Advanced Economics Research

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The Advanced Economics research contains powerful boosts for defensive and offensive players. When you port to K996 the tree costs zero speed ups!

Advanced Economics Resource Costs

The Advanced Eco tree costs about 100 T of each resource and as mentioned above costs zero speed ups if you port to Kingdom 996.

Power Increase: 21 billion.

Resource Cost: 67 trillion each resource with 33.25% resource reduction from research.

Speed Up Cost: 9 million days with 1129% Research Speed and 10% Kingdom Usage Boost.  Free if in Holiday Treasure Trove Kingdom.

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Advanced Economics Skill Highlights

Game of War Fire Age GoW Advanced Economics

The initial skills of the Advanced Economics tree you won’t be super impressed as they are actually economic skills but the game’s economy is so out of balance that it won’t matter much.  The impressive skills begin just after these.

Research II – Provides an additional 25% Research Speed

2nd Banner Slot – allows you to equip a second Imperial Banner for better boosting.

Advanced Economics Game of War Fire Age GoW

Power Up Efficiency – Reduces the cost to Power Up your equipment by up to 10%

Altar Attack Bonus – Increases your Attack while your Altar is active by 600%!

Altar Defense Bonus – Increases your Defense while you Altar is active by 300%!

Altar Health Bonus – Increases your Health while your Altar is active by 300%!

Advanced Economics Game of War Fire Age

Prisoner Bonus Multiplier – Increases the bonuses received from your Prisoners by 125%

Troop Defense VI – Defense Bonus for all your troops increased by 400%

Troop Attack IV – Attack Bonus for all your Troops increased by 650%

Troop Health V – Health Bonus for all your Troops increased by 400%


Advanced Economic tree, while considerably costlier than previous research trees, provides a considerable boost to players.

Now, you can get the Advanced Economics and Gem Set Bonus research trees completed by porting to the Holiday Treasure Trove or other Battleground with Free Speedup Boost running.

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  1. Jeff Hickey says

    Now it’s rss and shards the ports ..very expensive .

  2. urmania says

    The thing is that MZ offer 2 or 3 days back to port to Battleground to complete gem set bonus tree for $20 !

    No they offer to complete it + Advanced Economics tree for $99.99 !!!

    Are they cheat us ???

    1. Woodlander says

      Advance tree is much more speed costly

      1. Darkthorne
        Darkthorne says

        Its free speed ups when you port to Holiday Treasure Trove. Also, the cost of the tree is estimated using Inquisitor Gear Set. However, the base speed up cost is 9 m days. That is, with Research Speed of 0%.

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