A Review of Dragon Dimension Special Buildings Part 3

The costs, benefits, and more

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In the Dragon Dimension, there are a variety of buildings that fall outside what we may consider our “normal buildings.” These buildings have special functions and special costs when leveling them up. In the previous two articles, we began to discuss these buildings and covered the first twelve buildings on our list of Fifteen. If you did not get a chance to read this article make sure you do. 

A Review of Dragon Dimension Special Buildings Part 1 

A Review of Dragon Dimension Special Buildings Part 2 

This week we will continue to cover what each of these buildings does and the benefit of this building for different types of players. Also, if applicable and available we will cover costs for each of these buildings. However, before we get started we are going to give you a quick recap. 

A Quick Recap 

Special Buildings are defined as buildings that are not a part of our basic city setup. These buildings have special uses and functions. In the Dragon Dimension, we currently have 15 special buildings. 

  1. Portal
  2. Dragon’s Den
  3. Graveyard
  4. Black Market
  5. Dungeon 
  6. Athena’s Armory
  7. Mythical Training Grounds
  8. Hero Hall
  9. Lifetime Boost Hall
  10. Imperial Banner Stand
  11. Monster Lair
  12. Master Garrison
  13. Alchemy Lab
  14. Training Garrison
  15. Gear Workshop

While each of these buildings has a special function, not every one of these buildings provides stats and while some buildings are must-have buildings others are buildings that we may be able to wait on or not unlock. In Part 1 we covered the first seven buildings. In last week’s part two we covered up through the Monster Lair. This week we will be wrapping it up with the Master Garrison, the Alchemy Lab, the Training Garrison, and the Gear Workshop.  

Special Building twelve: The Master Garrison 

The Master GarrisonThe Master Garrison is purely a stats building. In order to understand whether or not this building is essential to you first, you must understand the costs and the benefits that it provides. 

Master Garrison Costs and Benefits

The Master Garrison currently goes to level thirty. This building has gone through two updates since it was first released with the levels increasing by 10 each time. 


The current costs for the building are as follows:

LevelUnlocks RequiredLevelUnlocks RequiredLevelUnlocks Required
1Building Unlock11100k21100k

**Please note that these costs are a community gathered and let us know if anything needs to be changed

Costs to Level 40
LevelUnlocks Required

**Please note that these costs are community gathered and some of them have been extrapolated based on previous patterns. Please let us know if any of this information needs to be updated. 

When we are looking at benefits of the building we are looking purely at stat benefits. We can divide these stats into four categories, general stats, attacker stats, wonder stats, and defender stats. 

General Stats
  • Enemy Troop Health Debuff (Max: 10,500%) 

  • Enemy Troop Defense Debuff (Max: 22,000%)

  • March Size (Max: 120,000)

  • Rally Capacity (Max: 240,000)

  • Mythical Creature Empire Capacity (Max: 100m)

  • Max Troop Count (Max: 100m) 

  • Troop Defense Bonus (Max: 36,000%)
  • Troop Health Bonus (Max: 27,100%)
Attacker Specific Stats
  • Empire Assault Attack (Max: 36,500%)

Wonder Specific Stats
  • Wonder Rally Troop Attack (Max: 38,500%)

  • Troop Attack Bonus while occupying the Wonder (Max: 38,500%)

Defender Specific Stats
  • Empire Defender Attack (Max: 34,000%)

Special Feature
  • Unlock Permanent Gear Set Bonuses- This is something new and very needed. It allows you to maintain your Gear Set bonuses after you have obtained them even if you break your gear. What this means is no more over cluttered inventory and the ability to actually break gear you do not need any longer (this unlocks at level 35).

Master Garrison Level 60 has arrived

Because we have not covered updates to this building since level 40 we will be giving you the information you need to know about the upgrade to level 50 as well. Level 50 and 60 have not added any stats but only increased the stats that are available to us as players. 

When we look at this building it is a great one to have for stats. However, make sure you are prioritizing it accordingly based on the type of player you are. 

Level Unlocks NeededLevel Unlocks Needed

**Please note that this information is gathered by the community and some of the data has been extrapolated based on past patterns. Please let us know if any changes need to be made. 

Is the Master Garrison worth the cost?

