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Barbarian King Defense – The Barbarian’s Secret


Remember when Agile Duelist dropped? It was touted as the newest speed gear but it wasn’t long before it was discovered that this gear also worked well for defense. Players were more likely to use it than the current defense gear.

Now Game of War has given us the Barbarian King Attack Set.. but is this just for attack? We decided to take a closer look at this gear and discovered that there was a large amount of defense in it. However, there was one problem, when equipping a full set of Barbarian King Attack Gear we discovered that our Defense Debuff Resistance (DDR) and Defense Annihilation Resistance (DAR) drastically decreased. So we got creative!

9/30 Update (Barbarian King Gear w/ Horns)

Yet again, there was another attack gear drop without sight of defense gear yet.. Or was there? In the release there’s a new accessory for Divine Barbarian King with both defense and attack stats, the horns. What was not implicitly stated with this release was whether or not these horns contained DDR or DAR.

So we equipped and checked it out! And guess what they do! With the horns you get increased type defense, troop defense, and legion defense. Resolute defense remains the same both in the ultimate with bracers and the Divine with Horns.

GoW Barbarian King Gear with Horns

GoW Barbarian King Gear with Bracers

You also maintain your DAR and DDR. The stats look great! So we put it to the test!

The Defense Test

Please remember that in order for this test to be accurate and valid, the target had to not only be the same but also had to burn to show the difference! In addition, our target rebuilt troops to the same amount between hits for accuracy! The only change between hits was the gear.

First Hit in Ultimate Barbarian with Bracers:

GoW Barbarian King Gear with Bracers

Second Hit in Divine Barbarian with Horns:

GoW Barbarian King Gear with Horns

Switching to Divine Barbarian with horns made a huge difference! Our target lost 7TT less troops!

So toss out the bracers and Toot your Horn!! Divine Barbarian with Horns is the king of defense for now!

Many Thanks to our Friend Saz for being our Crash Dummy for tests and sacrificing her troops to Science!!!


9/21 Update (Barbarian King Gear w/ Bracers)

If you look in your gear workshop in Set Gear Leveling, Ultimate Barbarian King and Harbingers are listed in the same gear slot. This means that Ultimate Barbarian King receives the same set bonus as Harbingers. So we paired our Ultimate Barbarian King Gear with three bracers. This allowed us to keep the set bonus. When pairing bracers with the other sets such as the divine set, bonus was lost.

Set Gear Leveling

By pairing the bracers with the Ultimate Barbarian King we were able to not only maintain our set bonus but also an increase in defense stats. Take a look at the stats with me!

Barbarian King vs. Harbinger Def Gear – Which is better?

Barbarian King Defense

Harbinger Defense

If you look at the two gears, some type defense is lost with using Barbarian King. However, there is an increase in Overall Troop Defense and all other stats stay the same.

The Defense Test

The next thing we wanted to do was test this gear out! We took one hit in Harbingers and one hit in Barbarian!

Hit in Barbarian King Gear:

Barbarian Def Test

Hit in Harbinger Gear:

Harbinger Def Test

There was over 1 TT less lost when taking the hit in Barbarian, by increasing our troop count we were able to compensate for the extra attack the lead player has and we have been successfully capping hits in this gear!

  1. TRAUMA says

    Why didn’t you use the new divine king gear set base 5 with 2 bracers and you will still get the resolute defense that’s needed?

    1. Blind Eagle says

      With the new barb accessories they each come with DDR. So you can use them and get the 7 set bonus instead

  2. Roland says

    You’re actually over 9TT casualties in harbinger, 5TT went to the hospital. Am assuming all your beds were full when you took the barbarian hit…

    In any case, how are you capping taking TT losses??

    1. Blind Eagle says

      The battle reports posted were test to see which gear was best. And to do that I must burn. If both sets cap I can’t see what’s best. So I lowered my troop numbers to burn for this reason. In the last paragraph i pointed out we added troops and were capping

      1. Roland says

        Ahh, but must have added quite a bit? What was your power when capping? 6ktt-ish?

        Am just wondering, thinking of it as a fraction you were losing 1/1000 of your troops, but still a lot, so wondering how much of an increase you needed. (Figuring the fraction increase could apply to my build, i.e., if I have 1MT troops, and losing 1kt, would be the same fraction of losses, so if you increases by 1.5x, should work if I increase by 1.5x as well)


  3. Revo 75 says

    can you do an update since the release of new hero levels? I was at 19.9ktt troop count and lost over 700tt

    1. Navi says

      coming soon for sure

  4. Lz says

    Just curious what troop mix are you using as your example? Would be nice to know the counts and tier.

    1. Blind Eagle says

      For all my t2/t4 hits I use a 9:1 ratio. And i am even split across all 9 t2

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