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Anti Artemis Core Set: Stats, Recipe, and Gems


Artemis Ranged Missile Cores in Game of War provide incredible power and will devastate unprepared traps. Don’t be a victim, be prepared with our Anti Artemis Core Set!

Every powerful nemesis in life has the perfect counter or anti-nemesis.  Game of War is no different.  Traps must adapt as new items, cores, research, and buildings come out; to continue to oppose their nemesis, the rally leader. Artemis core set is no different.

We dismantle Artemis one stat at a time to design the perfect counter core recipe to stop it!

Normal Artemis Core Stats

These cores are nasty with the following stats:

  • 7,500% Attack – 2,000% more than Nike core set
  • 2,000% Defense Debuff (with proper gems)
  • 500% Infantry/Ranged/Cavalry Defense Debuff
  • 1,500% Attack Debuff

Capping Artemis heroes will be a problem for many traps if they aren’t prepared. So lets break down the cores and develop a plan to beat it.

Defeating the Artemis Core Set

Artemis core set has high attack and defense debuff with some specific troop defense debuff.  To overcome this set we must get our Infantry Defense and Troop Defense high enough to thwart the devastating impact of its power.

First off, the attack is just nasty, at 7,500%!

The 7,500% is broken down into:

  • 4,500% Ranged Attack
  • 3,000 Troop Attack.

So that high ranged attack is going to really hurt your infantry.

Step 1: Make Sure Cores Have High Infantry and Troop Defense

The main counter to a high ranged attack core set is infantry defense.  Infantry Defense stat is more difficult to debuff than general troop defense with this set.  With only 500% Infantry Defense Debuff but 2,000% Troop Defense Debuff.  The gems worn by the Rally leader will also be high in Troop Defense Debuff, while Infantry Defense is relatively small.  Therefore, it is much easier to overcome Artemis using Infantry Defense rather than trying to stack general Troop Defense.

Note: Another way to counter attack in general is by adding attack debuff (AD). However, for a trap it is harder to stack AD to make much of an impact on such an incredibly high amount of attack as that found in Artemis. So, while it helps, its not really a priority.  Remember, when making custom counter core sets you have a limited number of pieces, cores and gems in which to maximize your counter.  Using attack debuff over infantry defense or troop defense is not a good idea.

Step 2: Add enough attack to our set to ensure the full march dies.

We must add enough attack to counter Artemis’ insane attack debuff.  This will prove to be the biggest issue. The high attack debuff allows troops to survive the rally and return to the rally leader with a battle report.  Then the leader will know exactly the strengths and still worse, the weaknesses of your trap.  This is why step 2 is adding enough attack to ensure the full march dies and one lives to tell the tale!

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How to Add Attack To Kill Full March

The more troops you have the less attack you will need. So, for relatively smaller traps, a few options are available.

First, add one cavalry attack gem to each core instead of a gem that adds 12.5% or 17.5% defense. Adding a 25% cavalry gem alone will give 175% more attack.  We can also pick cores that give cavalry attack and still help us with defense. If you are winning the rally but not killing full march, another option would be to use attack boost over defense boost. The last option would be to add an attack piece or two into the recipe. Like I said before the amount of attack required will be based on your troop numbers.

Countering High Defense Debuff

The final thing we will focus on is the incredibly high defense debuff.  Research plays a huge role in countering Troop Defense Debuff.  The Defense tree provides great defense debuff resistance and that alone will allow you to resist 20%. The next option will be to just have so much defense that the debuff wont matter( and with this recipe we just might). And lastly you can always use one kunai to give you 50% DDR.

Anti Artemis Core Set Recipe

Now down to the good stuff.. The recipe and stats:


  • Broken Antler – High Defense
  • Brass key – Troop and Infantry Defense.
  • Earth Icon – High Defense
  • Paper Dart – High Infantry Defense
  • Persephone Brush – High I/R/C/ Defense
  •  Underworld Plating (Purple) – I/R/C  Note: This piece is somewhat rare and purple pieces still get the job done with over 6,000% defense.


  • Spring Helm – Infantry and Troop Defense
  • Samurai Armor – Infantry and Troop Defense
  • Red Scale Boots – Health and Defense
  • Nine Dragon Trident Weapon –  Cav attack, Troop defense, Infantry defense
  • Turtle Shield Accessory – Infantry and Troop Defense
  • Firecrackers Accessory – Defense




anti artemis cores


And always the FIRECRACKERS.

Anti Artemis Core Set Stats

  • Infantry Defense – 2,300% Infantry Defense while still giving cav/range defense in case they send Nike or Ares), and
  • Troop Defense – 3,800%
  • Combined Troop Defense – 6,100% . which leaves plenty of room to adds a Kunai or an attack piece or 2.
  • Attack Debuff – 500%, which will also help out with the loses.

