Am I Safe in the Dragon Dimension?

Finding ways to protect yourself in Game of War

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Safety can mean a lot of different things in Game of War. Whether it means that you will not get burned, not get zeroed, not lose your Hero or more. One of the main concerns that we see within the game is a desire for knowledge that when you log back in after being offline that you will not log in to a zeroed account with no Hero.

There are varying stages in the game and various ways to feel safe at those different stages. In this guide we will cover some of those stages however, we will also discuss different aspects of your build and what here you will need to address in order to ensure your safety. However, through all of this keep in mind that the game is constantly changing. Your account build should constantly be changing as well. We do have some basic tips on how to protect yourself to kick all of this off.

How do you ensure you are Safe?

All of us put a lot of time and resources into our accounts. So we want to protect what we have built. So how do we do this?

My Top 5 Tips

    1. Shield if you are unsure – Shields in the Dragon Dimension tend to be expensive when it comes to loyalty. However, ensuring that you have enough loyalty to pop a shield in a situation where you are unsure is important.
    2. Be Aware – When new releases come out, know and understand what the stats offer and how does it affect the current scenario.
    3. Educate Yourself – Know and understand what the stats are for, what they mean, what they do and what you need.
    4. Ask Questions – People get worried that if they ask questions they appear stupid. Here’s the thing, you look dumber if you do not ask! If something confuses you, it’s better to ask before you lose all your troop and waste a lot of money! Even I do not always know everything. That’s why we exist within a community so we can help each other and support each other.
    5. Keep An Eye on the Little Things – Often there are so many little things that contribute to our success within the game. From banners to gems to avatars. These things are always updating. Forgetting one thing can drastically alter your results. So keep an eye on them and we’ll help you keep on it as well!

In The Beginning

In the beginning of gameplay is often when players most worry about safety in Game of War. When you are first building up and have more advanced players trying to hit you and snag your Hero it can be difficult. Many times players who are not able to spend as much and build up quickly can become discouraged. However, there are ways that you are able to ensure your safety in the beginning so that you do not feel like you are fighting an uphill battle.

  1. The Dreaded Shield– Shields are difficult when you first start playing. In order to obtain a shield, you have to buy a pack or have enough loyalty. While you can start accruing and using loyalty once you have an alliance the build-up can be slow and many times new players do not want to spend the precious little bit of loyalty they have on a shield. However, shielding is one option to maintain safety and the most obvious one.
  2. Do NOT build Troops- this seems counterintuitive, right? However, let’s really walk through this. If you do not have troops you cannot lose troops. The only reason left to hit you is players who want XP from your Dragon or players who want to try to snag your Hero. However, we will address ways to handle this as well. You can build troops in the beginning but it is unlikely you will have the ability to protect them so it is better to not build them until you are ready or to only build enough that they go to the hospital. (However, recall that with Poison on Hero 2 now being available some of your troops may die anyway.)
  3. Only open the Resources you Need- You do not want to get farmed and opening resources in excess is one way to find yourself getting farmed.
  4. Level your Stronghold Slowly- As you level up, complete research that is opening up. Recall that once you level past SH 14 your Hero is able to be captured. Take advantage of the time where you do not have to worry about your Hero being captured and get as much research done as possible.
  5. Find a trusty friend- Eventually we all level to the point where our Hero can be captured. At this point, you have a couple of options in order to be able to keep your Hero safe. Some we have already discussed above. One thing I did myself was I found a friend who was able to hold my Hero when I was not using her. This allowed me to log out and not shield and feel safe. My progress was not going to get halted by some bigger player who decided they wanted to use my Hero for a boost.
  6. Never Underestimate the Ghost Rally- If you do keep your Hero and Dragon at home, do not underestimate the ghost rally. Tossing your Hero and Dragon in an eight-hour ghost rally will essentially get them out of your Stronghold so that you do not have to worry about someone using your Dragon as an XP boost or capturing your Hero.

Build Guide

So we have discussed some essential safety tips for all players and Newbie players. Now let’s dive into the things that you really need to look at when you are working on your build so that you can actually defend against hits. Please keep in mind that this is not a guide for traps but these are also things that traps will need to look at.


Gear is an essential part of gameplay. While some accounts may be able to cap in gear not intended for defense or no gear at all you cannot underestimate the value that Gear brings to an account. Gear offers you the ability to really be able to customize your stats. You can use your gear to increase the stats you need by mixing and matching. There are important things to note about gear when you are choosing it.

  1. Pay close attention to the level of the gear and your Crafting research. While the stats may look better on one piece of gear the Crafting research can actually make it so older gear is better.
  2. Even if you are not wearing your gear having Athena’s Armory and utilizing the set bonuses from that will push you over the edge.

There are tons of details about defense gear sets that you can find here: Dragon Dimension Gear Guide Part 1

Note: Do not forget your Gems. Gems can make a substantial difference in stats. While the numbers may look small they add up quickly.

