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Game of War Bazaar in the Alliance City (Live!)

Game of War Bazaar (Live!) With all the requests Game of War has received for unused game items that keep on piling up in our forge, Game of War seems to be taking the right approach by testing out a new Bazaar building in the Alliance City. The Bazaar starts off like any of the buildings in the Alliance City do, it ... Read More »

Wild Troops Tested in Multiple Battle Scenarios

How Wild Troops Perform in Multiple Battle Scenarios Wild Troops are Coming Soon! I'm sure a lot of you have been hearing about the introduction of the Wild troops in Beta a couple weeks ago. I have spent the past two weeks researching them (Which is no small task, even in Beta) and fighting with them to figure out their ... Read More »

Best Non-Secret Core Recipes To Attack With

Best Non-Secret Core Recipes To Attack With Many of you are familiar with the newly introduced secret core recipes for Infantry, Ranged and Calvary. But since building those sets are both hard to craft and very expensive, what are some good recipes that can apply to all types of players. I will break this down into 4 categories: Troop Attack, Infantry, ... Read More »

Attacking The Wonder Strategies

attacking the wonder strategy

Attacking the Wonder Strategies We all know this is the central topic in every kingdom every few days when the shield drops on the wonder and it becomes fair game. In addition with MZ’s new point system for KVK KE (currently 10,000 points for every second you hold it), wonder battles are usually very intense and I wanted to share ... Read More »

Zeroing Billionaires in KvK Kill Event (more analysis added)

zeroing players in kill events

How To Zero Billionaires in a Kill Event With more players reaching 1 Billion+ in power fairly fast these days and with more kingdoms being completely dead, newer kingdoms like mine, K400 (6 months old), have had to adapt our game play to beat older and often dead kingdoms. The first thing we do between the top 5-6 alliances in our ... Read More »