Back to Basics: Attacking in Dragon Realm

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If you ask around, almost everyone will tell you that they have been playing Game of War “for a few years.” Or better yet, a lot of players claim to be “old school” GoW players. But if you pay attention, these same players are the first ones to ask, “Why send a siege solo first?” or, “Why am I only killing traps?”

The Dragon Realm has brought us back all the way to the beginning of GoW time, and while there are a few new twists, the majority of the basics are the same. The middle years of GoW spoiled everyone with VIP presets, VIP fill, and of course the one-hit zeroes. So much about the basic gameplay was lost. So, for anyone that missed the simplicity of the first years, and for anyone that needs refreshing, we will walk through the basics of attacking for the Dragon Realm.

Are You Ready to Attack ?

The most important part of being ready to start hitting other players is the foundation with which you have built your city, RESEARCH. The more research a player has, the stronger the attack will be. Also, it gives you the opportunity to burn players that may seem bigger than you. A stronghold 20 with max research will undoubtedly hit harder than a stronghold 25 with bare-bones research. Once your research is adequate, you want to check a few other things in your city before you begin to look for a target.

  • Hero: You want to check your hero and make sure he or she is prepared. Make sure the Gear, Gems, and Skills all have the highest attack stats. If you are using one troop type, then make sure you have those type-specific hero skills filled in, and type Gems in your gear.
  • Troops: Knowing the “Circle of Death” is an essential part of the game. CRIC: Calvary > Ranged > Infantry > Calvary.  You need to know this so you know what to send in an attack. (Also, not many will remember, but siege was originally made to break through wall traps!)  You also want to make sure you have enough troops for two things. First, you want enough troops in your city so that you don’t burn if you are attacked while your hero is out on a march. Secondly, you want enough troops to fill your march. So, if you are going to be rallying or soloing for a few hours, you will need at least ten times the size of one march. You don’t want to have to stop and retrain troops between each hit.
  • Boost: Check to see if you have March Size Boost, Attack Boost, or Health Boost, and hopefully Debuff Boost will be released at some point! Anything you can use to make your march bigger or troops stronger should be used.

Finding A Target

Knowing your limits is something you will learn mostly from trial and error. The more cities you start attacking, the more you will come to understand what you can or cannot burn. However, there are a few things that can help you along the way.

  • Size up your enemies. If you know that you need a SH 20 to open T3 troops, then you know any stronghold smaller than that will only have T1 and T2 troops. Also, check their profiles. Have they won more than they have lost? Are their kills low or high? Check out their Hero — does it have a full set of high-level gear? What’s the hero level? These kinds of questions, when answered, will give you a good idea of your opponent’s strength.
  • SCOUT, SCOUT, SCOUT: This is something all good players do. Why go blindly into battle when you can take a peek and see what you are up against?? Once you scout, you can then form a battle plan as to what troops to send, if you need to rally or solo, and whether to use siege.

Other Tidbits about Attacking

  • Always check battle reports once you have attacked someone. This will let you know when you should switch troop types, how many troops the enemy has left, how many of your troops were lost, etc. Clicking the Battle Details at the top of the report will open the “second page,” or “back page” as some call it. This is where you will find the specific breakdown of which troops were killed.
  • As of right now, your Dragon should NOT be included in attacks. This is because the HP lost is counted as kills. So losing 7k HP on the dragon will count as 7k kills on the report. Most attackers will send the dragon to a nearby resource tile to hang out.
  • You got a report that says GLORIOUS VICTORY!! Now what? This has been a source of confusion lately. The only way you can capture (cap) a hero is if the city you hit is a SH 15 or above. Once you have a hero in your city, you can click on the prison to view the timer. It’s usually around three days. Once the timer is up, the hero will escape or you can choose to execute. The hero will only be able to be executed if the ENEMY city is a SH 20 or higher.  While you have the hero in your prison, you can check out its gear and hero skills.

#TeamRealTips Attack Checklist

  1. Prepare your Hero!
  2. Find a juicy target and scout.
  3. Decide if you want to solo or need a rally.
  4. Rally count in AC if needed.
  5. Port as close to target as possible.
  6. Check boosts.
  7. If rally, announce in AC what troop mix you want people to send.
  8. Set Rally or Send March~ DON’T FORGET YOUR HERO!
  9. Pray to the GoW Gods and Athena that you’ve done all your preparations and have read GoWRealTips articles in their entirety.
  10. When your march returns, CHECK THE BATTLE REPORT!
  11. Do a happy dance and go back to number one.


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  1. 23psalm
    23psalm says

    There is a dragon combat preset in a dragon point package does that work?

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      It allows you to add Dragons into your march presets

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