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Anti Nike Core Set: Stats, Recipe, and Hero Skills


After amazing feedback from the Anti Artemis post, I have decided to do an Anti Nike Core Set.  Many of you wrote in and asked to see an Anti Nike recipe that has what’s needed to stop Nike in its tracks!  Well, your wish is granted.

In Ancient Greece, Nike was the Goddess of victory. Often times rewarding huge treasures to those who were victorious in battle. I think it’s time to put a stop to the Nike rally leader’s treasure train!

Nike Core Set Stats

Nike is an infantry core with 7000 attack and 2000 DD, which means it can do some damage if unprepared.
Like Artemis, Nike has some attack debuff so just watch your attack and based on troop numbers adjust accordingly.

So like my last recipe I picked the stats I wanted and went to work. I wanted high cavalry defense to counter the infantry attack, high troop defense so the other troops aren’t defenseless and of course a little attack debuff to knock down that 7500 attack.

** Also if you cap Nike odds are an Artemis rally will follow, so I’ve added infantry defense as a bonus so you don’t have to pop a second set.**

Anti Nike Core Recipe

Now to the good stuff, the core recipe.

  • Helm – Wyrmscale Helm Core
    • Broken Antler
    • Earth Icon
    • Fresh Lotus
    • Frost Steel
    • Heron Charm
    • Persephone’s Brush
  • Armor – Underworld Furnace Core
    • Broken Antler
    • Earth Icon
    • Fresh Lotus
    • Frost Steel
    • Heron Charm
    • Persephone’s Brush
  • Feet – Radiant Coverings Core
    • Broken Antler
    • Earth Icon
    • Heron Charm
    • Persephone’s Brush
    • Water Dragon Trophy
    • Underworld Plating
  • Weapon – Hunting Spear
    • Broken Antler
    • Earth Icon
    • Fresh Lotus
    • Frost Steel
    • Heron Charm
    • Persephone’s Brush
  • Acc – Bloodstone Shield Core
    • Broken Antler
    • Earth Icon
    • Heron Charm
    • Persephone’s Brush
    • Water Dragon Trophy
    • Underworld Plating



Pro Tip: All core pieces can be found in the 500k chest sale Game of War does for $4.99.  WATCH FOR THIS SALE!!! IT’S A MUST HAVE FOR CORE TRAPS!

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Anti Nike Core Stats

Stats are from my 5 billion trap with VIP 18, zero lvl 22 buildings, average gems. and 225% boost.


Skills for Anti Nike Core Set

  1. I max Troop Defense 1 and 2 to give me the defense boost.
  2. Since this counters infantry, I recommend skilling cavalry defense.
  3. They will be attacking with infantry troops so skill Ranged Attack to help kill march.
  4. The hidden boost for maxing the altar skills is always a MUST.
  5. To make killing march easier skill Health Debuff.
  6. To take away a little more of the Nike kick skill Attack Debuff.
  7. If you think you need more time to equip cores, skilling march debuff can be a good choice.

Other than that, skill points can go where you see fit.

Once again, thanks for reading. A new cav set will be out soon. Keep checking back because once it’s posted I’ll have the counter.

Blind Eagle

  1. Amber says

    I’m almost a 12 bil trap will these cores still be good for me to use?

  2. Steve says

    What is the hades armour core? It’s the only one i don’t have and can’t find.

    1. Darkthorne says

      Hades Armor core is part of the set called Hades, a wonder set from months ago. Its actually called, “Underworld Furnace Core.” Sorry for the mix up!

  3. Robert Murray says

    Could not get the stats you showed in images of Def 3400 and attacK DB of 700. I made small substitutions for some pieces but nothing that would account for the difference. What is the 225% boost you mention about your 5 billion account? Boost for what?

    1. Darkthorne says

      Troop boosts that you equip when you are about to be hit. They add substantial defense because of the 80% multiplier from Altar skills. 225% Defense Boost becomes 405% Defense. Let us know how else we can help. What substitutions did you make?

  4. tu khac says

    Làm ơn cho tôi công thức chế tạo bộ lõi thần ares. Tôi và một công thức của antis ares. Cảm ơn nhiều

  5. Gemini606 says

    Hey guys. W/o Der which chest pack you’re referring to when you say 500k chest sale as I have been really watching throughout every day and have not seen it yet…. I really need more of those pieces and can’t find them anywhere…..

  6. Gemini606 says

    Hey blind. Nice material. Quick question….. I went with the t2 meat shield , but with cores getting g better and better the number of them needed has increased significantly…..
    I am now straight t4…. In your opinion ( and any others is welcomed) is 150 mil t4 good enough to blast the hero as well. I have the opinion that without capping the hero , it’s basically pointless due to the number of troops a 150 bil big has…. I want to fill my graveyard…. Lol

  7. Thor says

    How would this stack up to a defense set with 5 pieces, and 2 kunai?

    1. michael deusa says

      The problem with using 2 kuni against nike is that your defense is lower from those 2 accessories. A smart leader would use a max attack Nike set with around only 1200 DD and kill your troops from the low defense.

  8. Katy says

    What piece can be used instead of Underworld Plating? Its a hard to piece. Please help

  9. ShortyDA says

    I like that there is a good amount of infantry defense along with the cavalry defense. It’s not much less than the anti-Artemis set had. It would be cool to see some reports showing how this set does vs Nike and Artemis. One side note I’d add with these anti-core sets is to only use them if you have a large amount of troops (an exact number is difficult due to different setups but at least a couple hundred million, and likely more). Lower troop count traps will need much higher attack and some health in addition to the large amounts of defense in order to do well.

    1. Theb1tch69 says

      With the march size so large now you need above 300 mil t2 easy. I have a trap with over 500 mil troops and I still cant kill an entire nike or artemis march. I win on points by a lot, but cant cap. My custom set is similar to this but has higher cav defense.

      1. ShortyDA says

        I was speaking more for the purpose of killing all the troops without having to add attack, but you’re right about how much more are needed to cap. I run a low power/troop numbers trap during kill events, so I’m not concerned with capturing heroes. A win to me is scoring more points than my attackers.

      2. withheld says

        I used to have that problem til I added a bit of the opposing attack, even though I have a ton of troops I didnt want to get too big, so in m cores I add just enough attack to beat the threshold (which is about 550 attack debuff) I err on the side of having 700 specific attack that counters what’s coming at me. once I reach that threshold I go hog wild on defense and attack debuffs. I have been able to cap everything now despite much lower troops counts then ppl normally think can cap.

  10. Blind Eagle says

    Also you can use shogun feet . That will give 600 cav defense and allow you not to have to use underworld platting. You can adda defense piece in its place. Makes the recipe cheaper

    1. Rob says

      Admiral what up

    2. TexasFTW says

      Thank you for this

    3. NinjaZeuS ZeuS says

      I do not have – Coatings feet Radiant Core
      Something that replace, Thank you

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