A Review of Dragon Dimension Special Buildings Part 2

A Closer look at the costs and functions of Special Buildings in the Dragon Dimension

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In the Dragon Dimension, there are a variety of buildings that fall outside what we may consider our “normal buildings.” These buildings have special functions and special costs when leveling them up. In the previous article, we began to discuss these buildings and covered the first Seven buildings on our list of Fifteen. If you did not get a chance to read this article make sure you do. 

A Review of Dragon Dimension Special Buildings Part 1 

This week we will continue to cover what each of these buildings does and the benefit of this building for different types of players. Also, if applicable and available we will cover costs for each of these buildings. However, before we get started we are going to give you a quick recap. 

A Quick Recap 

Special Buildings are defined as buildings that are not a part of our basic city setup. These buildings have special uses and functions. In the Dragon Dimension, we currently have 15 special buildings. 

  1. Portal
  2. Dragon’s Den
  3. Graveyard
  4. Black Market
  5. Dungeon 
  6. Athena’s Armory
  7. Mythical Training Grounds
  8. Hero Hall
  9. Lifetime Boost Hall
  10. Imperial Banner Stand
  11. Monster Lair
  12. Master Garrison
  13. Alchemy Lab
  14. Training Garrison
  15. Gear Workshop

While each of these buildings has a special function, not every one of these buildings provides stats. Last week we covered buildings one to seven and this week we will be covering more. 

Special Building Eight: The Hero Hall

Hero HallThe Hero Hall is where you can manage your three Dragon Dimension Heroes from. The Hero Hall maxes out at level one. 

Cost and Benefits of this building

Your Hero Hall only goes to level one but it does require that you have an unlock. This is the only cost associated with the building. However, we are not addressing the cost of leveling your Heroes here as the building is what we are focusing on. The Hero Hall allows you to switch between your three heroes. Without a Hero Hall, you are only able to access Hero number one. With that knowledge, we will continue to our next question. 

Do I need to unlock my Hero Hall? 

A couple of months ago I may have said that if you are comfortable with only having and using Hero One then this is not a necessary unlock. However, with the advent of Steadfast skills that apply whether or not you have that Hero equipped the Hero Hall has become very important to have unlocked. So, YES, this is a building that you need. 

Where can I find out more about my Heroes? 

For more information about your Heroes be sure to check out this article, 

Dragon Dimension Hero Guide

Special Building Nine: Lifetime Boost Hall

Lifetime Boost HallThe Lifetime Boost Hall sits in front of your Hero Hall. The Boost Hall maxes out at level one. 

Costs and Benefits of this Building

The Boost Hall does require an unlock. However, that is the only cost for the building since it does max at level one. Inside the building, you can activate various permanent boosts that can help you to strengthen your stats. These have various costs to unlock as well. 

There are three tabs in your boost hall:

  1. Athena’s Rewards- this provides a combination of Combat and Econ stats that can be obtained by unlocking the various boxes using Athena’s Rewards Boost Creation Component. However, this component has been very difficult to find and most players only have a limited amount of these boosts unlocked. 
  2. Economics- Economics has multiple boosts for various econ functions including gathering, capacity (RSS), Production (RSS), Construction, and Research. Each of these functions has its Creation Component to unlock the boosts and they can be obtained in packs and events. 
  3. Combat- this provides type stats, defender stats, attacker stats, and wonder stats. There are a ton of helpful stats in this tab that you should take a closer look at. For some of the older boosts, you will only need the Combat Boost Creation Component and Boost Creation Material. However, as you get into the newer boosts you will need Superior Combat Boost Creation Component. 

Do I Need to unlock my boost hall? 

The Boost Hall is essential as well. This building contains a ton of stats that are important for Traps, Leads, and Wonder players. So unlocking this building is important for all players. 

Special Building Ten: Imperial Banner Stand

Banner StandThe Banner stand is where your various banners are housed. This building currently goes to level 4. 

Costs and Benefits of this building

The Banner Stand goes to level 4 and unlocks with the purchase of a pack. After that, each level requires a special Tome that will unlock the next level. By leveling up this feature you can increase the number of banner slots available in your city. 

Level 2Tome of Sigils
Level 3Tome of Glyphs
Level 4Timeless Chime

Do I need to Unlock and Level up this building? 

I will not discount the fact that banners do provide a nice boost. It is a great feature to unlock and to level up. However, if you are working on a budget then currently it is not the first place I would go looking for stats because it is not a gamechanger and you can get more stats from other places. The best banners for people on budgets include some of the economy banners to help with building and research costs. However, as you can snag the items you need it will not hurt to upgrade and equip banners with some extra stats. 

