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Alliance Cities Are Here!


Alliance Cities Are Finally Here!

Here are a ton pictures showcasing all the aspects of the alliance city! These Alliance Cities haven’t proved to be a big game changer yet, but I hope they are soon!

Key Things To Know About The Alliance City

  • They cannot be shielded
  • They can be rallied (since release in normal kingdoms, they can’t be rallied yet)
  • The city can be viewed by every player in the alliance, but only upgraded by an R4, and only constructed by an R5

Alliance City to Beta Alliance Cities Description Alliance City Layout

Things To Note

  • Blue prints are required for buildings (item)
  • “Alliance” speed ups (item or alliance catalog)
  • Resource silo: rss storage
  • University: alliance research
  • Hall of Quests: individual quests
  • Alliance “Might” is equivalent to Stronghold “Power”
  • I wonder how alliances will approach resource production  in terms of specializing or not. There are tiles in the cities for the new resources. It may be wise hyper produce one resource within your city but that would require you to trade with other alliances (sisters, NAPs, enemies). It would be crazy if there were a resource seller who hyper produced resources from alliance cities…damn. We’ll see.

Alliance Cities Map2 Alliance Cities Map

Thoughts City Protection

  • These players are trying to protect their city
  • Since the city cannot be shielded, it will most likely not replace a “bank” unless things change. This means there will be some epic raids when it comes to attacking enemy alliance cities and I’m not quite sure how they will be protected when resources are in there. It would be smart for enemy alliances to understand how many resources it takes to build buildings, research, or upgrades so that they can attack just before those things are started. Similarly, your own alliance should plan times where everyone dumps resources (or the bank) and do it quick, because once you start, those resources will be vulnerable. March size, speed, and capacity will come in to play here.
  • Furthermore, farm accounts can be bought and sold for more because the demand for resources will go through the roof.

game of war alliance city rss reqs

Thoughts On Resources

New Resource Buildings

[table “” not found /]

Not surprised about the amount of rss required. They should not be too hard to accumulate after all the people with farms these days. It will definitely take a concentrated effort to accumulate them, but that’s expected. Also, it will be interesting to see how resource sales are affected once these cities are released. If MZ tries to add more resources to gold packs than individual players build even bigger. The whole power scale of this game will jump.

The resource “Donation Size Bonus” from the Resource Silo will allow you to donate a larger amount of resources to your city at one time. I’m assuming these bonuses will GREATLY increases as you upgrade past level 5 buildings… but who knows. Also, note the details of the resource silo, “The Donation capacity is the total of this donate size bonus plus your Marketplace’s Trade Cap bonus.”

Alliance City Headquarters Alliance City Fountain Alliance City Steel Refinery Alliance City Resource Silo Alliance Cities Building List  alliance cities resource silo donation sizes Alliance Cities Blue Print Prices

Alliance City Speed Up Costs (Expensive!)

The only time you ever want to buy speed ups is from gold packs. The deals are MUCH better.

alliance city speed ups 1 alliance city speed ups 2 alliance city speed ups 3 funds

Alliance City Quests

You unlock more quests as you increase the level of your Alliance City. Make sure you have multiple people responsible for activating these because it’s a lot for one person.

alliance cities quests cropped alliance cities number of quests per day

Unreleased Benefits of The Alliance City

Research speed bonuses should  be introduced soon, although they aren’t very significant at all.

alliance cities university boosts


Materials will have the ability to be stored and potentially traded or used by other members! This is not in the BETA yet but MZ is claiming it will be. This would be absolutely epic, you could use farm and alt account materials for your main potentially. Also, trading materials would become a thing. IMAGINE THAT.

It was told to BETA players that there will be a maximum of 100 Alliance Cities allowed per kingdom. To me this doesn’t seem like a problem because it would be nearly impossible for that many alliances to get the required amount of resources for 100 cities, but then MZ gave out the necessary resources to get the alliance city started, so now this seems much more likely. I think what MZ doesn’t want is an alliance building multiple cities to farm ALC resources.


Alliance City New Features

What are your guys’ thoughts?!



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  1. Jacob says

    Any idea why I can’t start my alliance city? There is no donate banner in the alliance tab. I’ve looked all over and my alliance simply doesn’t have a visible method.

    1. Darkthorne says

      Are you R5?

  2. Jenna Dees says

    Any chance the alliance cities will become useful soon?

