Battle Tested: Health vs. Defense vs. Attack and Combinations

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Comparing Troop Health, Defense, Attack and Combinations

This is the 2nd post in the series of Battle Tested articles. This is another one of THE MOST controversial topics in Game of War and we are here once again to show you the truth with real battle tests, with real troops, and with real numbers.

Rallies are no doubt becoming a MUCH larger part of Game of War, but how do you choose which boost to turn on and which gear to equip when you are trying to kill the maximum amount of troops? In the recent poll over 50% of people were wrong about the best combination. We’ll show you the right answer…

Hi everyone, General Bow here again. Lots of people have asked me which stats matter most when attacking to kill the most troops and lose the least amount of troops. To test this, I used two identical accounts with every stat and research identical, just like the last set of battle tests.  The tests will represent a max march of 375K troops hitting a stronghold with 3x the amount of troops as the attacker.

The Baseline

Attacker: 3,750 troops

Defender: 11,268 troops

To get a base line of kills and losses I attacked the stronghold with no stats on both the attacker and the defender.  Test # 1 shows the results.

Spreadsheet of Results

health vs defense vs attack 2

 Analysis From An Attacker Perspective

When looking at a single boost alone:

  1. Defense is the least effective because you lose the most troops and kill the same as health (Test #2)
  2. Health boost is best if you are trying to preserve your troops because you save 9 more than when using defense and 63 more than when using attack. (Test #3)
  3. Attack give you 96 more kills than health or defense, but costs you 63 more troops or 57 more troops. (Test #4)

When looking at combinations:troop_health

  1. Attack and Health gives equal kills as Attack and Defense, but results in less deaths (Test #5,6)
  2. Health and Defense results in less kills and more deaths than the other two combinations so never use it. ha. (Test #7)

Conclusion: Attack and Health is the best combination for attackers.ri_troop_attack

What You Guys Said Was Best

Out of 640 votes, you guys said:

Health and Defense 46%

Health and Attack 39%

Attack and Defense 15%

Uh oh… It looks like a lot of people didn’t know the correct answer (61%), they should become members before they lose any more troops! Lucky you guys who get to read this 😉



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  1. RealMenace says

    This article really needs updating bad as it is outdated with the release of wild troops, all the new gear, the release of Skeleton King defense gear, and Persus cores.

  2. lars says

    Ok I have a trap..7 mil reg t4 even spread,90mil reg t2 even spread.full walls lvl 57hero,defense tree about complete..frost and imperial mix do I hero skill and gem for defense.i want to defend against frost,zues,posidion cores..using presets. Solo or rally.

  3. CK says

    Debugger boosts weren’t tested/included? I use attack and defense debuff

  4. SJK says

    What are the results if you have 10x or more than the attacker’s troops sent? Health boost vs defense boosts losses for the defender?

  5. Jack says

    Hi, I plan on building a rally trap with about 2 million T4, 4 million T3, and a ton of hospitals. I have 7 L6 Rose gems and 3 L6 Hallows gems which are defenitely going in. After that I’m unsure if what to use for the other 11 slots between 7 L6 Health, 7 L6 Defense, 2 L6 Minitaur, 1 L5 troop boost, 2 L5 Shaddow, and 1 L5 soverinity. I know troop health is better for attacking but is defense better for taking T4 rallies?

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      Definitely you should use your health gems.

  6. Azael_valdo
    Azael_valdo says

    which one i need choice to reduce my loses? defense or health? against a rally.

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      Health and Attack is your best option.

      1. Terra Taylor says

        Why is attack better when taking a rally?

  7. Azael_valdo
    Azael_valdo says

    why build accounts with that thing when you can do test with 375k troops vs encampment(same troops) without hero against someplayer that have same research as you?

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      To get some more realistic results that people will see when they attack in game.

  8. Azael_valdo
    Azael_valdo says

    Why i cant read the article even i am logged?

  9. mortifico
    mortifico says

    For this test, what were the attacker’s troop health and troop defense stats before you added the boosts?

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      The were perfectly identical stronghold 14 accounts. Is that what you wanted to know?

