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New Hero Research – Behemoth Monster

“I was working in the lab late one night When my eyes beheld an eerie sight For my monster from his slab began to rise And suddenly to my surprise He did the mash” It’s October and we’re all getting in the mood for ghouls and monsters. Game of War has joined us with new monsters to smash! New Research ... Read More »

Divine Magister Set Gear – NEW Monster Gear

Cerberus, Scylla, Chimera, Medusa, and countless others have haunted ancient Greece and Athena for centuries, but someone has always answered the call to slay the monsters. As new monsters have arrived who will step up? Do your research,  equip your hero and slay the beast… Are you game?? What’s New?  “I'm a monster, I'm a m-monster…” Okay so I’m not ... Read More »

Am I Safe in Game of War?

Am I safe in Game of War

Am I safe? It’s a question that everyone asks us often. However, it is honestly a difficult question to answer. We can tell you what troops to build and how to build a strong base. We can give you numbers and help strategize with you about how much you need of what, but this is Game of War. And just ... Read More »

The “Wonder” of the Super Wonder

This past weekend we had one of the most controversial Super Wonder (SW) to date. This Super Wonder had lots of issues from the start, and more and more just kept coming up, leaving most players ready to throw in the towel. But what was so bad about it? Was it the token glitch? Or the possible time being restarted? ... Read More »

Set Gear Leveling – New Barbarian King Levels

GoW Set Gear Leveling

Get your workshop ready to go! New gear levels are here and they are something else! However first things first, if you haven’t been on the game today.. Go activate your shield.. Now! Did you do it? I’m serious… GO!! Okay, so now that you’re sure you are shielded and safe, keep reading. Today the ability to level your Barbarian Kings gear was ... Read More »

Game of War VIP – Up to Level 450

Game of War Fire Age VIP

Welcome to VIP! In the past 2 weeks we have received new VIP levels four times! The first VIP increase is right before KVK round 2 which is VIP 300 that provided us some helpful stat increases including: 15KT Troop Defense 150TT Onslaught Attack 19.6KT Resolute Defense 16.9KT Legion Defense 16.5T Type Defense 21KTT Rally/Wonder Health 10.5KTT Mobile Trap Health VIP 300 ... Read More »

Monster Lair – Boost Your March With Powerful Creatures

GoW monster lair

The monsters hiding under your bed are not real.. Or are they? Game of War has given us monsters to help us devastate our enemies and turn our coming into their worst nightmare. No longer do your soldiers march on their own but with the powerful force of a monster to accompany them. Your Monster Lair houses your monsters that ... Read More »

Radiant Marksman Defense Gear – Bring on the Attacks!

GoW Radiant Marksman Defense Gear

A battle is won on defense as much as attack. Halt your enemy in their steps by strengthening your hero with the new defense gear! Radiant Marksman Defense Gear is here to empower your hero against enemies! Exclusive Defense Gear - Disrupt Your Enemies It has been a while since we have had a gear released purely for defense and this ... Read More »

Divine Sandguards Gear Set – All In One Eco Gear

GoW Divine Sandguards Gear

Tired of changing from one gear to the next? Wishing that you could just train, research, craft, and power-up with one seamless switch? Or is your inventory overflowing with gear for multiple functions? Now there is a solution!! For the first time ever Game of War has released a gear that can be used for all of these functions!!! A ... Read More »

Gilded Dungeon Research – Max Out & Expand Your Rule

Gilded Dungeon Research

Underneath the wonder lurks a labyrinth of monsters who protect treasures from your hero to claim as their own! Can your hero conquer the monsters and make it out safely? New Dungeon research is here to help you in this quest against ferocious monsters. Not only that, but the research also strengthens your Hero in battles. Stat Increases 400MTT Onslaught Attack ... Read More »