    1. Chad says

      I’d think the alliance cities will every be used again to be perfectly honest.

  3. Jenelle says

    can you attack alliance cities now? Thanks

    1. Chad says

      Not yet, that will be a massive introduction into the game. You’ll hear about loud and clear when you can.

  4. Ashleigh says

    So I am in kingdom 515 and the leader of my alliance. We have had our alliance city for a little over a month and wanted to move it. I purchased an advanced alliance city teleport with gold and donated it as well as another member in my alliance so we currently have two advanced alliance city teleports donated. However, I cannot find any option to move the city anywhere. I have messaged MZ about this over 10 times and I understand they are still working on the city but why would they make teleports available to purchase if we can’t use them?? Or am I totally missing some step in teleporting the city?

  5. Thor says

    Why disband? Sell it 🙂

  6. LT585 says

    Can an alliance be disbanded if there is an completed and active alliance city

  7. DaBeast7803 says

    When is it being released to kingdom 466 Augustus because my allaince has all the deeds but don’t have the option 🙁

    1. DaBeast7803 says

      And I’m the leader

    2. Chad says

      Not sure, it usually takes a few months to enter the new kingdoms

  8. Sherita Eisner says

    How are we supposed to start an alliance city? I don’t see it as an option anywhere?

    1. Chad says

      Your R5 is the only one who can start the build.

      1. Allie says

        I’m tHe R5, and I don’t see the option?

  9. Scott says

    Is there any way to combine alliances or merge them prior to build up and not lose the rrs that are racked up between the two existing alliances? I read somewhere about merging markets. If so, how do you do that?

  10. nicksearle says

    Gathering deeds is becoming a pain. Is there any way you can gather deeds without having to buy them from the alliance store?

    1. Chad says

      Gold or gold packs :/

      1. nicksearle says


        I can not find them anywhere in the gold store. They also got jacked from the Alliance City pack. Any othe thoughts?

  11. Joshua Robins says

    Since there is a limit of 100 Alliance Cities per kingdom. How can one be destroyed so I can build one for our alliance?

  12. Thor says

    They must have pre-selected the largest alliances in each Kingdom for the “Gift Box”. Our main alliance got it with no requirements at all, but our farm alliance is fairly small in comparison, and had HUGE rss and 2500 deed requirement.

    1. Kick ass says

      That is interesting. Our main alliance (10billion power) and 2 alt alliances (205k and 345k power) were all able to build an ALC for free.

  13. Shane says

    They must have chose alliance’s then because I started donating the first day it popped up on my alliance…… I had no grace period

  14. Shane says

    Why is it letting people build with no deeds or RSS and some it still days funding needed… I need 2500 deeds… Some alliance’s I know used none

    1. Chad says

      Honestly, I have no idea. I have been wondering the same thing.

    2. Katie says

      I believe what happened is the people that started building their alliance cities the day the first day were given a gift box that contained everything needed to start building. When I first logged in after the update I received some sort of gift and notifications about the update and other things all at the same time. It was one of those things where you click accept and then a whole bunch of things happen so fast you have no idea what just happened.

    3. Kick ass says

      Katie’s response is accurate. They let alliances build it for free the first few days and now it costs a lot to build it.

  15. Tommy Mind Trick says

    I think the reason MZ added alliance cities was to keep the game relevant for older kingdoms and those with > say 300m power. If you think about it, once you hit 300m power there isn’t much difference in game play 300m vs 3B vs 10B. You basically don’t get soloed ever and not rallied unless enemy wants to suicide and trade at a loss. So the gameplay even in KVK KE gets boring quickly. Now instead of selling (market prices have died considerably vs a few moths ago) and quiting or jumping you have incentive to stay active in your kingdom. KVK KE has new meaning, strategies, rewards, etc.

    Look at it another way, the power ramp up was inevitable. It happens in every MMO where you have to constantly scale up end game power. MZ’s approach, as is most MMO’s, was to “shard” or have separate kingdoms. But players had many ways to jump. Even with rss cap, players could use Coliseum to xfer rss, and gold gifts via casino chips from gold farms in old kingdoms was great until the casino events stoped. Still, jumpers combined with buying packs can still offset the game balance of new kingdoms.

    So MZ did what every other MMO does after sharding, which is to increase gear cap and power slowly. The only thing MZ hasn’t really done that other MMO’s do is change level cap (they kind of did with VIP prestige). I am actually surprised the longtime players, for the most part, continued to pour money and time into the increasing research trees and gear because the benefit was so little relative to cost… MZ did a pretty good job at holding back the power expansion.