The simple answer to this question is yes. For every type of player, there is added benefit from this building. When we look at lead players we will see increased attack stats, march sizes, and debuffs. For wonder players, we see more wonder stats, march size, and debuffs as well. Finally, for traps, there are a few benefits. First, this is a great hidden stat the only way another player is going to know you have it is by scouting you and that can be easily hidden with anti-scout. Secondly, the Master Garrison adds no power which is always great for you traps that like playing it tiny. Finally, when looking at stats we have some empire defender attack which is the biggest stat benefit in my opinion even though the debuffs will also work to your advantage. This is a great place to get stats but be sure to prioritize it accordingly with what stats you actually need to enhance your build. 

Special Building Thirteen: the Alchemy Lab

Alchemy LabThe Alchemy lab where we all get to be scientists and brew our own concoctions of stats. This building is another one that contains a wealth of benefits and various different costs. 

Costs and Benefits of the Alchemy Lab

First, we will cover the building in and of itself, while it is difficult to give the exact benefits of the Alchemy lab we will look at this in two parts, the building itself and the benefits of the functions of the building. This building has been upgraded two times at this point. Originally the lab went to level five, later on new unlocks were released and the building level was raised to level ten. 

LevelUnlocks RequiredIngredient Crafting SlotsIncrease Potion Duration
1Building Unlock11hr
LevelUnlocks RequiredIngredient Crafting SlotsIncrease Potion Duration

**Please note that these costs are a community gathered and let us know if anything needs to be changed

The benefits of the building itself correspond with the level and increase the number of ingredient crafting slots and potion duration. 

Functions of the Alchemy Lab

When we get past the actual building itself we are going to look at the function which is to craft potions. Potions are great hidden stats for players of all types. We have seen several releases of new ingredients and vials since the Alchemy lab was first released. One of the questions we often hear asked is for recipes for potions. However, the great thing about potions is you can create your own recipes based on what you have. 

Four Quick Steps to Crafting a perfect potion
  1. Enter your lab and determine what stats you are looking to enhance. Pick a vial that has these stats. 
  2. Go to your ingredients list and find the ingredients you have that best enhance the stats of your vial. 
  3. Once you select your ingredients hit craft and voila you have a handmade potion.
  4. To equip your potion simply go back to your Lab and click use potion. Grab the potion you want and click use and then okay and your potion is now equipped.

Is the Alchemy lab worth it? 

Yes, the alchemy lab is worth it. However, we also must look at leveling up this building. Whether or not this is worth it is going to be dependent on the type of player you are and the cost. There are two things you will want to look at when determining whether or not to upgrade your Alchemy lab:

  1. Is the extended duration worth the cost? 
  2. Are the stats I gain because of the additional ingredients I will be able to add to the potion worth it? 

This will help you determine whether or not the cost makes leveling up your lab worth it. 

Special Building Fourteen: The Training Garrison

Training GarrisonThe Training Garrison is a building that does not get a lot of attention in the Dragon Dimension. Currently, the only use for the building is to promote troops. Currently, we do not have much information available for the Training Garrison. This is not a building that we would say you have to have and many players have chosen to not. We will bring you more information regarding this building as we are able. 

Special Building Fifteen: The Gear Workshop

Gear WorkshopThe Gear Workshop has also been through a couple of updates and has several functions. 

Costs and Benefits of The Gear Workshop

The Gear Workshop currently goes to level 10. By leveling from level 6 to 10 you are able to increase your Max Core Power Level. Here are the current costs for this building. 


**Please note that these costs are a community gathered and let us know if anything needs to be changed

The benefits of this building include the ability to upgrade gear and utilize set gear leveling. Please note that set gear leveling requires an unlock of its own and there are limited sets that are currently able to be leveled. 

Do I need the Gear Workshop?

The ability to upgrade gear in and of itself is not worth it. The materials needed to upgrade are difficult to come by and it is better to try to craft at the level you need. However, set gear leveling is a great place to get some additional stats on the various types of gear that you are currently able to level. If you have the gear and the materials to level then this building is worth it. However, if you do not have any of the gear sets that can be leveled then this is a feature you will want to wait on while you work on increasing your gear inventory. 

We have now covered all fifteen special buildings in the Dragon Dimension. These buildings are great places to get extra stats and have some great functions that can help us to continue to improve our accounts. However, make sure you prioritize well! Do you have more questions? Make sure you join the conversation on our socials! 

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