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The Art of Bait Trapping – A Deadly Disguise


So you decided you wanted to be a trap? Well the great part of this game is there are many unique ways to trap. You can be creative as you want. The key to trap baiting is making yourself look weak to Rally Leads.

You can do this in many ways.. Do you set up so you look out of date? Or do you sit in gear that looks like it will burn? Or maybe, you use out of date banners.

Game of War Bait Trap

One of my favorite ways to trap is what is called baiting. In this form of trapping, you sit in bad gear say monster gear and right before the rally hits, you switch to your capping gear. The key to this type of trap is that you must also be able to cap solos in whatever gear you are sitting in. In addition, you must time your gear switch well! Some leads will still hit if you switch gear but others will cancel as soon as they see your gear switch! Because of hero presets and banner presets there are multiple ways that traps are able to bait leads into hitting them now.

This is how I do it!

  1. Gem and skill a set of Eco-gear to be able to cap solos (I typically use Monster gear)
    1. You are going to use the same gems for this gear as you would for your defense gear (See gem guide for more details)
    2. Skill as you would your defense gear!
    3. These steps safeguard you in case you are unable to switch in time or come up against a stronger player
  2. Test to be sure you can cap solos in this gear
  3. Set defense gear to Preset 1 for easy switching
  4. Make yourself visible!
  5. When a rally is sent I sit and watch the timer. Once the timer hits 10 seconds, I take a deep breath, switch to my hero screen and flip gear! If I mess up and do this too soon.. I quickly port and cap!

Get the most out of your banner presets!

If you’re not comfortable with the gear flip here’s another way that will help you. Currently the new DBC banners (which we talk about in our banner guide) have incredible defense stats. However, if these banners are showing many leads will not hit. Currently, these banners are a sure sign that an account is up to date and has a high likelihood of being able to cap. Especially, those who are wearing the DBC Exclusive Dreadful Banner.

So here’s what you can do!

  1. Be sure you can cap a solo in older banners!
  2. Set banner presets
    1. Set 1 preset with the banners that came out prior to the DBC banners
    2. Set 1 preset with new DBC banners
  3. Wait for rally to be set and sent
  4. Switch to DBC banner preset
  5. Push Activate!
  6. Cap!

If you’re feeling extra ambitious try both methods at once!

  1. julien quilbeuf says

    article incomplet
    troupe ?

  2. Tazzy Tony says

    Awesome article Bait trapping can be taken one step further , in that you can actually cap rallies in the crappy gear that has drawn the enemy to you,
    it is possible to do this with a solid account at any time where gear power is less important than the other major factors , like banners , VIP, research , gems, runes, ( you guys know the drill)

    It’s risky but totally exhilarating capping rallies as if offline while watching , back in may i had spent the night playing , waiting for the hospital to call me and say “it’s time” the next afternoon He was born , and my nervous night spent tinkering had paid off,
    Let’s just say….. completely consuming double rallies while offline in bait training gear was a nice surprise to see after welcoming my son to earth

    1. Navi says

      Wow nice work!Thanks for the insight, and congrats on the kid!

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