    Nevertheless, MZ needs to address the end game so those 3B empirse can duke it out vs. those 7B empires. Alliance cities and boosts are the way to do that. If you think about it, this is quite brilliant even though we don’t have all the details yet. By giving boosts and attack/defense in alliance cities, you keep the focus on rallies and not 1v1. So the little guy can still build while the big boys trade losses. The question will be how long players will be willing to constantly rebuild…

    1. Chad says

      The only thing I kind of disagree on is who is being zeroed, I’m in a community of players who tell me of at least 1-3 billion power players being zeroed every kvk.
      I do like your take on MZ’s approach to end game. I think you are right about the power and gear scaling. I’m really interested to see how alliance cities begin factoring into wars and kvks.

      1. King oamer says

        Is it just me or did MZ just rush the alliance city? There are bearly any slots open to do anything, in my city for research we can’t research nothing, all we can do is make new rss and have the silo and hall of quests and that stuff.

      2. gwendly says

        zeroing players that size during KvKs is basically suicide for winning events as you’ll give up so many points zeroing someone that size.

  16. Kreeka says

    Ours dropped in k256 yesterday. Not sure at all whether I want to even participate, and send my RSS there. It’s not protected, and upgrading it comes at a very high gold cost. I am an R4, and many of my members are full of doubt. Another way for MZ to make yet more money? I tend to agree.

  17. Keng says

    Can you move the city? Like teleport it into a better place because my alliance started building it but in a bad location.

    1. Chad says

      As of right now, you cannot move the alliance city :/

  18. Jasmine says

    Hey Chad! Great stuff, really appreciate the inputs and comments from all the readers. Question – have you heard anything about power requirements for an alliance to be able to build an alliance city? Just checking because my alliance is all up in a tizzy about how cool or not cool this will be.

    1. Chad says

      There are no power requirements, only resource requirements. But if you are a new alliance I would focus your resources on your own strongholds until you are all 80mil+ otherwise you won’t be able to defend it anyway.

  19. Edwill says

    How does it benefit a player?

    1. Chad says

      Right now, it only boosts all alliance member’s production. In the future it will have more options. I will show you.

  20. Domin8er says

    Still waiting for them to get to kingdom 90

  21. Skinny91 says

    K1 has a number of alliance cities now built. We are still in the new year kill event that is running and are guessing we will have the option to build a city after the event is over or if knocked out.

    1. Chad says

      How are they?!

  22. Pam lehto says

    Once a city is astablish would an alliance be able to move it if they don’t like the location it is at?

  23. Katie says

    Yesterday they announced that Alliance Cities will start next week. They also said that last week so it may still be a while before this happens.

    1. Chad says

      haha ya, i can’t imagine the struggles they are having

  24. C.L. says

    I’m sorry but I still don’t get it? What does all the new RSS do for you and your alliance? What really does it do, what advantage is it. Cause all I see is you get a few extra quests and a research boost. And now your spending a ton of RSS for the city instead of growing yourself and other players in your alliance. And if it can’t be shielded what point is there to have one? How are your RSS protected? Again what’s the point? No one is saying what it really does. And only letting 100 allainces have one is wrong. MZ is going to lose a lot of players and money.

    1. Chad says

      100 alliance per kingdom.
      New resources will allow you to research alliance city boosts, of we know little of (see
      The Alliance City as a whole is very undeveloped at this point which is why there are still a lot questions that are going unanswered.

  25. kunal says

    how can i play in beta kingdom or how do i login in beta account

  26. D.D says

    How will we start a City? The alliance I am currently in, is lacking leadership and I am wanting to start a city. Once I start it, the rest of my alliance will be joining me. So I want to know, once the Alliance City is launched, how can just anyone, start a city?

    1. Chad says

      The R5 has the option to start one I believe. So you would send the resource to him/her to start the construction.

  27. Chris says

    Have you seen the pics for Hero presets and Hero preset resets? Apparently you can now save your hero profile march/gear etc and use 1 click features to swap out items. Gone are the days when you had to swap each item individual. The catch, it costs gold (1500g). You would think that this feature would be included free with game. Very disappointed that small enhancements like this cost gold to utilize each time.

