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Here you will find the latest strategic tips on how to play Game of War (GoW). You will read articles from us, as well as from tons of other expert GoW players.

We have 5 philosophies that underline our foundation:

Enrich the Community: We've been told countless times that the reasons players stick to a game for a long time is because of the community they are surrounded by. Improving the community improves the game itself. It is one of the most rewarding and engaging aspects any game, so we  do our best to enrich it.

Maintain the Highest Level of Integrity: Before we implement anything new that is a attached to our brand, we make sure it is of the highest quality and safety. We've learned over the years that ones reputation online is determined by their trustworthiness.

Improve Competition: Each of us have all been gamers since we were young. Just like the majority of you, we like it when our favorite games get more competitive. It's the competition that drives our addiction to keep playing and become better.

Innovation of Service: Everybody likes creativity, especially gamers. It's important to us that we create a unique experience for you on our website so that you keep happily coming back. Sometimes we come up with our own ideas, and a lot of times we take input from the community and make it a reality.

Everything Free: We are committed to offering as much free content and services as we can. At one time we had a membership for those extra special features, articles, and services, but that is no longer the case!!


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  1. I have to factory reset my phone I don’t want to loose my account.

  2. Can you revert back to lower points needed for infernos if you drop hack under 100 mil power. Accidentally pushed up to 113 mil

    • I’m not as familiar with inferno point requirements changing due to your power, I know SH level makes a huge difference though. However, if I had to guess, I’d say the requirements will stay the same even if you drop power.

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  4. So much great information. Now that I’m at the Billion point mark, I’m looking to get the most out of my account

  5. I would like to see what I can do to help MZ give me my rewards.
    This has happen twice to me. Once I finished a lvl 10 March research and used lots of my speed ups and the last push of the button. I finish the research and it was well over 289,000,000 mill points. Enough to complete the east solo event, to help out with my Kingdom event, and last which everyone wants to really finish and are focused on is the Inferno event and I was way over in points to complete it to receive all three rewards. I took pictures Of the event. I still had red X’s on the rewards but the easy solo event green bar full I received those rewards the kingdom event I received the for two rewards but still none of the inferno rewards non not even a spec of green on the bar. about 35-40 email later with my pictures and date and time that my detail proof that I haven’t received my rewards. MZ comes back that I did received them and there is nothing I can do about it. So now I grab second place in the dungeon water event and I have my banner “Dungeon Dominator of Halo K54 I proud and was excited to gain a new banner over my city but still waiting on rewards and its been two days now. NOTHING even the other two players that had 1st & third place hasn’t received rewards either. So with this going on it’s very frustrating. I spend lots of money on game and I’m treated like this. Its just not fair. I don’t want to do anymore events or even play this game. I love this game but Machine Zone has really taken a piece of the game out of my heart. Just wanted to share my story and sorry about the bad news I just don’t want it to happen to anyone else. Thanks Chad this site has really helped me grow fast and strong but the makers of this game has thrown a big wrench in my way of playing and enjoying the game of war. GF23

    • Hey Steve, I truly hate hearing stories like this. It’s really hard to stay motivated playing the game when these kinds of simple gitches happen. It takes a lot of investment to place in inferno events and not receive our rewards to super frustrating. I wish I could help more, but the only advice I can give is to submit a support ticket in the game and through their website. I’ve heard people get quicker responses when the message through both.
      I hope they fix the rewards for you soon :/

    • Thank you for the compliments on our site btw 🙂 Without all of the contributors it wouldn’t be nearly as good as it is.

  6. On the Hero Skill Tree tool, how are you accounting for the level 21 gymnos? It gives an extra 20 points (and who knows what happens if/when higher levels are available).


    • Updated to include the extra 20 points for gymnos level 21! Right now the tool assumes that you have a level 21 gymnos once your hero reaches lvl 50.

  7. When will the hero tree be updated for the higher level hero?

  8. I am no longer playing and wish to delete my account