Attacking The Wonder Strategies

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Attacking the Wonder Strategies

We all know this is the central topic in every kingdom every few days when the shield drops on the wonder and it becomes fair game. In addition with MZ’s new point system for KVK KE (currently 10,000 points for every second you hold it), wonder battles are usually very intense and I wanted to share some strategies that apply to old kingdoms as well as brand new kingdoms.


Since MZ has given more preference to the defender, it makes your attack strategy that much more crucial.

Before you attack a wonder you should be familiar with the troop advantages i.e. (Calv beats Ranged, Ranged beats Infantry, Infantry beats Calvary)

Preparation Steps

  1. Scout the wonder to see what troops are in the wonder and check the hero’s gear.
  2. You need plenty of people to fill rallies. The more the better so that the loses even out across your team.
  3. 8-10 people to scout bomb the wonder, 15+ will usually cause the enemies game to crash. Scout bombing is effective because when the rally marches he will be getting all the notifications and will have a hard time clicking on the actual march tool showing what is coming at the wonder. This is also effective because it can overload his phone and cause it to crash the app. Scout bombing should always be used in wonder battles

Attack Strategies and Scenarios

Even Mix Attack

Scenario 1

For the first scenario we are going to assume the King has an even mix (790k of each troops)

Here you will rally the wonder with your dominant troop type based on your stats (Always check to make sure your hero is included in the rally)

Attacking with one troop type allows you to defeat the troops that are weak against yours and then attack heads up with the same troops.

Example: You rally with all Ranged versus his even mix. Your Ranged hit his Infantry for a win and then after killing them move on to his Ranged.

Here it will come down to if his research, gear and gems are better than yours. If you both are exactly the same you will win. Remember to take the Wonder you just have to kill more troops than you lose.

This strategy works the best when the King is asleep (Very common when Wonders are held overnight during KVK KE)

Scenario 2 (King Counters Scenario 1)

Since we all know that the King is not just going to sit there and not counter your troops what are you going to do? If you attack with all ranged he simply just has to reinforce the wonder with Calvary and you are out of luck.

There are four ways to defeat this: Even mix with Cores, Speed Rallies, Solo the wonder, Double Rally

Even Mix with Corestopaz wurmegg core for wonder

If the king is always countering your troops you need to rally him with an even mix and pop health and debuff cores. The strongest debuff cores currently are the 4 horseman cores which you will usually see at the SW.

But he can also pop those cores if he has them so how do you find out what cores he is going to pop first?

The best way is to fake that you are popping cores by using Hades gems. Since these gems are fairly scarce it is unlikely you will have 7 level 6 Hades gems.

Pro Tip: The key is you do not need them to be at level 6, craft some level 1 or low level gear that you probably already have in your inventory and embed the  Hades gems on  them and create a preset for it.

As your rally marches to the wonder hit the preset and see if he reacts and pops cores. If he does you can cancel and wait for them to burn out or, if you believe your cores are stronger you can rally again and hit him.

Remember he won’t be able to see your gear and more than likely will pop cores after seeing you switch from your normal attack gear to hidden gear.

Speed Rallies

Here we are going to use a loophole in how Game of War calculates the speed of a rally.Rally march speed wonder

This is going to work when you are scout bombing the wonder and attacking with a single troop type in hopes that the opponent can not counter in time.

To do this you will need to equip your hero with any gear that has the fastest march speed. I usually craft some relics (Since they are relatively cheap) and wear the Leprechaun Shoes (28% March Speed) and equip the Falling star gems and any gems that boost march speed (Spring, Minotaur, Olympus, Cyclops and Falling Star)

Also remember to click the 5 minute 200% March speed boost before you hit March on the rally screen.

After you hit March you can change back to regular attack gear or your cores for the actual attack.

Key Loophole: Note that switching your gear mid rally does not affect your march speed since the timer starts only when you hit the march button and does not change mid march.

A fast march along with a good scout bomb can let you hit the wonder before can read the march report or before he or his members can switch out troops in time.


This is by far my most used strategy since I can use it when I am attacking the wonder or in a four way KVK KE someone else is attacking the wonder. This strategy is also useful for smaller people or people in younger kingdoms. You will need strategic troops for this strategy.

