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GoW Anti-Bacchus Core Set Recipe, Stats, Gems


Bacchus? The God of wine and parties! Good one GoW! Everyone loves wine and parties!!! But if you aren’t prepared, there will be no party and you will need lots of wine.

Luckily Game of War Real Tips is here to break down the cores and give a helping hand to ensure all of our traps can party all KvK long…

Bacchus Core Set Breakdown

As always, let’s break down the core and then go over the plan to beat it.

Bacchus Cavalry Attack

Bacchus is a cavalry core set with high cavalry attack. What does that mean for you? Simple, it means your range troops may take a beating. So step 1 we want to add lots of range defense and try to limit the cavalry attack.

Bacchus Defense Debuff and Health Debuff

Bacchus has 2k defense debuff and health debuff. So in trap terms, KUNAI UP! haha and that is exactly what we will do. We will try and cut some of that defense debuff and add as much troop defense as possible.

As far as the health debuffs go, health has been proven to be less important for traps over 100 million troops so we won’t worry about that.

Bacchus Attack Debuff

Bacchus has nice attack debuff, around 1500 and infantry attack debuff at 550. Why is this important? With that high attack debuff and the new march size some traps will have trouble killing full march.

Have no fear we have a plan. Seeing as this is a cavalry core it is weakest to infantry attack. So we will boost infantry attack NOT TROOP ATTACK to ensure we kill full march.

Countering Stats Required

That pretty much sums up the core set. I explained what we want to aim for. So we want the following stats:

  1. Range Defense
  2. Troop Defense
  3. Cav Attack Debuff
  4. Troop Attack Debuff
  5. Infantry Attack
  6. Defense Debuff Resistance

Crafting Anti Bacchus Set

To make this cheap and available to as many people as possible I have used no underworld plattings. I also used 3 pieces of normal gear. Which means you only have to craft 4 cores each time. Making the set even easier to do.

First Piece of Anti Bacchus Set

So the first normal gear I used is of course Kinoichi’s Kunai (Black Dagger). This will help cut the defense debuff down:


Second Piece of Anti Bacchus Set

The second piece of normal gear is the Shogun accessory. Great piece! It provides the key ranged defense needed. 450% !!


**NOTE** you can use 2 of these if you have them. It will give you 200 more range defense but 200% less troop defense in your stats.

Third Item of Anti Bacchus Set

The third and final piece of normal gear is the Paladin of Sola accessory. This piece gives us 250 ranged defense and 200 troop defense. Very good piece of gear. You can use two of these or two of the Golden Shogun accessories if you want more troop defense or more ranged defense.


Anti Bacchus Core Set

Now to the four cores. As I stated before, I made them as cheap as possible.

Anti Bacchus Core Weapon

First core I used was Zeus weapon. I followed GoW recipe. This gives me HUGE infantry attack. This core also gives 75% each troop defense. Very useful and very cheap to make.


Anti Bacchus Core Armor

Next core is Hades Armor. I debated putting this piece in here but decided I had to. I went Hades Armor and used the GoW recipe. But thankfully since its GoW recipe you can use level 4 or 5 pieces if you had to and you will still get good stats. This core gives 200% range defense, some attack, 300 CAV ATTACK DEBUFF. Yeah thats right 300! That being said I had to use it.


Anti Bachus Pieces

Ok the last two cores are customs. They both use the same pieces:

  • Broken antler
  • Earth Icon,
  • Heron Charm
  • Pile of Ash
  • Peresphone Brush
  • Winter Glass

Not to expensive at all. And each of those can be replaced if needed.

Anti-Bacchus Cores

The last two cores I used

  • Majestic Sallet Core (Hera Core Helm)
  • Plated Foot Armor

Hera Helm has 200 ranged defense, and is very common. I had a few of them just from free chest from Athena. I went with Plated Foot Armor because it provides ranged defense and troop defense.


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Anti-Bachuss Core Set Gems and Skills

Now after all that is done. Let’s talk gems and skills. Again what do we want with this set. Refer back up to the top. We want defense/range defense , inf attack, debuffs. So we will skill all of those. Also skill all 3 alter boost. After skilling all of that you can use the rest of the points as you choose.

Anti-Bacchus Gems

As always traps make do with what we have. So with gems go with troop defense in each spot. Defense and attack debuff are great, so Gem of Honor or Shadow Gems for us traps on a budget. I used Shadow, Honor, Defense, Elite Defense by self.


After it is set gemmed and equipped we have pretty good stats:

  • Troop Defense – 3,000%
  • Range Defense – 1,600%
  • Cavalry Attack Debuff – 350%
  • Troop Attack Debuff – 500%
  • Infantry Attack – 1,000%













**NOTE** all cores and stats are from a 5bil trap.  Stats may differ based on gems, any pieces you change, buildings sets up, and depending if you use shogun or solo accessory. But regardless all stats should be very close.

Once again thanks for reading. I hope I have explained what it takes to counter Bacchus and in an easy way to do it. Well I think the God of Wine is calling my name.

Blind Eagle aka Admiral44

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  1. Eccio says

    Why you use an infranty attack so high?

  2. Wine goddess says

    I lost over 40 mil troops with this recipe , I crafted my own , capped a Bachus rally ,losing less than 3 million troops ,used same set I crafted with a level 5 Bachus hit, lost less than 10 million troops ,didn’t cap though but ate whole march ,I have a little over a billion troops

    1. Darkthorne says

      Sweet! Mind sharing your recipe with us and reports?

    2. Speedqueen says

      Wine goddess
      Could you share your anti bacchus core set please?

  3. Chris says

    Has anyone tried this setup? I got lit up by bacc.. 1 billion troops…t2-t4 setup… had a custom core set pushing 4200 def 600 attack 1100 health..not sure about the debuffs but guessing around 3-400..

    1. Chris says

      It was a stage 5 bacc set with 8 million march..I only killed 6.5 and lost 55 million a hit

      1. Mendah says

        I was rallied by current emperor in +5 bacc set 8m rally size. I’m sitting at 13b power with 860m troops. Lost 23mil t2 per hit. Troop attack is a bit useless considering the 1500 attack debuff of bacc so try to get some inf attack (pile of ash piece in each core is nice). Also for your troop count the zues wep mentioned above is overkill, go with sai core wep instead for more defence. I also put a peresphone into each peice because it is better than any straight troop defence peice.

        1. Darkthorne says

          Cool, thank you for the tips! Blind Eagle will likely revisit this recipe soon to reflect Gear Workshop and Gem Set Bonus releases.

        2. chris says

          thanks for the tips

  4. Kiri says

    Are there any other legendary accessories that I could craft? I don’t have all the materials to make legendary Sola and Shogun accessories:(

  5. SnakeDoc6 says

    I have built the above cores and vey thing matches up except my finished defense is 2217. Can you tell me why it is so low? I’m at 9.9 bil power.

    1. Blind Eagle says

      The stats above is equiped and boosted. So im sure once you equip and boost it will be much higherm

  6. Chloe71514 says

    Hi, I cannot find even 1 Hera Helm… Could it be called something else?

    1. Darkthorne says

      Yes, its called Majestic Sallet Core Helm.

  7. SinisterMoon says

    Good Day,
    Are you certain the helm is Hera? Only thing I can find like it is Majestic Sallet Core, and looking at the completed core it looks the same as Dire Shamans Sallet.


  8. kATY says


    1. Blind Eagle says

      Yes this should work for you just fine, but always be careful. I seen stats today of a Bacchus se with 8800 attack, 2200 DD and 2000 HD!!! so some sets will hit harder than others but I believe you are safe.

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