Aether Core Set with “Wonder Only” Set Bonuses

Aether Core Set GoW Game of War

A new style of core set appears in Game of War: the Aether Core Set.  What makes this core set unique is the set bonus while attacking or defending a Wonder Only. Sorry Health Traps, no set bonus for you!

Aether Core Set Stats

So how does this Aether the Lightgod set compare to Nian the Fortunegod Wonder Core set?

aether vs nian difference

Aether Core Set Strengths and Weaknesses

The picture of above is a representation of the difference between Aether and Nian. Nian is the old wonder set that had only the general Health and Defense bonuses, but Aether has Wonder specific bonus. If you want Health and Defense outside of the Wonder, DO NOT use Aether. Nian is a better option.

While holding a Wonder with Aether you gain about 2,000% Health and Defense over Nian (comparing general health and defense, to wonder holding health and defense). Also, you will gain some Health Debuff with Aether but lose Defense Debuff. As an added bonus, you will enjoy a 10% increase in attack with Aether.

Aether Core Set Gem Recommendation

For Aether Core Set you should use the latest Wonder Health Gem set. Check the gem set page for updates. At the time of this article posting, New Year's Health gem set was best wonder gem set. I anticipate a new Wonder Gem Set before the next Super Wonder however.

Aether Hero Skill Tree Recommendation

Aether should be used with your favorite Wonder Hero Skill setup.  Should you have questions concerning how this tree should be set then please have a look at the Hero Skill Tree Setup video.

Aether Core Set Conclusions

I was surprised when I collected the data for this article that Nian and Aether are very similar in stats however the main difference is the net gain in Health and Defense while holding a wonder.

This core set is a first appearance of the new set bonus stat of "Wonder Holding."

Now, learn how the Runes Research Tree has forever changed the way Wonder battles are fought.

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