If you are seeing that your enemy is countering your rallies every time you need to first figure out which troops he sent in his march with his hero. To do this have another member in your alliance rally with a single troop type and have your alliance members scout bomb as normal.

attacking rally march banner

If your alliance rallies with Ranged and he switches to Calvary and your scouts are coming back that his hero is still defending the wonder, have your member cancel his rally march. Have him rally again with Infantry and check again. Continue to do this until you get to the troop type where he has to pull his hero to change out troops.

As soon as you see that his hero is not defending the wonder, all you have to do is solo attack the wonder with your hero in battle gear 375k troops (Use a single troop type, usually the troop type that will counter what he has to replace with). Make sure you speed up your march so that you hit as fast as possible, and also hit your attack boost.

Since his hero is not in the wonder he could have 100k troops or 2 million and it won’t matter since his hero is not in the wonder. You will just have to kill more troops than you lose, in this case 375k.

Once you have successfully soloed the wonder you will need to reinforce the wonder with troops (doesn’t matter the mix just needs to be T4) as fast as possible so he doesn’t have time to counter.

Keys to Success for This Method
  • Teamwork with your alliance
  • Scout bombing
  • Time the rallies
  • Reinforce after you solo attack.

This strategy also works if another alliance or opposing kingdom is rallying the wonder and you see the king pull his hero.

Double Rally the Wonder and the Kingattacking rally march speed

This strategy is usually used along with soloing the wonder. Here you will have one member set on the wonder and a second member port by the King and set on him. It is important to check the march times by hitting the rally button and checking how long it will take you to march before you hit rally. You will want them both to hit at the same time.

Once you have both rallies set up and filled you will march them. This strategy poses a problem for the King. Does he leave his hero at the wonder and suffer a blow to his account or does he  pull his hero and leave the wonder open to a solo attack.

More times than not they will pull their hero from the wonder and you will just have to solo the wonder to take it. If he doesn’t pull his hero you can either cancel the rallies and use any of the above strategies or you can have the member rallying the king pop cores (Usually will need to be Horseman or Jade Dragon cores if he is over 1.5 billion to burn him and kick him out of the forest).

Rally The King, Solo The Wonder

“Saw an interesting wonder strategy tonight… the alliance would rally the wonder, take it and immediately pull all troops. When an enemy took it back, they would rally the king, get him to pull his hero and solo the wonder, immediately pull all troops, rinse and repeat… they were averaging almost 3x the kills of the enemy” – Dan Geske


Whether you are a big account or a small account, utilizing one of these strategies will greatly increase your odds of capturing the Wonder.

Pure Strategy contributed by Christian Tycksen

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  1. Leona says

    To take the Wonder does one need rank 5 to send hero in?

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      Nope! 😀

  2. Vineet says

    How do you deal when you are double rallied at the wonder…that is you are rallied at wonder and you SH is also rallied

  3. […] If you haven't already, read Attacking the Wonder Strategies (Part 1). […]

  4. Badda OG says

    Scout bombs are easy to overcome. Just deconstruct the watch tower after the rally marches. I’ve read two different incoming marches at the same time doing this and this was before all the March debuffs.

    With that said, an intense scout Bomb is still an effective tool. Takes more than 8 people though. 20+ is a minimum. If anything I would say all the March debuffs actually makes the scout bombing more effective.

    1. Ctycksen
      Ctycksen says

      You would be correct that you can take out scout bombs by deconstructing tower. However it is still effective at possibly crashing the app before you can hit deconstruct and making you login again to do it. March debuff definitely makes scout bombing more effective. I’ve faced a guy who had all research done and used great wave gems and you barely have time to attack

  5. Chivalry says

    As far as I’m aware high health isn’t as important as Attack and Enemy Attack Debuff for Wonder Rallies. The Super Wonder players are typically using pure cores with over 2000% attack for all three troop types which makes them incredibly hard to counter; even with missiles.

    With research and Great Wave gems it’s fun to gear up with high Wonder March debuff and watch players try and scout bomb you with ridiculously long march times. The players scouting will probably lag out long before you do.

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