Game of War Avatars – More Than Just Looks!

Game of War Avatars

How many times have we simply chosen and Avatar simply because we loved the way they look.

Well for once, it's  more than just looks. With the Avatars adding huge boost when you complete a set, now you can look great and be rewarded for it. I'm sure you ladies love this.

So let's dive in.

Wondering where you’re missing stats that everyone else seems to have? It's your Avatar. Now they are not only part of our identity in chat but provide stat increases. Let’s look at some of the increase in stats we get below in a few of the most recent chat avatars dropped!

Today we received the Knight Avatars. These avatars include the following Boosts:

  • 24 KTT Strategic Infantry Attack
  • 24 KTT Wild Ranged Attack
  • 72KTT Wonder Holding Troop Health Bonus
  • 600KT Wild Infantry, Cavalry, and Ranged Defense
  • 24 KTT Mobile Trap Health
  • 24KTT Wild Cavalry Attack
  • 120 MT Unstoppable Attack Bonus
  • 24KTT Strategic Cavalry Attack
  • 600KT Strategic Infantry Defense
  • 600KT Infantry, Cavalry, and Ranged Defense
  • 72 KTT Rally Health Bonus
  • 24KTT Cavalry, Infantry, and Ranged Attack
  • 600KT Strategic Ranged Defense
  • 24KTT Strategic Ranged Attack
  • 24KTT Wild Infantry Attack
  • 600KT Strategic Cavalry Defense

Another Recent Avatar addition was the Soldier Avatars. These Avatars also have some very helpful stat increases listed below.

  • 200KT Defense Annihilation Bonus
  • 150BT Troop Onslaught Attack Bonus
  • 4KT Resolute Defense

Prior to that we received the Machinist Avatars. See Stats detailed below:

  • 1KT Defense Annihilation Bonus
  • 50BT Troop Onslaught Attack Bonus
  • 4KT Resolute Defense

There are many other chat Avatars that can help with boosts too! So how does it work?I’ll walk you through.

Game of War Avatars

Steps to unlocking Avatar Boosts

  1. Open Chests in Items
  2. Go to My Items and Special
  3. Scroll down and click use to open Avatar
  4. Open all Avatars
  5. Go to Avatar Collection
  6. Click Unlock and you’re ready to go!

*Note: You do not need to wear chat Avatars in order for the boost be active.

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  1. Need help. Bought a $19 10 free pack on Black Friday but it appears I never received the free packs. I have written to MZ numerous times and they do nothing. We had 3 other people with a similar problem. What can I do? Beware of the free pack offer as it didn’t seem to work for me!

  2. Where is the chat avatar collection accessed?

    • What I do is go to Items at the bottom of the screen, then hit Store, next Special.
      Look for the item called Change Profile Image and use it. This will open a window of the chat avatar sets, and if you click on each set, you can see which avatars you have and what are lacking.