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Game of War Live Q&A on Twitch: Do You Have Questions?

This Thursday at 4 PM PDT, 7 PM EST, Game of War Real Tips will host a "Live Stream Q & A session" on our channel. Darkthorne will answer your questions about Game of War. Join us Thursday evening and learn how to improve your Game of War play! Please submit your questions in the comments below so we ... Read More »

Set Gear Levels 500: Gain Incredible Defense or Attack

Set Gear Leveling Game of War GoW

The Gear Workshop has a feature called Set Gear Leveling.  Set Gear Leveling allows you to upgrade your gear sets. Maximum set gear level is now 500. New set gear levels provide rally leaders incredible attack and defense annihilation while defensive players gain troop, type, legion, and resolute defense with some troop attack as well. In this guide, we discuss ... Read More »

Super Wonder Recap: The Controversial 15 Min March

Super Wonder Kingdom of Fire Game of War GoW

August 2017 Super Wonder is one for the record books! A new record hold time of nearly 1-day was set by ONE with a combined “team time” (ONE and D:V) of well over a day! Congratulations to Ctesse and her Alliance! Team ONE with the help of D:V managed over 30 hours of hold time in a 48 hour event. ... Read More »

Super Wonder Invitation


For one weekend a month, the Super Wonder in the Kingdom of Fire opens for epic battle and the illustrious title of Emperor of Game of War.  A 2-day epic battle for GoW supremacy! Super Wonder Team Invitation We're returning to the Super Wonder again in August and need your help! Join us to learn first hand about the Super ... Read More »

Hades’ Rings: One-Shot Zero Part 2

Rings of Hades GoW

Hades' Rings new temporary item released in Game of War. It works like a core, and packs an incredible punch! Hades' Rings: The Power to One-Shot Zero A new stat, "Unstoppable Attack" enters the game. Its possible that Unstoppable Attack ignores Resolute Defense.  In other words, its possible that the damage done by Unstoppable Attack is not lowered by any ... Read More »

Anniversary World Slayer Set: Resolute Defense!

This gear is your saving grace in Game of War at the moment. It is beyond anything ever released for defense in the game.  Let's take a look at the stats of Anniversary World Slayer. The Anniversary World Slayer replaces Nemesis. The main upgrade we see in this new set is the amount of Resolute Defense it provides.  Resolute Defense ... Read More »

Nemesis Defense Gear Set

Nemesis Lord Defense Gear GoW

Nemesis Defense Gear Set Regular gear is the most cost effective and safe gear you can have for a rally trap account. You can use it for as long as you want--the gear is permanent. Also, you don't have to worry about presets or switching it in time before getting hit by a 1 min rally, and you don't have ... Read More »

Gem Set Recipes: Level 20 Mythical Liberator Gem Set!

Liberator Gem Set Game of War GoW

The following article provides Gem Set recipes, stats, bonuses and research tree requirements for your gem sets and gem set research. Gems are a powerful way to enhance your gear's potential, but Gem Set Bonuses make them even more powerful. Equip the right combination of gems to create a set that contains massive bonuses. Newest Gem Set Released: Mythical Liberator ... Read More »

Train Mobile Traps FASTER!

Mobile Trap Training Gear

Training Tier 7 Mobile Traps is pretty expensive, but our friend, K458 (XoA) Gaia xox, has a great tip to save on speed ups! A few items exist in game that will boost your Mobile Trap training. Even a blast from the past, ancient relics! Mobile Trap Training Gear Mobile Traps have some fairly long training timers. Unfortunately, your training ... Read More »