And, with this set having 1300 cav/ran defense with just a little adjustments it can be used to counter Ares or Nike as well. #realblackholecores.

anti artemis core set stats anti artemis core set stats 2 anti artemis core set stats 3

This set was crafted on 5bil account with Vip 18, no lvl 22 buildings and using very basic gems, so exact stats can be matched and beaten depending on gems available to you.

Gems for Anti Artemis Core Set

anti artemis core set gems

I used very common gems that I’m sure everyone has.  I wanted to create a counter by a trap for a trap. So equipped and boosted we are looking at some serious stuff here.

Well I think that just about covers everything, and I hope you enjoyed it.  To receive future counter core updates take a moment subscribe to our mailing list!

Thank you for reading!

-Blind Eagle, aka Admiral44

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  1. Jonhbomes says

    Awesome cores except my defense numbers are great but troop defense is 3200% after I gem my city is way bigger in every way than the one u used to test with but my results are lower but these cores are nasty I would take hits from any set out just using these

  2. DJ Custom Cores says

    im going to leave you all with a little secret and tell me what you all think?

    filling every core with Macedonian Tribute Ranged attack debuff 60% and Constellations Ranged attack debuff 50% will help tremendously you could even go one further and just completely fill every piece with ranged attack debuff and infantry defense ….. you will swallow that rally trust me 😉

    1. DJ Custom Cores says

      The reason for this is because everyone knows how people setup there “anti cores” and work on changing there cores ….. you guys need to think outside the box to become a true champion.

      Reply for my GoW profile i may even share some other secrets

  3. FrozenABYSS says

    I haven’t tested with these yet so won’t presume to say which recipe pieces or boosts are most effective. I do however want to comment that after researching cores on three popular sites including this one yours has simplified the concept of how cores work better than any other. With your info I feel better equipped to tweak my own cores to suit me. So thank you.

    1. Darkthorne says

      Thank you for that and good luck! If you have any other questions please let us know.

  4. theb1tch69 says

    I crafted this set with close stats as you can see. The artemis set hammered me and burned me while having this set equipped. The better outcome was agaisnt nike. The stats are for the set equipped and boosted.

    1. Blind Eagle says

      I mentioned in the article above that depending on troop numbers you may have to add some attack. It is very clear you have enough defense. Even without boost you are barely losing anything which is great at your troop count. Maybe a few attack gems and you will eat everythig.

      1. theb1tch69 says

        I also think with the new higher hero levels, that additional troops are needed. That artemis hit was from a hero 65 so chances are they had the 500 attack boost added on making that set a massive 8k+ attack. Troop attack is more dangerous that specific attack as it directly competes with your troop defense. Something I need to do more research on is how to combat a hero 65 without being so big that a hero 60 or 61 wont touch you.

      2. Smasher says

        Hi. Erie Crystal work as a replacement for brass key?

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  6. Katy4Eva says

    How do you get your Troop defense up 3800%, the best i can do on troop defense is 3200% and thats with gems. My total Defence (Inf and Troop combined) is 5300% with 825mill troops. i should still eat Artemis core then

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  8. Apwid says

    Where do you find the last three cores?

    1. Darkthorne says

      Firecracker Core
      Turtle Shield Core
      Kinoichi Kunai

  9. MZ lover returns says

    Hi All,

    I suggest no one to use the above anti core, it doesn’t work. You’ll burn, I’ve tried and tested.

    1. Darkthorne says

      Hmm, I’ve gotten quite an opposite result with them. Pray tell us which core recipe we should use for best results!

      1. MZ Lover Returns says

        Ahh, wouldn’t you like to know.

        I suggest everyone who wants to successfully counter the new range core, to actually head over to gowcraft and obtain the new anti range core. Them guys over there know what they are doing, so your #realblackhole hash tag is no longer valid to use.

        1. Jake says

          Yeah head over to your site and “buy a membership”…

        2. Stephan steenekamp says

          gowcraft anti artemis suck i lost twice the amount of troops with that core than i lost with this anti core in a test against hero 65 i lost 18 mil with gowcraft anti artemis and 10 mil with these anti artemis. I suggest everybody stay with these cores as these guys seem to know what they are doing

          1. Navi says


    2. Darkthorne says

      I’ve crafted both sets using Custom Core Builder to compare stats. Build 1 is there’s Build 2 is Blind Eagles.

  10. Emma says

    How would you skill this?

  11. MZ Lover says

    Hello, awesome as usual. In the article you mention we can tweak the anti set for Ares and Nike, silly question… Are you talking about removing some pieces?

    1. Darkthorne says

      I’m glad you love the article! Thanks! Keep coming back for more recipes! Blind will be following up this article with an Anti-Nike soon!