    1. gwendly says

      I wish they would give us the option to do march presets, but I’m sure we would have to research that as well 🙁

    2. Chad says

      I refer to it in my latest post!

  28. Athena says

    Chad, I wish MZ gave you a preview. They should know how to reach out their influencers…

    1. Chad says

      I think about that every day.

    2. Chad says

      And I have reached out to them………………………………………………………………..

  29. King Oamer says

    I’ve got some photos

    1. Chad says

      I sent you an email, I’d love to post them!

  30. ITChick says

    Any idea when it will be released?

    1. Chad says

      I heard it’s super buggy. so no :/

  31. marissa says

    im so excited!!

  32. kai says

    Anybody have a coord so we can look at them?

    1. Chad says

      you can’t view inside BETA unfortunately

  33. Frank says

    I was REALLY hoping this alliance city would have a method of at least storing individual accounts of silver. The current method of setting up a “Bank” requires a lot of maintenance if you want to keep individual balances for silver, I know, I was doing it until our “bank” account got stolen.

    Without some method of storing silver the silver gear is next to useless, the amount you can store and still produce is not enough. Regular RSS was stored in the bank in a pool, hyper farming makes tracking unnecessary but that is not the case with silver, especially when 30-50 people are using it to build silver balances up.

    The rest of it looks interesting and may be fun but the current banking situation is horrible.

    P.S. Charvis, I’m glad I waited on the prestige VIP

  34. Kreig Antonelli says

    Back to (Beta).
    It says to log in with your registered account. Does it let you play the normal fire age and or beta both with the same account. Any one know how that works.

  35. Charvez says

    It resets your VIP to lvl 1 but allows you to rebuild it back up to lvl 12 problem is you don’t get the points back you’ve already accumulated and the point tally is in creased I was lvl 10 now I’m only lvl 8 and 600k points from lvl 10 I’ve lost my attack and defence boosts although I’ve heard some people have had small updates and had attack boost added I can’t confirm that as I haven’t received it my instant build has also dropped I now get less quests and it cost 10k gold for the privilege trust me unless you have 2.9million VIP points in you items you will come out behind I just wanted to warn anyone that might be think of doing it as mz were not clear about what would happen after it’s activated if they were nobody in there right mind would do it ironically I searched for info about it before I did it and found nothing 30 mins later when it was too late mz released info on the blog typical lol sorry chad for posting this on this thred just didn’t see where else to put it

  36. M says

    Sorry Charvez, I don’t get it, what does it do?

  37. Charvez says

    Sorry I didn’t know where to put this but please tell your loyal readers not to activate there VIP prestige it’s a complete rip off I did it now I’m worse off I have to attack or defence boosts and I need over 600k more points just to get back to lvl 10 yes it restarts your VIP lvl but the point ally’s have massively increased to get to the top lvl it now needs 2.9 million points to buy this it would cost about $3700 us dollers or €3400 eruos I hope you don’t fall in to the same trap I did

  38. Owen Skinner says

    Chad I think CHIEF means that what is the research? What boosts do they give etc.? Is this incentive? If not, what is the incentive?

  39. CHIEF says

    After reading all of this again, I’ve got one question that doesn’t seem to be answered. What does the alliance city actually do? I mean, yeah it’s got all of this new crap you gotta build and research, but what purpose does it have for the alliance members? I see you can do quests but that is about it. How does it benefit alliance members? What incentive is there to feed this thing and build it up? All for some quests? There has got to be more to it than that.

    1. Chad says

      There is an academy for researching boosts that apply to all alliance members.

      1. CHIEF says

        If so, you’ll need to be in an alliance with plenty of active members that contribute otherwise it would be a waste of resources for those in alliances with just a few active members that contribute to resource banking.

  40. EFDefender says

    If it can be shielded, I wonder how much it will cost to indeed shield. In my alliance we have the resources required for sure. Just wonder how much each blueprint will cost. Lots of stuff to think about.

    1. thorne51 says

      Check the last “screenshot”. 70k gold for 1k blueprints. I just hope MZ provides an alternative means to get the blueprints other than just having to buy them with gold.

  41. joykiller says

    Or simply they will be protected until a certain level (achievable also for small alliances).

  42. Thor says

    This is probably naive too, but i’m hoping they will make it so that the alliance city can’t be attacked at all, and won’t need shields, otherwise, it’s going to be very difficult for small alliances to fund continuous shields.

