Basics of Demigod Potions

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Demigod Potions are a pretty fun feature for many. As something that is easily customizable, they add an extra boost wherever you may need one!

We know that potions are especially helpful for traps, as they are considered a “hidden” boost. Even rally leads love potions because they add that extra edge that will leave a stronghold in flames. A well-crafted potion can also be the difference you need when taking a Wonder from an enemy. 

Recently I have seen a lot of basic potion questions in our Line group, so I figured it is a great time to refresh our memories!

The Basics of Crafting Demigod Potions

Potions are crafted in the Alchemy Lab. This is a bit like crafting cores. You first choose your flask, which “holds” your ingredients. Afterward, you choose the six ingredients to create your final potion.

(Potion Craft screen

The flask and ingredients are separated by the stats. The first icon represents every flask, or ingredient if you are in that tab, that you have in your inventory. After that, they are separated by certain stats. If you don’t remember the percentages of the stats, you can click the bottom left button labeled “Vial Stats.” This will change to a list view where you can see the specific stats related to each ingredient. Don’t forget you have to click the same button once more before you are able to craft the potion. You are only allowed to use each ingredient one time per potion. If by some chance, you use the wrong ingredients, you can click the “x” next to the picture and remove it.

flask and ingrediants

Once you have everything in place you click the craft button and your potion is finished! A box containing the stats will then appear on your screen so you can see just how well it came together. You can also view the potion in your inventory after it is crafted.

Tips and Tricks to Crafting Demigod Potions

These are just a few tips that other players have shared!

  • Craft your potions using any hero you would like!
  • Contrary to popular belief, the hero you use when crafting does not affect the duration, it only matters when ACTIVATING the potion. 
  • Some players use Powerforge gear when crafting potions. This was better suited when potions had a low and high range of percentage outcomes. The gear itself has no effect on the duration increase, it’s only the hero skills. 
  • You need to have the original pre-Demi hero equipped when you activate the potion! (This is the most common mistake made!)
  • The hero must have the Potion Duration skills maxed. 
  • Your potion duration should increase to 14 days when following the above recommendations.

potion skills

In the Novice skill tree of the original Pre Demi hero, you will scroll down and find the skill shown above for “PotionDuration.” Below pictures the details of the skill.

potion skills duration

Potion Myths

I know most players assume that you have to craft Demigod potions in the original hero with skills for the duration while in Powerforge gear. This is simply not the case. Gear has no effect. The hero that is active when crafting has no effect either. Yes, it will show that the duration is 14 days after you craft using the original hero. However, if you activate another hero, and then check the same potion, the duration has decreased to 10 days. Any potion that was crafted using a Demi hero, and the duration is only 10 days after the initial crafting, can be changed to 14-day duration by using the Pre Demi hero skilled correctly. So it works both ways, and the fact remains that the Hero and skills only matter when you are ACTIVATING, not crafting.

potion duration 10potion duration 14

Above is the same potion, one is with the pre-Demi hero, with the duration skills, and the other is a Demi hero.

Recipes for Demigod Potions

Best Potions for Defending

  1. VIAL: Rampage Flask
  2. Golden Stump -21k % Troop Health
  3. Blue Tentacle- 10k% Troop Health
  4. Viridian Fishbone – 12k % Trap Attack
  5. Viridian Fungi – 19k % Trap Defense
  6. Brilliant Wing- 20k % Troop Attack
  7. Teal Erie Trunk- 15k % Troop Attack

Rally Attack potion

  1. VIAL: Troop Rage Flask
  2. Spooky Bone – Rally Attack 24k
  3. Eerie Wolf Tooth – Troop Attack 23k
  4. Brilliant Wings – Troop Attack 20k
  5. Golden Stump- Troop Health 21k
  6. Spooky Candle – Troop Health 20k
  7. Viridian Foliage- Rally Attack 19k

Solo Attack potion

  1. VIAL: Troop Rage Flask
  2. Eerie Wolf Tooth – Troop Attack 23k
  3. Brilliant Wings – Troop Attack 20k
  4. Golden Stump- troop health 21k
  5. Spooky Candle – Troop Health 20k
  6. Teal Erie Trunk- troop attack 15k
  7. Teal Serpent Scales- Type attack 17k

Wonder Potion Recipe

  1. VIAL: Troop Rage Flask
  2. Spooky Bone – Rally Attack 24k
  3. Eerie Wolf Tooth – Troop Attack 23k
  4. Brilliant Wings – Troop Attack 20k
  5. Golden Stump- Troop Health 21k
  6. Spooky Candle – Troop Health 20k
  7. Viridian Foliage- Rally Attack 19k

 Use Veridian Wings (26k AD) or Golden Foliage (20k HD) as substitutions for the Viridian Foliage.

You can keep up with the ever-changing recipes using our Defense, Attack, or Wonder Quick Guides!

Make Your Potion Work for You!

The most exciting part about Demigod potions is the variation. There are so many ways that you can customize potions to fit your individual set up. While there is only one recipe per build posted here, there are a ton of ways to create a custom potion of your own.

If you are a trap you can focus on defense, health, trap stats or debuff. Leads create potions that are heavy rally and troop attack, or they focus on a debuff potion when they prefer to solo targets. Not to mention, there are many ingredients that are used to create wonder potions that pinpoint each of your opponent’s weaknesses. Make five or six potions that counter five or six of the different Wonder lead setups.

If you can imagine it, you can craft it. Share some of your most creative potion recipes with us in the comment section.

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