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Aura Core Set – Arrowstorm Gem Set *Includes Black Friday*


Aura Core Set – Blow Your Enemies Away!

Vanish your foes into thin air with the Aura Core Gear Set! This Set will add breathtaking bonuses to your Ranged Troops – equip it and unleash a hurricane of arrows on your enemies.

Aura Core Set Strategy

Aura is a ranged debuff missile set with incredible attack and defense debuff.  Also, it has fantastic specific troop defense and health debuff which makes it exceptionally good for heroless targets.

Game of War Aura Core Setaura-ranged-boosts

I ran a test on my “Heroless Trap” 380B 22B troops with (ONE ) XxCtessexXDN, IG: Ctessemdv.  Before this Aura test hit I had only ever lost under 100 million T1 troops.  The results of this test were astonishing.  Have a look!

Game of War CtesseAura Core Set Game of War

Ctesse, knowing I was heroless maximized her attack.  The individual and general troop defense debuff was enough to overcome my remaining defense.

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Aura Core Set Recipe

Most people will now have VIP crafting but I’ve listed the recipe for people who wish to craft with purple pieces or pick and choose which core items to craft for a custom set.

Mix the following Cores and Pieces to unlock these IMPRESSIVE Hidden Recipes:

Combine the Lightweight Helmet Core with Air Essence, Bottled Tornado, Gust Stone, Tome of Wind, Helios Shards and the Eagle Feather to create the Airgod’s Eye.

Fuse the Lightweight Breastplate Core with Air Essence, Bottled Tornado, Gust Stone, Tome of Wind, Wind Charm, and the Dionysus Talisman to summon the Airgod’s Gale.

Merge the Lightweight Sprinters Core with Air Essence, Bottled Tornado, Gust Stone, Tome of Wind, Bottled Twister, and the Giant Feather to form the Airgod’s Squall.

Bind the Lightweight Sabre Core with Air Essence, Bottled Tornado, Gust Stone, Tome of Wind, Cloud Key, and the Wind Walker’s Bottle to bring about the Airgod’s Cyclone.

Unite the Lightweight Gauntlets Core with Air Essence, Bottled Tornado, Gust Stone, Tome of Wind, Helios Shards, and the Dionysus Talisman to conjure the Airgod’s Bearing.

Aura Core Recipe Game of War Fire Age

Normal Aura Core Set Bonus

Aura Core Set Bonus Game of War Fire Age

Black Friday Aura Set Bonuses

The Black Friday Aura Set has slightly higher Set Bonuses than the Normal Aura set. The following stats reflect the difference:

  • Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry Health Debuff: +80%
  • Troop Defense Debuff: +40%
  • Extra Bonus Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry Defense Debuff: -96%
    • Apparently the extra bonuses on Black Friday Aura are less in some cases…

Aura Core Set Special Bonus

Aura Core Special Set Bonus does NOT include Defense Debuff.  Stats available for Aura special set bonus includes:

Black Friday Aura Special Set 5 Bonus:

  • Ranged Defense: 16% + 32%
  • Cavalry Attack Debuff: 19.38% + 38.76%
  • Troop Attack: 15% + 30%
  • Ranged Health: 14.5% + 29%

Black Friday Aura Special Set 7 Bonus:

  • Troop Attack: 46.5% + 93%
  • Ranged Defense: 62% + 124%
  • Cavalry Attack Debuff: 82.52% + 165.04%
  • Ranged Health: 64% + 128%

Aura Core Set Gems

For gems, it depends on the target.  In the above test, Ctesse chose the new Bolster Gem Set to maximize her attack on heroless because defense debuff was plenty for my defense.

In most cases you want as much defense debuff as possible.  Fortunately, a new gem set was released perfect for this ranged set.

Arrowstorm Gem Set

Take out foes before they can get close with Arrowstorm Gem Set! This Gem Set Bonus will grant you INCREDIBLE boosts to you Ranged Attack while weakening your enemies’ defenses. To obtain it, equip the following Gems to one piece of Gear:

Arrowstorm Gem+ Deadly Gem + Thunderbolt Gem + Hawk’s Eye Gem (Special)

Arrowstorm Gem Game of WarDeadly Gem Game of WarThunderbolt Gem Game of WarHawk's Eye Gem Game of War

Arrowstorm Gem Set has the following stats:

  • 175% Ranged
  • 120% Enemy Troop Defense Debuff

This gem set is basically the ranged equivalent of Spectral Warrior Infantry Gem Set which is used with Perses Core Set and other infantry missile core sets.

Aura Core Set Stats

The stats of Aura Core Set will vary based on the gem set and set bonus you select for the target.  Using Arrowstorm Gem Set with maxed research, Hero Level 70, Warden’s and Power-Up Banner Active you can expect the following stats:

  • 15,400 combined attack
  • 3,500 Troop Defense Debuff
  • 2,500 Troop Health Debuff
  • 875% Specific Troop Defense Debuff
  • 100% Siege Defense Debuff
  • 320% Specific Troop Health Debuff


Aura Core Set packs an even more devastating punch than Perses. It is particularly so against heroless targets as seen in the test above.  Enjoy the power of Aura cores with Arrowstorm Gem Set to obliterate your enemies before they can adjust to it’s awesome power!


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  1. Great Muta says

    Have you ran any tests with the Aura Set vs the 3 defensive full sets : Obsidian Knight, Skeleton King & Anniversary Colossus.

    Curious which one holds up the best, I currently have both Skeleton & Colossus sets not sure if Obsidian is necessary

  2. Jason H says

    Arrowstorm Gem Set has the following stats:
    •175% Ranged
    •120% Enemy Troop Defense Debuff

    Theses are the stats you clam the set has yet mine are way lower than that but gem set tree is complete.

    Second time I asked not sure why all my post are not approved maybe yall didn’t like my game name so ill us real one.

    Please explain what makes mine lower I will include screenshots of what I get

    1. Jason H says

      Troop DD is also much lower what am I doing wrong here I don’t get it

      1. Darkthorne says

        Add the gem stats buds to the gem set bonus. Its total stats you gain from using the gems plus the gem set bonuses.

    2. Darkthorne says

      Ya bud, its the gems PLUS the gem set.

      1. KillerPot says

        OK now i feel dumb thanks lol

      2. shawn says

        how do you guys get it to breathing airgods? is that premieum lol

  3. KillerPot says

    I don’t understand in the above article you say the Arrowstorm Gem Set has the following stats:
    •175% Ranged
    •120% Enemy Troop Defense Debuff
    but yet mine are way lower I have the gem set research finished so why is mine lower the TDD is only 70% can you please explain why mine may be lower

    1. KillerPot says

      This is the DD stats on it?????

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