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Game of War Realtips Budget Guide

Budget Guide

Money, Money, Money.. Money… Let’s be honest. We all love Money, everyone from the Beatles to ABBA to Kanye West have produced songs about it. Today we are going to look at a few things, including strategies around spending.But  before I go into that, I have a little bit of a disclaimer:  Never, never spend beyond your means! Now that ... Read More »

Teamrealtips Forging Ahead


Demigod Forging Demigod Gear is here and you have to craft it! This is very new for some players and like pulling out dusty old text books for other players. The era of crafting feels like long ago for many of us, however, it was a fun era and we are glad to see it comeback. Table of Contents Demigod ... Read More »

Demigod City Setup Guide

City Guide

Enemies surrounded Jericho but no one could pass the walls to defeat the city! The walls of Jericho were infallible. The only thing that could get past them were divine forces. Stop your enemies at your walls with a superior City set up. Contents: Introduction City build Main buildings/SH levels The Academy Banners Gear Workshop VIP Building Levels “We Shape our ... Read More »

Rise of the Demigods

Rise of the Demigods

Demigods are here and we don’t know much yet but we do know this will be a game changer. Will the rise of the demigods send Game of War soaring? Or bring it crashing to the ground? This remains to be seen, however, Teamrealtips will be here to bring you the latest as we learn this new feature. Table of ... Read More »

TeamRealtips Wants You

We Want You

We want you! We want to be sure that you are receiving the latest and greatest updates from Teamrealtips! We have an awesome email that goes out several times a week with all of our current updates and contests! So this week we are asking you guys to be sure you are registered for our emails! First time registers will ... Read More »

Valentine’s Day Event Recap

Valentine's Day

With Demigods Game of War has given us new events and, as we all know these events all fall into one of two categories, a Blast or a Bust. For Valentine’s Day we had a Monster Hunt Event and in my opinion this one qualified as a Blast. Your Teamrealtips Emperor was there and by the way, when you’re emperor ... Read More »

The Making of a Demigod Trap

Eagle and CIn

With Demigods here we have a whole new avenue we can explore with trapping. The purpose of this article is to take you on a walk through of building a Demigod Trap. What we considered, what we looked at and what we tested as we began this new adventure. This will not be your typical article it will be a ... Read More »

Meme This

Game of War Real Tips

Demigods are here and we need some new Memes! What better way to celebrate the release of Demigods than making a meme with one of our favorite Demigods, Hercules. Will our Demigods have the strength of Hercules? Meme This How it works Submit your Caption in the comment section below Please include Game name and Line or Discord Name We ... Read More »

Hero Guide- Be Extraordinary

Hero Guide

Are you strong enough to lead your army or a smart enough tactician to defend your Stronghold? Every battle has a hero that stands out and rises above the rest. Does your hero have what it takes? New Heroes With the multitude of heroes now in Game of War it can sometimes become confusing what hero to use. Recently, the ... Read More »

Gear Selection Guide


Close your eyes. Imagine you are back in ancient times and the enemy army is marching towards the gate. It's time to grab your gear and prepare.  But what gear do you a grab? A bow maybe or even a spear, possibly even a great sword. What about armor? Making the right decision here about the best gear will mean ... Read More »