  12. Nikki2401 says

    Well I love this site but this recipe is a disgrace. Stats are so badly inflated on this, ur doing a disservice to your readers by lying to them this way. On the other hand I truly hope traps core on me with this one so I can at least get some good kills in.

    1. MZ Lover Returns says

      I totally agree with you there, I’ve used this ‘anti core’ as they claim to be a real #blackholetrapcore, but it’s failed epicly. I done a test… With the right pieces and gems, to show other ‘trappers’ why some websites shouldn’t be trusted with. Ah, I’ve taken it with a pinch of salt.

      Other trappers, if you want a better anti core set for Artemis… Please visit gowcraft.

      Darkthorne – I like how you didn’t reply to this original comment but only on mine 😉

      1. Darkthorne says

        I suppose you may be right. Let’s compare the recipe you reference to Blind Eagle’s.

        Referenced Recipe:
        Wyrmscale Helm Core
        – Brass Key (Same)
        – Earth Icon (Same)
        – Macedonian Tribute
        – Persephone’s Brush (Same)
        – White Fur Crest
        – Winter Glass

        Emerald Armor Core
        – Brass Key (Same)
        – Earth Icon (Same)
        – Macedonian Tribute
        – Persephone’s Brush (Same)
        – White Fur Crest
        – Winter Glass

        Radiant Coverings Core
        – Brass Key (Same)
        – Earth Icon (Same)
        – Macedonian Tribute
        – Persephone’s Brush (Same)
        – White Fur Crest
        – Winter Glass

        Hunting Spear Core
        – Brass Key (Same)
        – Earth Icon (Same)
        – Persephone’s Brush (Same)
        – Undead Chains
        – White Fur Crest
        – Winter Glass

        Accessory 1
        Kunoichi’s Kunai
        Standard Gear – Xena Defensive Set 1

        Accessory 2,3
        Tempest Gauntlet Core
        – Brass Key (Same)
        – Earth Icon (same)
        – Persephone’s Brush (same)
        – Undead Chains
        – White Fur Crest
        – Winter Glass

        Now lets list the replacement options they have listed:
        Head – Spring Helm Core
        Feet – Red Scale Boots Core
        Acc – Turtle Shield Core, Firecrackers Core.

        Broken Antler, Paper Dart.

        With the exception of the core used for the chest and weapon these two recipes are strikingly similar, different, however, are the resulting stats. Let’s take a look.

        Lets compare stats using our Beta Custom Core Builder Tool:

        I’ve crafted both sets using the tool. I’ve left out one accessory to represent use of Kinoichi Kunai in both sets. Also, no gems have been added or research. These stats are simply using the core recipe of both sites. Build 1: The recipe you reference. Build 2: Blind Eagle’s Anti-Artemis.

        Try the Beta Custom Core Tool to tinker with recipes to achieve your desired stats.

        Again, thank you for contributing to the discussion and good luck this weekend in the Gauntlet!

  13. Club says

    I have only 2x brass keys and 0 earth icons. Any idea what pieces could replace these two? Thanks in advance!

    1. Blind Eagle says

      Earth icon can be replaced with fresh lotus or heron charm but will have slightly lower defense, and brass key was one of the key pieces so is a little hard to replace. Maybe use tar instead.

      Another thing to note the 4.99 chest packs come with all the pieces and cores used and are definetly worth it when they have them.

  14. KBsr says

    Lol underworld plating is a bitch to get. Use blue or purple to say money.

    1. Blind Eagle says

      I agree. I used purple myself to save pieces.

  15. ShortyDA says

    I agree with the above comment, substituting an attack boost would be a mistake because it will get debuffed. Also, it should be noted that these cores could only work for accounts with high troop counts since there’s no attack or health. Also, I’m only getting a combined defense of 5800% (after altar and timed boosts) using the gems listed and all level 6 underworld platings but using bulwarks and rainbow could increase that to 6100%. So I don’t think using purple underworld platings will give you over 6000% defense with the gems shown. It should still be a good set for cities over 5bil. I’d like to see some reports of the results using this set if y’all can get some.

  16. DB X says

    Switching your boost from attack to defense might not be the best idea. You’ll essentially be losing almost 500 defense (depending on how much DDR you have and if you use a 225 boost or lower) and adding troop attack. The problem is that troop attack boost is almost guaranteed to get debuffed unless you’re getting over 1500% but to do that you’ll probably be sacrificing too much defense. I would just go with boosting cav attack since the IRC attack debuffs are much lower, like you were doing with the cav gems. If more attack is needed, maybe use an ice crystal core as a replacement or if you want to keep going with the theme of black hole cores use a piece like hades grimoire that will boost IRC attack and help kill a Nike or ares rally too. Just a couple of suggestions, I haven’t personally worked out the math of those replacements or anything.

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