Special Building Eleven: Monster Lair

Monster LairThe Monster Lair is our newest special building and brings with it a wealth of stats. This building currently goes to level 10. 

Costs and Benefits of this building

We are going to take a closer look at the functions of our monsters. The combat benefits of the Lair levels and the costs to level up your lair. We also have some early monster leveling costs included in this article. However, recent costs have not been tracked as closely. 

Breakdown of the Monsters

Your Monsters have three uses currently:

  1. Defense- In order to use your monsters for Defense you must unlock your wall slots and place them in your Wall. Please note that even when you do this you will not see the stats apply to your overall stats, however, the stats are still helping you. 
  2. Attack- You can have up to 3 monsters in your marches. 
  3. Wonder- At Level 10 of your Monster Lair you are able to unlock the ability to use your monsters in Wonder. 
Monster Lair Combat Stats 

Your Monster Lair also gives its own Combat Stats that are worth the level. These stats for the current max level of 30 are listed below: 


  • 62,000% Empire Defending Troop Attack 
  • 70,000% Empire Defending Troop Defense
  • 52,000% Empire Defending Troop Health 
  • 62,000% Empire Assault Troop Attack 
  • 70,000% Empire Assault Troop Defense
  • 52,000% Empire Assault Troop Health 
  • 54,000% Wonder Rally Attack 
  • 54,000% Troop Attack Bonus While Occupying the Wonder
  • 46,000% Wonder Holding Troop Health 
  • 56,000% Troop Attack Bonus 
  • 65,000% Troop Defense Bonus

We have not yet been able to collect Lair Costs beyond level 20. However, as we are able to do so we will keep you as up to date as possible. In the meantime, we do have costs to level 20 available. 

Building Costs are as follows: 


LevelCost- Monster Lair Upgrade BadgesLevelCost- Monster Lair Improvement Badges
1Monster Lair Unlock11280k

Please note that these costs are community gathered and please let Cin know if any of these costs need to be updated. 

What Monsters are currently available? 

Various monsters are currently available to use and each has a different function. 

Monster NameStats provided
CerberusEmpire Assault Attack

Empire Assault Defense

Empire Assault Health

GolemEmpire Defender Attack

Empire Defender Defense

Empire Defender Health

CenturionWonder Troop Health Bonus

Wonder Troop Atack Bonus

MinotaurWonder Troop Health Bonus

Wonder Troop Attack Bonus

Enemy Troop Attack Debuff

Infantry Attack

CyclopsWonder Troop Health Bonus

Wonder Troop Attack Bonus

Enemy Troop Health Debuff

Ranged Attack

AlicornWonder Troop Health Bonus

Wonder Troop Attack Bonus

Cavalry Attack

Enemy Troop Defense Debuff

Turkey DrakeEmpire Defender Attack

Troop Defense Bonus

Enemy Troop Attack Debuff

Frost GiantEmpire Defender Attack

Troop Defense Bonus

Troop Health Bonus

ScorpioTroop Attack Bonus

Enemy Troop Defense Debuff

Enemy Troop Health Debuff

TrollWonder Troop Health Bonus

Troop Attack Bonus while occupying the Wonder

Enemy Troop Attack Debuff

Bone Ice DragonEmpire Defender Attack

Empire Defender Health

Empire Defender Defense

TempestWonder Troop Attack

Wonder Troop Health Bonus

Troop Defense Bonus

Timeless DragonEmpire Assault Attack

Empire Assault Health

Empire Assault Defense

Serpent DragonInfantry Attack

Ranged Attack

Cavalry Attack

Monster Costs

Do not forget that there will also be costs associated with the Monsters and leveling them up. There are currently costs for each monster being gathered. We will provide the information that has been community gathered thus far, however, please feel free to let us know if you can help fill in the blanks!

Cerberus Costs
1Chest Unlock1180k21250k


Golem Costs
1Chest Unlock1148k21150k
Centurion Costs
1Chest Unlock11120k21
Minotaur Costs
1Chest Unlock1164k21
Cyclops Costs
1Chest Unlock1164k21
Alicorn Costs
1Chest Unlock1164k21

Do I need this Building?

If not just for the stats you are getting from the building it is worth it to unlock the Monster Lair and work on leveling it up. However, your monsters continue to give added benefits when unlocking them and leveling them up and using them in various battle functions. This is a feature that is worth investing in. 

This week we have taken a closer look at four more special buildings in the Dragon Dimension. In the next article, we will cover the final three, in the meantime if you have any questions or there is anything you would like to see added join us on our social media and let us know! 

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