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Real Tips on Twitch

10/16 Notice Did you miss our Livestream? No worries! You can still access the videos!!! Videos Learn everything you need to know about Hero Levels and Gear! Link: Learn everything you need to know about the newest Research! Link: Learn everything you need to know about Troop Count, Build, and Nerf, along with all the little things! Link: As always ... Read More »

Building Boosts – A Secret Weapon For Rally Leaders and Traps

Building boost Time orbs

Are you still looking for that edge over your enemy but can't quite find it? Well, building boosts can change that now. Your enemy might scout you and think they have everything they need to know, but they won’t. With the new building boosts release you may finally have the edge you are looking for. Building boosts don't show up ... Read More »

Runes Selection Guide – Best for Attack, Defense & Wonder

GoW Leviathan Runes

In today's Game of War meta we all want the best of everything. We try to get max research, the right troop set up, and the right presets ready.  But we often overlook the little things. The little things could mean the difference between burning or capping for a trap, or getting kicked from the wonder for a lot of ... Read More »

Barbarian King Gear – More To Burn With The New Accessories!

Barbarian King Gear

History shows that some of the greatest warriors were also the most barbaric! MZ took note and has released the strongest gear the game has ever seen! The New Barbarian King Gear! 9/28 Update With the latest update, you can add more power using these 3 new accessories. Check out below for the stats on each item: Accessories - Enhance Your ... Read More »

Trapping 101: The Fundamentals


Game of War is a community and within that community there are subsets of communities. Traps are a community within themselves. Traps keep each other going and the beauty is that when one figures something out everyone else is able to modify to their unique strategy. Many players come to us and ask, How do I build a good trap? ... Read More »

The Super Wonder – Kingdom of Fire

Super Wonder

The Super Wonder. We have all heard the name, but what does it truly mean? What is the Super Wonder? Is it a throne, or title, a kill event? To me it is the one event that bonds all players. The fight for the right to be called Emperor is one of the favorite parts of the game for many players. ... Read More »

Are Health Traps Back? – Leads Burn No More with Heroless Trapping

GoW Health Trapping

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. It's all about health! Over the last week there have been several releases from MZ that  included huge health boosts... Health Traps used to be all the rage. People would hit them over and over and see only fire without checking the report that all casualties were going straight to the hospital. Many ... Read More »