All of The Highest Special Set Bonuses


The Highest Special Set Bonuses

After many requests we've compiled a brief list of some of the highest special set bonuses for the most popular sets in the game. No single player wants to spend 10 million gold to discover all the possible special bonuses for every set, but we thought it would be feasible with the help of the entire community.

The page is still new with just screenshots of stats, so if you have any feedback for the page, please leave your thoughts in the comments section in this article or on the page itself, and we will make changes to the best of our ability.

general special set bonuses



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  1. Is there a section on set bonuses? For example, do not set your bonus until your research is higher than 8 or 9, or fully completed so you don’t have to use the reset, which can get pretty costly if you don’t have them? Also, how to get the mystery bonuses. Currently I have the entire tree and l9 and it doesn’t seem like the bonuses are as high as they should be, or the special bonuses as well. I know the jump to l10 is pretty significant, but can you still get some mystery bonus below l10?