A Walk Down Memory Lane

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Take a walk down memory lane with Teamrealtips. Game of War has been around for many years. Over the time that the game has existed, we have made many friends and many memories. We are tied together by the memories and the joy we share in this game. Let’s celebrate those memories! Communities make memories and memories make communities.

Cinder’s Walk Down Memory Lane:

“My favorite Game of War memory is from a long time ago, before I was part of Teamrealtips, when I was visiting some friends in 442. I had gone just to get away from my kingdom at the time. As a trap, I wasn’t getting the hits that I typically did because everyone knew me. Commonly I would look in KC to see people post my coords and others would warn them away.

442 was one of my favorite kingdoms to visit, as there was no lack of hits there, and my friends would gladly oblige me if I needed a hit to test. Many times I capped them, but other days I gave them many kills. One day, confident of my capping skills, I unshielded and set out to cap me some heroes. As was usual with that kingdom, it wasn’t long until I was capping heroes and receiving emails from people begging for their emails.

On this day, I received the best email that I ever received as a trap. I wish that I still had the screenshot in my possession. I received an email that said, ‘You know that picture of the kitten looking in the mirror? The one who see’s a Lion? Yeah, that’s you.’

This is the best compliment I have ever received as a trap, and to this day I still recall that email!”

Lion in Mirror

How it Works:

  1. Submit your favorite Game of War memory in the comments.
    • Please refrain from using any cursing or derogatory language (we reserve the right to not approve comments that are found to be inappropriate).
    • Keep it positive!
  2. Anyone who enters will be put into a drawing for a $25 gift card to your choice of iTunes or Google Play.
  3. We will take the memories submitted and turn them into an article of memories.
  4. This will run from July 30, 2018 to August 6, 2018.

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  1. MadBarbie
    MadBarbie says

    I can’t believe you came to Mabel and we didn’t burn you. Lol

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      I was burned from time to time but I loved to come to Mabel and see if I could be burned lol

  2. Boudicca says

    I’ve met many incredible people in my four years of playing, but my favorite memory has to do with packs. Remember the five dollar packs that contained 500 chests of chests of material? I bought four packs, opening up each chest was like Christmas! Would this be the chest that has what I need to craft a Frostlord gauntlet?

  3. Shereen says

    I think its brilliant that you guys have done a memory lane for GOW! I have the best memories from the 5 years i played as a trap and I’m really looking forward to doing so again in the dragon kingdoms… so yayyyyy. thanks guys for the awesome tips and continous help.


  4. Isaiah says

    I personally like all of the support that Realtips has put in for newcomers and other people. I also love that you continued to.Show support over gane of war for several years in a row now. My fondest memory is when i finally got T5 in a much earlier update, i was soooo pumped. And i hope for the same from.Everyone else that tries GOW or that has already made a account. I sincerely appreciate all that game of war real tips has done for me, my country, worldwide. I also love game of war and i continue to play it daily.

  5. Dave says

    This site is becoming more about being nostalgic about the game and less about TIPS. And what’s with fan-fiction stories of late? Nothing but romance novels.

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      We still provide all the same tips, however, Game of War has 5 years of history. While we enjoy the tips we also like to have some fun and celebrate the time that this community has put in and built. Many players have been around for that amount of time. We are providing the same tips while also providing some fun articles. Also I might point out that the articles you refer to as fan fiction also include strategy and tips within them.

  6. Nancy Jones says

    I too have many fond memories of people and places in game of war. I have to say my fondest memory is very recent though. And I owe to you guys for all the great information I’ve gathered since being with you guys. I’ve been playing a lot more in the dragon dimension as I’m pretty much at a standstill in demi. It’s like a reset for me and I’ve actually learned how to build a fairly decent trap! The first time I was attacked I actually won the battle! Made me feel like I’m headed in the right direction. Well, my right direction anyhow. Surprisingly, I didn’t get hate mail but it sure felt good to finally win a few. Thanks teamrealtips!

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