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The thunder rolled and the earth shook as Ares and Hephaestus prepared for battle. Players were forced to choose a side in the upcoming battle. The gods blessed their team with great events to help them to achieve glorious victory.  The week ended with a massive KE as the two teams faced off in Kingdom 1118.

The Battle

Players searched the map for strongholds of various levels. Each stronghold was reinforced with troops infused with the power of the gods. The gods gave orders on which troops to kill. Team Ares instructed his generals to kill Firelord and Waterlord troops, with promises of massive rewards. Hephaestus offered the same bounty to his generals for the death of Thunderlord and Waterlord troops. With this event, players had to be very strategic in selecting targets. The larger the stronghold, the more enemy troops awaited the assault. Players loved the strategy aspect of this event. Chats were full of conversations about what troops to send to successfully defeat these accounts.

Team TroopsThe Event

As with prior events, players were provided with teleports for free in their mail, lasting one hour each, allowing everyone to participate! Tier 3 was easily accomplished, and unlocked a secret Tier 4, which wasn’t as easily attained. As a trap with T2 troops and traps, I ported in at the very start of the event and targeted low level SH. I was able to hit Tier 3 of the event within 5 minutes of landing. That being said, it was costly in terms of rebuilding traps lost attacking. As a more conservative approach, I later joined rallies set by the larger attack accounts to diminish my losses. While this resulted in a slower accumulation of event points, it was less expensive for me.

The InfernoAlso included in this event were mini-events that involved stacking strongholds and camps in certain formations in order to attain prizes. We had previously seen this type of quest in the Valentine’s Day event. These events required teamwork with your alliance planning the right formation to complete the trial. Athena’s mail was somewhat vague on the exact details to complete the formations correctly, causing a good amount of trial and error to get it right. Completing these trials gave gifts of Platinum, Consort of Chaos Tokens and Demigod Reward Research Tokens!

The God vs. God event allowed for gameplay to all players at all levels. There was something for everyone, from hitting event strongholds to competing for the Wonder. Now, with a new event out, we are wondering what type of battle we will see next!


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