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Barbarian King Gear – More To Burn With The New Accessories!


History shows that some of the greatest warriors were also the most barbaric! MZ took note and has released the strongest gear the game has ever seen! The New Barbarian King Gear!

9/28 Update

With the latest update, you can add more power using these 3 new accessories. Check out below for the stats on each item:

Accessories – Enhance Your Power

We now have new Accessories to equip our Barbarian King Gear with!

GoW Barbarian King Accessories

Divine Barbarian King Necklace

This accessory provides Attack and Debuff Stats!

  • 30MTT Rally Attack Bonus
  • 35KT Defense Annihilation Bonus
  • 35KT Enemy Legion Defense Debuff
  • 35KT Enemy Troop Defense Debuff Preset
  • 35KT Enemy Type Defense Debuff Preset
  • 35KT Unstoppable Attack Bonus
  • 35MTT Troop Attack Bonus

Divine Barbarian King Drinking Horn

This accessory provides defense and attack stats!

  • 350KT Legion Defense
  • 350KT Troop Defense Bonus
  • 350KT Type Defense Debuff Preset
  • 35MTT Troop Attack Bonus

Divine Barbarian King Scaled Ring

This accessory combines the best of all worlds with Wonder and Attack Stats!

  • 35MTT Troop Attack Bonus
  • 30MTT Rally Attack Bonus
  • 170MTT Wonder Holding Troop Attack Bonus
  • 350MTT Rally Health Bonus
  • 1.75BTT Wonder Holding Troop Health Bonus
  • 880MT Mobile Trap Health
  • 35KT Unstoppable Attack Bonus

9/19 Update

A Momentous Shift for Rally Leads

New attack gear is here and it’s intense! There are some amazing stats with this gear and it’s a must have for Rally Leads.

Barbarian King Gear

Everyone seems a little bit confused by this gear so let me break it down for you. There are four levels of this new gear and each one offers different stats! Your best set is going to be Divine, then Exalted, then Supreme, then Ultimate. Check out the stats:

  1. Divine Set
    1. 6MTT Troop Attack
    2. 5MT Defense Annihilation
  2. Exalted Set
    1. 4.5MTT Troop Attack
    2. 3.75MT Defense Annihilation
  3. Supreme Set
    1. 3.3MTT Troop Attack
    2. 2.8MT Defense Annihilation
  4. Ultimate Set
    1. 1.5MTT Troop Attack
    2. 1.5MT Defense Annihilation

When looking at this gear, the Ultimate Barbarian King is grouped in with your Harbingers and automatically receives the same set leveling your Harbingers has.

The other sets require Barbarian King Charms in order to level up. In addition, the Improved Quality function requires a new item called Barbarian King Ancient Talisman.

BK Ancient Talisman4.71M4.71M6.28M7.85M15.7M23.5M23.5M23.5M23.5M23.5M

The table above shows the number of Talismans provided per level for one piece of gear.

A Monstrous Increase In Power

So you have the stats but now let’s get to what’s really important. What makes this gear so incredible is that it is already FOUR times stronger than any other gear without being leveled up or improved! This gear has once again shifted the balance in the game back to the Rally Leads.

So looking at those stats your best option is the Divine set. Currently a full set of Exalted is available for purchase with one divine piece guaranteed and chests with chances at other divine pieces. So when setting up this gear, use the best pieces you have for the best results!

Knowing MZ we are sure to see many updates to this set, so stay tuned for more updates! GO AND BE BARBARIC!

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