the next troll tirade.Don't Feed the Trolls

Then there is the third type of person you will see in Kingdom Chat… well, kind of… you don’t really see them. They are the Lurker, watching and reading and hoping for drama but they don’t interact. The Lurker rarely comes out from their natural state of lurking, but they sit and hope that the drama llama rears its head. Drama Llama

The fourth type of person you see in KC is the whiner. They whine because they got zeroed and you are supposed to be on a NAP. Why did they hit me? Aren’t they allies? What happened to the NAP? Oh and by the by, they are whining in KC because their own alliance got sick of the whining in AC and told them to shut it. So they very kindly brought their whining to the rest of the Kingdom. I have two statements for that person, 1) Next time, shield, and 2) It’s a War Game, take your NAP elsewhere (now I want an actual nap).

No NAPs!So while we have our everyday people in KC, there are also new people in KC on occasion. Remember KVK when we actually ported to other kingdoms instead of a special kingdom? New people would enter our kingdom with devil’s faces and troll our KC chatting. Some were funny, some not so much. However, funny or not, you were still going to burn them at the end of the day. I mean, it is KVK.Funny Guy

KvK Memes

Just another day and a new blog, but what is this?? KvK has been announced in the blog. Get ready to burn anyone who dares oppose you to the ground. Time to test and purge the kingdom. Hide behind your shield because no one is safe during the purge! If you take your own kingdom down in the process so be it, at least the other team can’t get the points. KvK

You are going about your own merry way trying to burn the kingdom to the ground during KvK, when suddenly… uh oh… your hero does not return. Do you hem? Beg? Go the funny email route? You’re captured and your only hope is to hang your head and beg or pop that hemlock.Hero Please

Your alliance’s best lead has been capped! KvK grinds to a halt. There is no way you will win now, and that trap refuses to execute. Time to put on your KvK trap troll game. You change your name to, “He’s trapping.” You email them and promise that you will not budge from their side until they have returned your alliance mate’s hero and you’re a better trap, so beware. KvK

You fell asleep during KvK. Probably should not have tried to pull an all-nighter, but you did, and woke up zeroed. With only a few troops left to heal in your hospital. You came back online to flames and frantic messages from your alliance mates! Where are you? SHIEEEEELLLLDDDDDD!!!!!! However, you were too late, and they are all gone. Zeroed

Back when health traps were still new and no one knew what they were, we would see players in flames and assume they were throwing KvK. We were going to lose because once again someone did not know how to shield. They are in flame and we are doomed because they just keep getting hit over and over and over and over and over again. Good Lord, how do they have any troops left!!!!won on points!

When Game of War Crosses Over into RL (Real Life)

KvK is tonight but Billy Joe Bob is coming over tonight. The dilemma!! You will be shunned by your alliance for missing KvK! You should have planned better, you should have known. It’s too late to reschedule. However, there is a solution… Sorry guys, must have eaten something bad! I mean it is KvK

Caught! Billy Joe Bob came to check on you and offer Pepto-Bismol, and you have been caught! Do you ham it up and say you were occupying yourself while your intestines exploded from the inside out, or do you fess up to poor planning and a desire to spend time with your online friends, all while trying to convince Billy Joe Bob that he should play too? Game of War

Game of War is down for maintenance. You are at a loss. How will you occupy your time? The other humans in your house beckon to you. Well… maybe now is a good time to spend time with these people. At the very least, it will occupy your time between checking to see if the game is back up every 30 seconds. Game of War Down

We end with the ultimate crossover of Game of War into Real Life. When things that you run into every day begin to take on meaning in a Game of War mindset. Red cars are battlemarked, and going to the gold store, oops, I mean grocery store is your never-ending quest for RSS. But, I mean, come on, who doesn’t wish that their coworkers could hit help and help shorten the length of time your tasks take. I mean, that’s just more time to hide in the bathroom and play Game of War. You Might Play too Much

  1. Tamara says

    Do any of you have the game of war meme with the 2 guys standing next to each other with their backs facing and the one is naked because the cores expired? I have been searching everywhere for that one. Figured I would ask since you posted memes.

    1. Cinder says

      No but that sounds hilarious. Let me know if you find it.

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