Alliance City Combat, Buildings, and Gear!

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Alliance City Combat, Buildings, and Gear!

Prepare to dominate together – Alliance City Combat has arrived for Beta Server for Game of War!

With the advent of Alliance City Combat, several recently released features will prove instrumental in ensuring your success:

  • Royal Prison– keep Heroes captured during Alliance City Combat in this building and gain massive boosts for your Alliance.
  • Stockpile– protect a portion of your Alliance City’s valuable Resources from perishing in the fighting.
  • Sentinel Tower– make certain your Alliance is informed and ready for looming attacks.
  • Alliance City Traps– with a wide variety of Traps at your disposal and no limit on how many you can produce, prepare your Alliance City for future challenges.
  • More Siege Troop Types– lay siege to foes’ Walls and wipe out their Traps with a broad range of Siege Troops.
  • Additional Building Levels– the benefits you can access for yourself will translate into enormous returns for your Alliance.

Watch for more fast-approaching innovations to further bolster your Alliance’s prowess.

Here are some of the thrills you can experience with Alliance City Combat:

Alliance City Outer Wall in Game of War

Alliance city combat outer wall

Besides your Inner Walls and the extensive array of Traps you can fortify them with, you will have access to a secondary line of defense outside your Alliance City. This forthcoming Outer Wall holds Turrets, which will act as the first obstacle invaders will have to face when you are forming an Alliance City Rally.

Enemies will only face your Outer Wall if you are currently forming an Alliance City Rally – otherwise the invading army will go straight to attacking your Inner Wall. Unlike Inner Wall Traps, these Turrets will have a cap on how many you can make. Enhance them further with Cannonballs to add even more firepower. They will go a long way towards weakening any attackers, but even if your enemies break through these Walls, they will still have to face the wrath of your Inner Walls.

The maximum number of Alliance City Turrets is determined by the level of the Outer Wall.

  • Level 1 – 1,000 Turrets
  • Level 2 – 3,500 Turrets
  • Level 3 – 10,000 Turrets
  • Level 4 – 20,000 Turrets
  • Level 5 – 40,000 Turrets

Each Turret can also receive Ammo.  Ammo increases the attack of your turrets.  It can be found in the Bazaar, exclusive events and specially marked sales in the gold store.

Ammunition is used by Turrets to kill attacking enemy troops before they deal damage to Turrets.  Alliance members can Donate ammunition found in My Items > Special to the Alliance.

War Council

The War Council is located inside your Outer Walls, in your Alliance City’s rural area. It will act as a super Rally Point where your Allies can gather their forces before charging against your foes. This important addition will enable you to organize gigantic Rallies against certain adversaries – much larger than any Rallies possible to date. When your Alliance City Rally is being formed, your Outer Wall defenses help protect it from attack. If these defenses fall to an invading force, then the Troops and Monsters forming your Rally will be killed. This will also cause a temporary cooldown preventing you from building more Turrets or forming another Alliance City Rally.

Alliance city combat reportalliance city combatAlliance City Combat Game of War

The first reports of these “vaster rallies” are 15 million troops.

Alliance city combat siegealliance city combat siege

Defensive Monsters

Alliance city combat defensive monsters

No longer are Monsters solely a challenge for Heroes to test their skills on. Soon, you will be able to utilize their power to augment that of your Alliance and rack up tremendous boosts by selecting deadly Monsters to defend your Alliance City.

Alliance City Rallies

Bring the full force of your Alliance to bear upon your foes! In addition to the far vaster Rallies available to you through your War Council, you will be able to select Monsters to lead your armies into battle. This fearsome combat will require all the strength you’ve got, so make sure your Alliance is not caught off-guard.

Also keep an eye out for the forthcoming Annihilator Core Set packed with Siege Troop stats and specially designed for taking out Alliance Cities:

AnnFury Annihilator's Resolve Game of War AnnRage Game of War AnnGrip Annihilator's Endurance

Weapon – Annihilator’s Rage: Forbidden Ore, Treacherous Plans, Fractured Boulder, Champion’s Chalice, Spined Tongue, and Antique Hatchet

Annihilator’s Fury: Forbidden Ore, Treacherous Plans, Fractured Boulder, Champion’s Chalice, Invader’s Rune, and Monster Manual

Armor – Annihilator’s Resolve: Forbidden Ore, Treacherous Plans, Fractured Boulder, Champion’s Chalice, Tyrant’s Amulet, and War Beast Seal

Annihilator’s Endurance: Forbidden Ore, Treacherous Plans, Fractured Boulder, Champion’s Chalice, Beast Totem, Tyrant’s Amulet

Annihilator’s Grip: Forbidden Ore, Treacherous Plans, Fractured Boulder, Champion’s Chalice, Castle Key, Spined Tongue

This set will no doubt give boosts to Siege attack and perhaps debuff to traps and turrets.

As always, this feature as well as the new Core Set may not be finalized and are subject to change. Your feedback is essential towards ensuring potential content is fun for our playerbase!

Watch our blog for more exciting updates.

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  1. ALFA says

    Annihillator core set vs 4F core set
    Annihillator core set will be new core set. But I cannot know set bonus which it has.
    4F is old recipe, and they has troops attack (you can also choice siege for attacking aliance city, and it has the huge attack set bonus), and gow’s players have many this(4F is also cheap than Annihillator.).

    1. Charles maniez says

      When is. This gonna be available. Our alliance in 763 chrono is very excited. An ready for the. Release of a.c. rally. Is there a release date.

  2. Prodigal says

    I have to reload this page 50 times and put my phone in airplane mode to read this damn article without it being redirected to an ad or app

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      Sorry Prodigal, we are working with our advertisers to clean this up.

  3. […] Alliance City combat was just released in Game of War's BETA server, and something about them is very peculiar. Most notably the fact that are essentially one giant trap account when you look at the way they are designed.  The City is completely made up of Traps and Turrets. […]

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