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Game of War Real Tips Community Member of the Month (April): GhostHaze

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Our Game of War Real Tips Community Member of the Month for April is none other than… *Drumroll* GhostHaze! Thank you for everyone who participated in the voting process. Please don’t worry that if your pick didn’t win, there will be multiple attempts to vote for them throughout the year! So please, relax, and enjoy a little more information with the full interview below:

What do you enjoy the most about GoW? 

The thing I enjoy most about GoW is being able to connect with all different types of players and building accounts in as many ways as possible. I like to push the limits and see what all I can make work as a person and also together as a team. I enjoy being able to hear from other players and seeing all different sides of things and helping out in any way that I can. I’ve played for a lot of years but I still learn things almost every day and when the game changes we all learn together as players. Of course, I have to make my occasional enemies though because what is GoW without enemies? Haha, it’s all out of love and respect though.

What’s your favorite part of the community? 

I would say that my favorite part of the community is being able to connect with all different types of people and cultures, and seeing all the different ways teams “ handle their business” 

What advice do you give to new and advanced players?

Whenever I talk to new players the main thing I tell them is to figure out what they like best, whether it be trapping, leading, filling, wonder, etc. and focus on that and base their account off that setup. It’s good to let new players know the importance of completing the important things

In their accounts that will help their stats and not just base their account off troop power alone. For more advanced players it’s all about staying on top of the account and remembering that the game can change any day. Even advanced players can learn new things so It’s good to always be open-minded no matter how long you have played the game. I enjoy seeing advanced players working with new players because we all started somewhere and for me, it definitely wasn’t at the top. Always be humble when playing the game. 

What are some of your favorite memories of GoW?

Some of my favorite memories of GoW would definitely be the early days of SW, and the early days of playing when there were tons of kingdoms and they would all be packed. I remember the very first in kingdom kill event before kingdoms were ancient and it was mass chaos that night, it was like an apocalypse haha. So many accounts were zeroed and alliances zeroed out completely. People always talk about the “ Good Ole Days” of GoW and while they were good I have made a lot of good memories in modern-day GoW, I have met a lot of good people and players over the past 2 years or so of Demi. There are many great teams out there and lots that deserve a lot of credit for the things they do. While the gameplay may be different now I do still enjoy it and being able to make memories with people.

What’s your favorite Ice Cream?

Chocolate fudge

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