Hero Level

Currently, we have three Heros all which go to level 150. There are a few ways you can choose your Hero. However, the Heros we would currently recommend for defense is Hero 1 and 3. One thing that is important to note is that if you are solely concerned about defense then your Hero Level does not matter. However, if you are looking to trap a higher Hero level may discourage hits. For more information about your Hero in the Dragon Dimension make sure you check out our Dragon Dimension Hero Guide.


VIP can be another huge source of stats in the game. Currently, VIP goes to level 70, and there are some good Defensive, Health, and Attack Stats. However, VIP is another thing that may keep potential hits away. At VIP 50 Currently, you get great stats and the increase in stats from 50 to 70 while helpful is minimal for defenders. When you are looking at VIP what you really need to be aware of is how the increase will help your stats and whether it is worth it or you are able to get more stats from another feature at a lower cost. For more information about VIP be sure to check out The Little Things that you should not Forget in the Dragon Dimension.

Troop Makeup

Troops are an essential part of defending. Without troops, you cannot defend yourself. So when you are ready to build troops and start taking hits we would recommend that you build T3 and T4. While you do have T1 and T2 available unless you have excellent stats these guys are going to burn easily. A lot of players even choose to go pure T4 for a stronger defense. While this is viable it is a more expensive option.

All the Little Things

There are tons of little things that can add up to big things in your account. When you are looking at defense you want to be sure to be aware of Attack, Health, and Defense stats that are going to beneficial to you. You can get these from places such as:

  • Potions
  • Banners
  • Gems
  • Buildings
  • Boost Hall
  • VIP
  • and so many more

For places where you can grab some quick stats to boost your build be sure to check out this article here.

Safety Test

So you’ve got your build done. Now you’re ready to drop that shield and donate troops. First, ask the best rally leader in your alliance for a solo without a Hero.  Send them your coordinates. It’s best if it’s away from any action or enemies 😉

Steps to Testing

  1. Find a trusted and strong rally leader. Ask for a test.  Send them your cords and go to step 2.
  2. Have your friend attack you solo without Hero first. If you burn, stop and adjust. Otherwise to go step 3.
  3. Next solo with a Hero. Burn, stop, else go to step 4. If you cap then it’s time for a rally perhaps.
  4. Rally time. The difference in troop size between solo and rally is huge now.  So, it may be wise to take a half-full rally first. Then a full one. Go to step 5.
  5. You’ve survived every step to this point. It’s time to get out there and start mixing it up. You’ve shown you can take a solo, a rally, so go out there and stomp enemies.

Game of War is forever changing! With new gear and stats coming out there is always a need to adjust, always test and be sure to shield if you’re offline!


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  1. Warchief420 says

    All trops and traps useless except demigod or demi god traps how come….?also how come we cant ever get ahead …tbis a money trap i have bought paks and also contacted mz about it but they hope we can still go get paks for 130canadain or 99 american but paks are useless now gold is useless troops are useless …only demi god ..

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      demigods were essentially a reset for the game. Check out our Article Rise of the Demigods and Start Here. Rise of the Demigods was the first demigod article we put out after the change over and Start Here gives the breakdown of how to get started with your demigod build up. As for packs and everything I am unable to answer your questions there. If you have issues I would recommend contacting MZ Customer Support.

  2. Roland says

    So for Dec 25 update to this post, bottom line is same as always – buy the latest pack and can be safe ;P

    That of course has changed since updates released after. Only way to be safe always is to shield or buy packs several times a week…where’s the fun in that?

  3. PissedOffPlayer says

    Trust me all the questions in the world won’t help because MZ don’t give a crap. Test one day and the 12 hours later all that testing goes out the window. So just keep on sending mz $$$$ ss they sit back and laugh at y’all

  4. Warren says

    I can’t seem to heal the wounded dragons in the hospital. I get a message that I don’t have enough resources to heal them. What the heck…I have a ton of reserves.

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      Hey Warren, You may have a ton of resources but healing is actually really expensive. It’s smarter to dismiss what is in the hospital and retrain as you will save resources.

      1. says

        Thanks Cinder

  5. Tedsheckler says

    What mz has done makes no since. 1 day I cap a 2.02mt solo with 2nd hero while I was heroless and the next day while hero was defending I was zeroed in 1 solo my a 1.62mt solo with 2nd hero while my hero was defending. What ticks me off even more about the 2nd hit is I didn’t even know I was under attack as it did not notify me. Co suffering the 1 I capt had a larger march I’m assuming he had more research done. Besides for my hero the set up was the same on both of them. 3bttt each t13s no siege and 20ttt each t14s with siege was my lowest tiers

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      Creatures are super important. If you don’t have enough with or without hero you will not cap. Depending on when this was it could have been the newest release that was the tipping point from you. there are so many different factors to why you capped one and not the other.

  6. brooklyn
    brooklyn says

    With troops going to t20 or t21 ,do you advise training these higher troops?

  7. Rol says

    What about t3 traps rather than t2 or t4? any downside to using t3?

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      Honestly some of it is testing and seeing what works for you. Both eagle and I only run traps for filling on our accounts currently.

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