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Anniversary Colossus Set: Stats, Recipe, Set Bonus, Strategy


If you’re like me and have been waiting for the upgraded Frostlord set to be released, then our wait is over!  The 2016 Anniversary Colossus Set provides massive balanced defense!  Imperial Dragon wasn’t bad,  Golden Shogun gave us specific troop defense, and Paladin of Sola felt like a disappointment…  But Colossus is the real deal for any defense junkie in Game of War!  Its a perfect balance of troop specific and general defense that the two previously released sets lacked.

Goliath’s Colossal Stats

When I talk to people about stats required to be an effective trap I mention troop defense, troop attack debuff, specific troop defense, and defense debuff resistances.  This gear set has most of this save resistances, but with the substantial defense, daggers is an option.  First lets look at what the full set provides us with typical research and gems included:

  • Troop Specific Defense: +2500%
  • Troop Defense: +1903%
  • Combined Defense: +4403%
  • Troop Attack Debuff: +203%
  • Specific Troop Attack Debuff: 275%
  • Combined Troop Attack Debuff: +478%

Anniversary Colossus Gear Set Bonuses

Goliath’s Colossus set bonuses provide a wide array of boosts:

  • Enemy Ranged/Cav/Inf Attack Debuff
  • Inf/Cav/Ranged Defense
  • March Speed Debuff

Anniversary Colossus Set Stats Anniversary Colossus Set Stats 2 Anniversary Colossus Set Stats 3

The base and full set bonuses are excellent for this set.  It provides a balanced amount of specific and general troop defense for the set.

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Colossus and Defense Debuff Resistance

If defense debuff is what concerns you then you can use two Kinoichi Kunai and still have plenty of defense with this set.  However, the full set will be difficult to debuff because of the split defense type of general and troop specific when using the full set.

The following is an example of two daggers with Colossus:

anniversary colossus set

Special thanks to K474 (73V) Surf Board/Eternal Zen for stats and images.

Colossus with Two Kinoichi Kunai Stats

The following stats assumes you have the Defense Research Tree complete:

  • Infantry/Ranged/Cavalry Defense: +1100%
  • Troop Defense: +1800%
  • Combined Defense: +2900%
  • Troop Defense Debuff Resistance: +80%
  • Specific Troop Defense Debuff Resistance: +30% 

You will have to play around with this set and see which holds up better against the enemy rally.  It is great to have an option.  Many rally leaders are using preset gems for maximum attack when they see daggers and defense debuff gems when they don’t.

The results of defending with this set have been very positive so far without even using daggers.  It will be a popular wonder holding set as well.

Have you crafted this set and taken some rallies?  How do you like it?


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  1. FireFlletch says

    I am still SH18 at 17B power with 463 million troops (all T3). Won’t take a rally unless someone in regular gear hits send (yes, it still happens every blue moon). Still get soloed a lot and take heroes but not against bigs with strong cores. My KDR is terrible, but I have a blast and don’t spend anywhere near the $$ others have to spend. But boy could I used that 7th accessory and those fourth gem slots.

  2. great Muta says

    Any examples for how to skill the hero points for this set as well as gem combinations.
    Currently have 620 skill points.

  3. Lilith says

    Hi. I have a 23Sh, 43B power (760M troops mostly T4, about 450M, a total of 21B power in troops)
    Have the complete Collossus gear upgraded to level 8. Have some doubts about the tree, Should I use the basic bonus on the right side of the tree? I have 570 skill points to use.
    Is it secure to unshield and not getting zeroed ? Can someone please give a help, I just feel insecure.Thanks in advance.

  4. Gurkha Sons says

    I took a Ares Rally on this gear, I have 500m total troops 10:1 t2:t4, full set bonus complete and 22 lvl 22 barack, and ate the full rally with 10K t2 in hospital. I didn’t have any boost at all, and the rally leader had attack and defense debuff.

  5. John says

    Any updates to share with this set? I’m finall able to craft a full set. Should I? What core sets is it good against?

    1. Darkthorne says

      This set offers the highest overall defense among the normal equipment sets. With the right amount of troops you can use this against any core set going in game at them moment.

      1. Lilith says

        What should be the right amount of troops? Sorry iam just starting and have a lot of doubts. I have 43b(21b in troops mostly t4).

        1. Darkthorne says

          What are your goals with the account? You mention you have 760m mostly t4, how many total troops do you have?

          Should you use the base bonus on the right side of the tree? To receive this skill bonus you must sacrifice many points to get there. So, lets look at what you gain if you do. You will gain more Attack Debuff.

          Typically, it’s not wise to skill base set bonus on the right side unless you are using a core missile set. Colossus is used to defend against rallies/solo’s of all troop types so you need as many skill points down the left side as possible to defend against multiple troop types.

          I hope this helps!

          1. Lilith says

            Ty you took some time to help me. So I will not waste any points on the right side. My main goal at this moment is to stay unshielded without being so insecure, that would be a good start lol. At the moment I have 472 M T4 (about 50M every type), 100M T3, 125M T2 and 20M t1. I have Colossus since 1 day, Improved it till level 8 . And I just want to be able to defend. Also on tiles (for that I usually use mix with hero , and defense boosts). I just wanted to know if it’s safe staying unshielded. I only have about 23B in research.

          2. Lilith says

            And I have 11 Barracks level 22.

  6. GOD HIMSELF says

    My set is 1487 defense UN GEMMED… so it will definitely be over 2k.

    defense gem 25 x 7 =175
    rainbow gem 35 x 7 =245
    bulwalk gem 35 x 7 = 245
    elusive gem 17.5 x 7 = 122.5

    gem total = 787.50

    gear + gems = 2274.5

  7. ScorpioKing says

    I agree with Steve. Even with 25 level 22 barracks and max gems, you may be at 900 defense before research. Even after, there’s no way we can get to 1900 troop defense.

    1. shawn says

      it depends on research and the amount of barracks you have and gem. right now I have 1040% def and 2370% specific troop def.

  8. Steve says

    When reviewing the set statistics in app, there is no general troop defense. With my defense tree fully research, multiple level 22 barracks and gems, I still don’t see how this number is getting as high as 1903%. Am I missing something?

    1. Robzilla says

      Hi I was reading up on collosus and found this post.. my individual troop defence for anniversary collosus is 2500 exactly and just over 1900 troop defence..massive attack health and debuffs..I’ve seen this gear work well for traps as small as 10 bil power defending against fully resherached rally’s and cap! ..and also with extra health gems on a tile skilled, mabe an extra attack debuff is successful in holding alliance tiles and wonders..and not to mention it offers enough attack to use for solo hits where a hero is needed.. I’m 210 bil power and have every perm set of gear offered..anniversary collosus trumps them all in any area or any mix..when defending ,if your losses start to grow, add health debuff.. the more you kill the less you have to defend agnostic..this gear is an attack [email protected]

    2. Rob says

      Look in the 5/7 piece set bonus.. I believe it’s posted above.. and with low resherach ,high troop count is crucial.. also ..never train wild meat!!wild is great for attacking but suck at defending..this is The reason a lot of traps are not successful..(in case it was overlooked)

      1. Darkthorne says

        Keep in mind Wild > Strategic > Normal > Wild. Most rally leaders will send Wild or Strategic troops first. If you have all wild meat then Wild vs. Wild will do some damage. Wild attacking troops will do less damage against a normal meat wall. However, many rally leaders are assuming traps will have a normal troop meat wall and will send Strategic troops. Therefore, no troop type (normal, strategic, wild) is better than any other in theory. Much depends on how your research completed. Do you have the entire strategic and wild trees completed so the troops are as strong as your normal troops?

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