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Artemis Core Set: Stats, Recipe, Set Bonus, and Hero Skills


Artemis core set is the highest ranged attack core set in Game of War with incredible debuff.  This set is significantly more powerful than Nike!  Are you prepared to harness the power of Artemis?

Artemis Core Set Stats

The impressive stats of Artemis provides nearly 2,000% more attack than Nike Core Set. Let’s take a look at the stats of Artemis Core Set. The stats show Troop Defense Debuff gems with a maxed out, skilled, level 65 hero, with the addition of 500% troop attack from Hero Level 65 skills.

  • Ranged Attack: 4,500% or 4,750% (Attack gems)
  • Troop Attack: 3,000% or 3,350% (Attack gems)
  • Combined Attack: 7,500% or 8,050% (Attack gems)
  • I/R/C Attack Debuff: 550%
  • Troop Attack Debuff: 1,500%
  • Combined Attack Debuff: 2,050%
  • I/R/C Defense Debuff: 500%
  • Troop Defense Debuff: 2,000% or 1,450% (Attack gems)
  • Troop Health Debuff: 1,445%

Artemis Set Bonuses

Base Set Bonus

  • Enemy I/R/C Defense Debuff – 225%

Full Set Bonus

  • Ranged Attack – 632%
  • Enemy Troop Defense Debuff – 224%
  • Enemy Troop Health Debuff – 272%

Special Set Bonus

  • Troop Attack – 34%/102% (Recommended)

Artemis versus Nike

How does Artemis Ranged Core Set compare to Nike Infantry Core Set?

  • Specific Troop Attack: +500%
  • Troop Attack: +1,500%
  • Combined Attack: 2,000%
  • Troop Defense Debuff: +700%
  • Troop Attack Debuff: +400%

Artemis Pros for Rally Leaders

The attack and defense debuff of Artemis is significantly greater than Nike.  So, if you were devastating people with Nike then you will see a significant increase with Artemis.  Also, this core set has higher troop attack debuff than Nike, about 400% for a total of 2,550%.  This attack debuff will greatly improve the survivability of your rally and thus keep your hemlock inventory intact!

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Also, because of the increased defense debuff over Nike you can use more attack gems at your own risk.  Personally, I use the highest defense debuff available because of the Kinoichi’s Kunai threat. However, if you are rallying a heroless target then the added defense debuff of this set will free up some gem slots for attack with minimal risk.

Artemis Cons for Trap Players

Basically, everything I just stated as Pros for Rally Leaders is a Con for trap players.  I wish I had some good news for you guys… The silver lining in this scenario is you get to test your impenetrable traps limits against an even tougher adversary.

To learn how to defeat Artemis read our Anti-Artemis guide!

Artemis Core Recipe

Every item uses a base of Chimera Feather, Forest Essence, Gaia Charm, Wolf’s Pelt

  • Helm – Overgrown Pelt Core – Hound Tooth, Wolf Lure
  • Chest – Overgrown Cloak Core – Golden Arrow, Moon Stone
  • Feet – Overgrown Greaves Core – Hunter Potion, Predator Bait
  • Weapon – Overgrown Longbow Core – Ancient Fish Hook, Dragon Arrow
  • Accessory – Overgrown Quiver Core – Dragon Arrow, Golden Arrow

Artemis Core Set Recipe

Pieces Required

  • Chimera Feather – 7
  • Forest Essence – 7
  • Gaia Charm – 7
  • Wolf’s Pelt – 7
  • Dragon Arrow – 4
  • Golden Arrow – 4
  • Ancient Fish Hook – 1
  • Hound Tooth – 1
  • Hunter Potion – 1
  • Moon Stone – 1
  • Predator Bait – 1
  • Wolf Lure – 1

Gems for Artemis Core Set

Your gems will depend on the scenario as described above.  However, the gems to be used in most scenarios is the following:

  • Devastation Gem (S) – Enemy Troop Defense Debuff 35%

    Voyager's Gem
    Voyager’s Gem
  • Volley Gem – Enemy Troop Defense Debuff 17.5%, Ranged Attack 17.5%
  • Leap Year Gem – Enemy Troop Defense Debuff 35%
  • Voyager’s Gem – Enemy Troop Defense Debuff 25%

Attack Gem Setup:

  • Leap Year (S) – 35% Troop Attack Bonus
  • Domination – 35% Troop Attack Bonus
  • Ranged – 25% Ranged Attack
  • Gem of Power – 25% Troop Attack
  • Volley Gem – 17.5% Ranged Attack, 17.5% Enemy Troop Defense Debuff

Artemis Skill Tree Setup

A typical Ranged Missile Attack skill set up should be used.  If you have Hero 61+ be sure to skill Base Set Bonus on the right side of the tree taking only the minimums along the way.  Then come back to the left side and take all attack skills, defense debuff, health debuff.

Learn more about how to skill Hero 61+.

If Hero 65, be sure to skill Base Set Bonus, Rally Attack Bonus and 65 Troop Attack 500% Bonus along with the typical Ranged Missile Attack skills such as that used by a Poseidon preset.

You can use our Hero Skill Tool to play around with your skills before permanently placing them in game.

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  2. Mike says

    Beware, I finally got enough legendary Artemis cores and pieces to craft a set today. I meticulously followed the recipe above, triple checking that I was using the correct pieces with each core, and that they were in the same order posted above. The stats I ended up with are less than half what they should be. I’m furious… Wrote to MZ but don’t expect them to be much help. Have they done something to weaken this set?? Anyone else have this issue? I’m so disappointed…

    1. Darkthorne says

      I’ve been assisting a friend who said he didn’t receive the Extra bonus on an Artemis set that he crafted. Did you check for the “Mystery Bonus” before each craft? Also, are you receiving the Set Bonus in preset? The stats given in the preset page do not include Set Bonuses and the set bonus for artemis is huge! You must manually or mentally add the set bonus to the preset stats shown. Check out this article on Preset Stats for more information.

      1. Mike says

        Thanks. Mystery base set bonus/mystery full set bonuses are activated. They are big, but I still feel like my Artemis set comes up short of the stats I’ve seen posted. How do you check for a mystery bonus before crafting? Also, I’ve never used the ‘reset special bonus’ feature. If I reset the bonus, and I’m not happy with the new bonus, can I continue to reset until the original bonus comes back? Thanks in advance for your help. I appreciate the info!

        1. SHAD0WMAK3R says

          You can reset until you run out of gold!

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