      1. mortifico
        mortifico says

        I was looking to see if health and defense were equal within each account. If they were dramatically different a boost would have a different relative effect on each. For example if health was 200 and defense was 300 for one stronghold, a 20% boost in health would take it to 220% which would be a 10% net increase in health, but a 20% boost in defense would take it to 320% whivh is about a 6% net effect. If health and defense aren’t near equal to start it’s not really an apples to apples comparison for this test or for some similar tests.

        1. Navi
          Navi says

          Correct, they were equal.

  10. adsmith73
    adsmith73 says

    What is the best hero gear to craft for a trap account? Please list from expensive to bargain in terms of silver!!

    1. says

      Good Question Adrian!

      Check out our Hero gear Tool!

  11. Eric h. says

    Please DON’T release, why else pay for the advantage

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      Did I mistype something?

  12. IcKyThuMp
    IcKyThuMp says

    Great article! Can’t wait to see the debuff results. We have done some tests and found that boosts, such as attack, are more effective on equal troop counts, such as wonder battles, but that debuffs, such as defense, are more effective when rallying large SHs with much more troops than the size of the rally. This makes sense if you consider that a debuff may have its effect on all of the troops in a SH (say 10 mill) vs only boosting the 2.375mill troops in the rally. Looking forward to seeing what you guys find.

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      That sounds very logical, I bet you’ll be right.

    2. jwrussell
      jwrussell says

      That makes a TON of sense. Not something I would have thought of, but I bet you end up being correct.

  13. Navi
    Navi says


    Are you still having trouble? Please email us [email protected]

  14. Heire
    Heire says

    Hey, can you also test the debuf parts (attack, defense, health)? as that is one of the interesting points when going for an attack and to lower your enemies boosts.

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      Next wednesday we will have an article on debuffs! I know the wait is killer! We have to knock out the basics first. I will have another battle test up in 1-2days.

  15. Renaud
    Renaud says

    Hi, to notice that 4 and 5 can be deducted form 1+2+3 and 7 can be deducted from 8+4. Also it is worth mentioning that the gain from (as a number of losses) from 5 is less than the gain from gain_2+gain_3…

  16. otm
    otm says

    just curious what did you equip to achieve the 20% health, equipment, hero points, gem? I’m not aware of a boost you can equip for health like attack and defense.

  17. boost
    boost says

    Anyone complaining about paying for the articles isn’t clearly thinking … They are building accounts for these tests.. for them to do it in a timely and efficient manor it spending it the way to do it.

  18. Blur Sotong
    Blur Sotong says

    What about including a battle test for defence debuff? How does the defence debuff stack up against Troop attack?

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      Totally, we have that planned for sometime in the next two weeks.

  19. Navi
    Navi says

    Sorry that would defeat the purpose! Feel free to view our tip archive where we have TONS of free content

  20. Thrisa Correa says

    Can we see tests where boosts are applied?

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      Yes, in the next week we will be testing the defensive side.

      Are there any other tests you are interested in? We are open to whatever the community wants.

  21. BigVinnie
    BigVinnie says

    That chart does not make sense to me. It looks like for a defender it is best to not use any boosts. Test #1 showed the best numbers for the defender. Did you run the tests with the defender running the same boosts or with none for all tests?

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      Good question vince, this test is specifically for attacking. The defender has no boosts in any of the battles.

  22. boost
    boost says


    I would like to ask a question based on this information I run on my gear 1 health 1 def and one attack gem. So based on this information would it be make more sense to switch the def gem so something like a Cerberus, or Wrights eye that gives more of a health bonus and some attack. Though it looks like the last row which tested attack, health, and def….. preformed worse then just health and def and that’s a little confusing.

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      Essentially, you want your attack and health to be higher, but you still want a bit of defense.

    2. IcKyThuMp
      IcKyThuMp says

      Cerebrus and wrights eye are not the best choices. You want the overall troop boost gems. For an attack set I like health, spring and hallows gems. I will probably be replacing my spring gems with the new rose gems though.

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