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Here at GOW Real Tips, we are proud to serve a growing and thriving community for Game of War.

As Lord of your castle, it’s up to you to defend, train your troops, stack up research and build your resources. At Real Tips, we are here to help you achieve your best game.

Our goals are simple: to create informative content to help you improve your game and to create community spaces so you can connect with fellow players.

The Content

We provide up-to-date strategy guides, player interviews, and social media communities to help you develop a unique strategy for your Realm and join up with other strong players.

We’ll bring you strategy guides that answer your pressing questions. From offense and defense to research and gear, we’ve got you covered.

Meet Our Writers

Our content is created by a team of players who are just as addicted to the game as you are.

The players on our team are attuned to the community and have built their own accounts to be extremely effective for their play style. The following players are a part of our amazing team of writers.

Are you trying to figure out how to gear up your heroes? Want more info on Demi strategy versus Dragon? Do you lead an alliance and are looking for a way to fully prepare your team? We’re here to support you.

The following players are a part of our amazing team of writers.



Carol has been playing GOW since 2013. She is known by many for her knowledge of strategic gameplay. She runs one of the most popular and helpful game chat rooms in the GOW community. Her favorite style of play has always been trapping but she has run a successful lead account as well. Carol is a part of D:V which is one of the oldest and most well known tags in GoW. They are known most for StayAlive and 14 consecutive Super Wonders back in the beginning of the game. They retired in Demi realm but we are currently in Dragon realm and have been apart of the winning team for the past 4 super wonders in.



Savage Arab played Game of War since 2015. He is a former emperor of the game, who has led the game in kills for 2 years between 2016-2017. He decided to come back this year to grow the community and enjoy the game again. His favorite game modes are kvk and Super Wonder. Sav creates video content for GOW Real Tips.

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