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Ancient Gear has been brought back to the Demigod Dimension! Some of our favorite gear from the early years of Game of War have been revamped, and now we can all enjoy a bit of nostalgia when we suit up in Xena, Executioners, or Samurai Gear.

Crafting the Ancient Gear Sets

Collecting Materials

For starters, we will first go through the steps to craft these Ancient Gear sets, as it is completely different than the Champion and Conqueror gear sets.  The first thing that needs to be done is collecting materials. This can be done by buying the Ancient Gear set packs, or you can complete the Bonus Reanimation events.

These events reset each hour and only require minimal cost and effort to complete. Completing each event will award you one Samurai chest, one Executioners chest, and two Xenas Chest. These chests will reward you with materials that you need to craft each set.

 Using the Forge

The first thing you want to do in the forge is to combine your materials to make them the highest level possible. When you go to craft the gear, you will see the gear piece, the materials that you have for that piece, and the chance that it will end up being either gray, white, green, blue, purple, or gold.

In the example above, there is only a 10% chance that the gear would be legendary. The best thing to do is to wait until you have all gold materials, to guarantee the highest level of gear.

Using the Gear Workshop

Now, as many will tell you, there are times we all feel lucky.  We see a 70 or 80 percent chance at a gold piece and decide to try our luck. Unfortunately, we all cant be lucky, and you may end up with a purple piece instead of a gold piece. In this situation, you would then need to use your gear workshop. This is the part that is similar to the other gear sets. You can use the improvement materials specific to each Ancient Gear set to improve the level of your gear piece.

Cost of Improvement:

  • Basic (grey) to Common: 7m
  • Common (white) to Uncommon: 8m
  • Uncommon (green) to Rare: 10m
  • Rare (blue) to Epic: 25m
  • Epic (purple) to Legendary (gold): 50m

At this current time, there are no enhancements or power up levels for these Ancient Gear sets. However, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them released sometime soon.

Ancient Gear Stats

Demigod Xena Set Gear

Demigod Kunoichi’s Mask

  • attack: 5300%
  • defense: 18700%
  • health: 1900%
  • debuff to enemy attack: 1400%

Demigod Kunoichi’s Cloak

  • attack: 3200%
  • defense: 7000%
  • health: 1800%
  • debuff to enemy attack: 1100%

Demigod Kunoichis Tabi Boots

  • attack: 1900%
  • defense: 10500%
  • debuff to enemy attack: 640%

Demigod Kunoichi’s Machete

  • attack: 9500%
  • defense: 6800%
  • health: 1500%
  • debuff to enemy attack: 700%

Demigod Kunoichi’s Kunai

  • attack: 800%
  • defense: 4200%
  • health: 730%
  • debuff to enemy attack: 270%

Demigod Kunoichis Frost Demon Set

  • 1590% attack
  • 8400% defense
  • 1460% health
  • 1200% attack debuff

Demigod Executioners Set Gear

Demigod Executioners Fave Garment

  • attack: 9300%
  • defense: 5300%
  • health: 1600%
  • debuff to enemy defense: 1300%

Demigod Executioner Splatter Guard

  • attack: 5600%
  • defense: 2000%
  • health: 1600%
  • debuff to enemy defense: 7400%

Demigod Executioner Wrapped Covers

  • attack: 3400%
  • defense: 3000%
  • health: 1700%
  • debuff to enemy defense: 1100%

Demigod Executioner Wrapped Axe

  • attack: 16800%
  • defense: 1900%
  • debuff to enemy defense: 1000%

Demigod Executioner Wrapped Gloves

  • attack: 1400%
  • defense: 1200%
  • health: 620%
  • debuff to enemy defense: 450%

Demigod Executioner Iceheart Ring

  • 2370% defense
  • 1250% health
  • 1960% defense debuff

Demigod Samurai Set Gear

Demigod Shoguns Kabuto

  • attack: 5600%
  • rally attack: 8100%
  • defense: 5200%
  • health: 1600%
  • debuff to enemy health: 630%

Demigod Shoguns Armor

  • attack: 3300%
  • rally attack: 4800%
  • defense: 1900%
  • health: 1600%
  • debuff to enemy health: 350%

Demigod Shoguns Kegutsu

  • attack: 2000%
  • rally attack: 2900%
  • defense: 2900%
  • health: 1700%
  • debuff to enemy health: 390%

Demigod Shoguns Masamune

  • attack: 10000%
  • rally attack: 14500%
  • defense: 19000%
  • health: 1300%
  • debuff to enemy health: 520%

Demigod Shoguns Sheath

  • attack: 830%
  • rally attack: 1200%
  • defense: 1200%
  • health: 620%
  • debuff to enemy health: 140%

Demigod Shoguns Winter Conjure

  • 1670% attack
  • 2300% defense
  • 1250% health
  • 620% health debuff
  • 2400% rally attack

Comparing Ancient Gear to Champion/Conqueror

The most important thing you can do is to know what you need in your account. Do you need more defense? Could your account use more attack? Knowing what you need is the first step. After that, you can go through and compare piece by piece which gear piece has the most stats for what you need.

For instance, in the Xena Gear Set, the Helm and the Boots have more defense than either Conqueror or Champion fully powered up and enhanced. Mixing pieces have better results than using a full set of Ancient Gear. Most people worry about the set gear bonus being lost. However, remember that the set bonus is in the armory. Even if you mix the sets, you will still retain that set gear bonus if you have the pieces open in your inventory.


In conclusion, these sets are a bonus for all. The materials are easy for everyone to get, easy to craft, and they definitely can boost your stats if you missed any of the limited time gear. As long as you pay attention to what you need in your account, then the Ancient Gear Sets will surely enhance your gear sets.





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