Weekly Review: New Adventurer’s Rewards Research, Steadfast Skills and Inferno Dragon Level 100

SavageArab goes over the newest updates to Game of War Fire Age: New Adventurer's Rewards Research, Steadfast Skills and Inferno Dragon Level 100

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Weekly Review: New Adventurer’s Rewards Research, Steadfast Skills and Inferno Dragon Level 100

There’s a great deal to cover in this Weekly Review. We have new Adventurer’s Rewards Research, some new Hero 1 Steadfast Skills, and an upgrade to everyone’s (except Savage) favorite fire-breathing monster: Inferno Dragon and his new Level 100 skills!

Adventurer’s Rewards Research

New Adventurer’s Rewards Research has dropped in Game of War. Along with it is a whole bunch of bonuses. Savage suggests that you may want to hold on before spending too much to acquire these as they’re not game-breaking at the moment; however, for you big spenders out there, you can check the stats below:

Hero 1 Steadfast Skills

New Hero 1 Steadfast Skills have arrived for you to use on the battlefield. They come as a somewhat costly increase, so Savage warns that these new skills should be reserved for only the dedicated few.

Inferno Dragon Level 100

There is a whole slew of new bonuses that come with the upgraded Level 100 Inferno Dragon. Continuing with its theme of Infantry and Attack, the Inferno Dragon will help you set your enemies ablaze with these abilities.

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  1. Mimie says

    Nice video! Love the “Nothing Special and Bleep” got me into laughing, thanks for that. The Research seems okay when you plenty of speeds up to do but lately speeds ups are getting hard to get. Thanks, for the video! Be safe, Mimie

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