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Troop Gear Leveling: Boost Your Troop Strength!

Troop Gear Leveling Banner Game of War GoW

Improve your base troop stats with Troop Gear Leveling! Head to your barracks to discover a new tab, "Troop Gear," to upgrade your Troop Gear levels. Troop Gear Leveling The in-game blog states that this upgrade applies to all tiers of troops. So, players using low tiers for defense traps benefit from troop gear increases. What sort of increases are ... Read More »

Research Sockets: New Resolute Defense!

research sockets game of war gow

Research Sockets in Game of War allow you to add unused gems to gain additional boosts as a reward for completing research trees. These boosts include attack and debuffs for rally leaders and an all new non-debuffable defense for trap players called Resolute Defense! Let's take a look at how these sockets work and their benefits! Research Sockets First, head over ... Read More »

Gear Set Levels 200: Core Requirements

Set Gear Leveling Game of War GoW

The Gear Workshop has a feature called Set Gear Leveling.  Set Gear Leveling allows you to upgrade your gear sets. Maximum set gear level for core sets is now 200 while normal set maximum level is 100. New gear set levels provide rally leaders incredible attack and defense debuff while defensive players gain defense and health. In this guide, we ... Read More »

Imperial Banners: Empire Troop Defense Trap Strategy

game of war imperial banners

The Imperial Banners building allows you to equip special banners that give unique bonuses to your troops. The latest Ultimate Banners are incredible for rally leaders and contain an often overlooked, but very good, benefit to trap players. Imperial Banners Banners in Game of War have improved since this building released. What started as providing a bit of extra boost ... Read More »

Hero Levels 86 – Hero 100: Something for Everyone!

Hero Level 100 Game of War

Hero 100 provides Game of War players benefits to both sides of the combat equation. This tree has a ton of attack and debuffs, however, it falls short for me.  Rally leaders need Embassy Defense Debuff the most. This skill tree expansion has zilch. Trap players will love this tree as it provides incredible defensive skills right from the start. First ... Read More »

Guide to Boosting Buildings and Maximum Boosts

Building boost Time orbs

Building Boosts - An Efficient Approach Building boosts provide a secret edge over the enemy! These boosts do not appear in scout reports. Your buildings are a foundation of your power. You can now become even more powerful with building boosts. Building boosts are great because they provide boosts to the player that enemies cannot anticipate.  In other words, it is ... Read More »

Titan Flask Potion Recipes

Titan Flask Potion Game of War

The Alchemy Lab in Game of War provides players the ability to craft potions which contain enormous boosts for various purposes.  Below are the most popular and beneficial potion recipes discovered in Game of War. Please keep in mind that the results of your potion will vary extremely each time you craft.  Even using the same recipe will have wildly ... Read More »

Best Deal in Game of War!

DBC Renewal Game of War GoW

Best Deal in Game of War! Are you looking to boost your empire?  Learn how to maximize your investment by using our Best Deals in Game of War strategy! We aren't encouraging you to purchase more packs, but if you are planning to spend some money then you may as well spend it wisely! Below, I show you the pack ... Read More »

Daily Milestone Reward: How To

Daily Milestone Game of War GoW

Game of War now has Daily Milestone Rewards!  Find these potential rewards in your Academy below all your research.  Daily Milestone Events in GoW provide the items necessary to upgrade your Daily Milestone Rewards. You also earn Daily Milestone Tokens to unlock a Supreme Milestone Mystery Chest from the event.  The reward chest provides a significant boost that you may ... Read More »

Game of War Super Wonder Invite, News, and Guide


For one extended weekend a month, the Super Wonder in the Kingdom of Fire opens for epic battle and the illustrious title of Emperor of Game of War.  A 2 day epic battle for GoW supremacy! In this Super Wonder guide I cover how the SW works and what is required to survive the weekend and to give some idea ... Read More »