  43. HydraV3 says

    this will also come in handy in a wonder attack f the alliance city is so valuable u want to protect it at all times u could attack the alliance city but then attack the wonder and u have to wonder if the city is that important to lety your enemy yake wonder

    1. Chad says

      Exactly, i didn’t even want to go into all the implications and strategy that could develop from having a vulnerable alliance city, but they would be tremendous.

  44. Goos says

    Open your wallets folks…

    1. somEonE says


  45. Thor says

    Cool! Been waiting for this. I hope it’s not too “weighted” towards the big alliances.

    1. CHIEF says

      Don’t be naive. This is absolutely weighted towards the big alliances. MZ is trying to make more money and the people that spend money are in the big alliances. I am 100% positive this update is targeted at them and will positively affect them the more.

      1. Chad says

        I don’t doubt this at all.

        I’m actually wondering now if alliance cities will actually separate tiers of power and war more distinctly than ever before. Like bigs may start only having time to focus on attacking other bigs, mediums other mediums, and small alliances vs. small alliances.

        What do you think?

      2. CHIEF says

        I don’t know, this may make smaller alliances more of a target. If they attempt to utilize the alliance city and turns out you can steal millions of resources by rallying, etc. the smaller alliances are going to lose big time and the big guys will just keep targeting them because the stakes just got higher during KE. You are no longer just protecting the wonder, you have to protect the alliance city as well.

    2. Chad says

      I agree. But I think as resources become more abundantly in different ways it won’t be too hard for medium size players to get enough resources to build these cities. The speedups will be the most difficult part.

  46. Yeldor says

    I’m not sure what the benefits are yet. It says that there will be a university similar to an academy but exactly what can you research to benefit the alliance? Also does your players all need to be a certain hero level or SH needs to be 21 to get the benefits of these new research under university? Its all iffy at this moment. This new mode will definitely increase the gaps between alliances not because of the rss but more of defending it. Even smaller alliances can obtain the rss to build it but since it can not be shielded defending it will be unachievable for alliances that do not have T4 members. What I think will happen is alliances will merge and the kingdoms will have less alliances and will consequently make the game stagnant.

  47. gwendly says

    This will separate the top alliances even further from the lower alliances simply because they’ll never be able to generate enough resources to upgrade this. The benefits also seems quite good so this will also impact on how much further ahead the bigger alliances will be.

    (for the record I’m in the top alliance in my kingdom so I’ll be positively impacted by this but having spent most of my time in smaller alliances I can understand how frustrating this will be for those alliances)

  48. nooby says

    I had hoped this would either replace banks or at least facilitate in trading… I see that is not the case. I wonder if we’ll have to completely revamp pods/hives in an effort to keep alliance cities protected from raids. .. on the other hand it will be like little mini wonder battles to nab an alliance city..I cant wait for the release.

  49. MITZA says

    I cant see all screenshots individualy… Its just me? Thx alot Chat for all your work here

    1. Chad says

      I’m not exactly sure what you mean.

      1. Randy says

        Can alliance city be ported?

        1. Chad says

          As of right now, it cannot be.

    2. Chad says

      fixing now. figured it out

      1. Vita Merlini says

        how did you move your alliance city?

        1. Chad says

          You cannot move them yet.

  50. nste says

    Whaaa… That’s weird TRO is a k8 alliance in k2 in the pics. Unless the beta kingdoms are completely disconnected from the normal kingdoms I don’t understand

  51. Owen Skinner says

    It says k2, but it’s not there. It’s a special Unsearchable kingdom i guess

  52. Linney says

    I’m in k90… where is Beta land? what kingdom is it close to?

    1. Chad says


  53. hamza says

    what is a beta account?

    1. Jorge Midos says

      An account that is used to test the new things, so they are use to see if theres something wrong whit the code and how it works whit real players

  54. Katsarian says

    Been searching on the coords you can see + looking for some of these people via the Search option, didn’t find any of them… Are you sure this is real?

    1. Chad says

      Look for beta land on the kingdom map. its there

      1. Katsarian says

        Kingdom number?

      2. Rjin Dacanay says

        It can’t be found It’s hosted on a different server, and a different program client is required. its kingdom #2. I’m on beta.

  55. Aleric says

    Looks awesome. Definitely let us know your thoughts. Any idea of a time frame?

    1. Chad says

      Time frame for when it will be introduced for everyone? I’d guess “close” to Christmas.

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