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Happy New Year! The New Year has begun and with it we are bringing you a new Player Spotlight and this one is a two for one spotlight. We have met some amazing players in the time we have been doing these profiles and that will continue as we meet January’s Players. However, make sure you have taken the chance to get to hear from the past players we have put in the spotlight.

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This month we are going to get the chance to meet the duo called BeastYNaga. These names should sound familiar as they currently hold the title of Emperor in the Dragon War Dimension. Congratulations to both of you on that well-earned win too!

EmperorBoth of these guys have been playing Game of War for a very long time and are very well versed in the game. Not only are they greats, but they have played with some of the biggest names we have seen in Game of War. Thank you to both of them for taking the time to answer these questions and allow the community to get to know them better. We were excited ourselves to see the stories these guys would have to tell.

Meet Naga and BeastYBoyz

Throughout this Player Spotlight, you will see us switching back and forth between these guys and their answers. These guys are greats of their own accord but together they are a force to be reckoned with! Are you ready to meet your current Dragon Emperor?


We asked the guys to let us know their teams. They have a ton of alliances that support them aside from just the alliance they are in currently.

=LH= & all alliances that support us ( gSa,D:V ,*SnS,*IWG,xBoB,#Wi5, PigZ, TOG , N0==)


=LH= former DVBB


Getting Started


We will Kick things off with Naga. Naga originally started in Kingdom 20 in the Demigod Dimension (before it was the Demigod Dimension). He has been playing Game of War for more than 5 years, that is some serious dedication! 

During his time playing he has always played as a Rally Lead. He has spent time playing Super Wonder as a Lead in a blocker alliance and in a main alliance. During this time he has seen 14 Super Wonder victories in a row while supporting D:V teams and StayAlive77. Naga has played with some of the best people in the game who have become real-life friends.


BeastYBoyz has an impressive history himself. He has been playing for over five years as well. He started fighting originally with a Stronghold 15 account with the first T3 in game. I am sure these guys with the long history they have shown in Game of War have some epic stories that they could continue to share!

However, BeastYBoyz will tell you that his real crowning achievement through all of these years is the team behind him who stand by his side and the friendships that have come out of that.

Why do they Play?

Each of our people we have talked to all have their own reason for playing. These guys are no different. However, what has kept them around for more than five years? For these guys, it comes down to the stress relief, the fun, and the people.

To kill the stress from real life and this game is really fun …

FUN – and meeting all that crazy ones in that game


What are you Wearing?

The clothes make the man right? With these two what do their gear choices say about them?

Naga’s gear screams wonder player!

Wearing regular gear for wonder attack and defense.


BeastYBoyz choice screams that he has a bit of a sense of humor!



Best Memories

I am sure we could write a book with the memories that these guys have from the years that they have spent playing the game. However, I asked them to share some of their best memories because we do not have enough space here for a whole book!

Naga’s best memories have come from playing Super Wonder.

My best memories are playing SW and trying to gain upper hand. Have so many memories in demigod when SW is 3 days. We used to have a line call running for 3 days.


BeastYBoyz also has had some of his best memories come from playing Super Wonder.

Fights during an SW, when I was in a hotel in Switzerland and we had to fight the 11th SW together with Stayalive77 one of my marches where just hitting the SW, I didn’t realize if I switched or not, then my internet connection broke … 15 minutes later (it felt like a light year), I could login again and saw that I caught Ctesse with 1 Mil messages in my mailbox …



BeastYBoyz shared some screenshots from his Instagram account with us. We are excited to share these with you guys as well. Some of these images are from days that some players were not even around and other players remember fondly when Carol May publishes her Time Capsule pieces.

Now that is a lot of heroes! Everyone is always on the lookout for heroes to capture but 500 is a huge number! I would have loved to see all those heroes go running in person. By the stronghold levels we can see sitting around the Wonder I can tell that this was early in the Game of War days.


Guys check out those tags on this one. Frostlord Gear! I remember this gear and it has been a minute since it was relevant. This zeroing party also looks like it would have been a blast.


These guys have some great memories of their Game of War days and we love BeastYBoyz shares from his Instagram account. They have played with so many Game of War greats and they are Game of War greats themselves!

Thoughts on the Dragon War Dimension versus the Demigod Dimension

These guys have literally been around since the beginning of the game. With their time in the game, we definitely wanted to hear some of their thoughts on the Dragon War Dimension versus the Demigod Dimension. These guys definitely have a preference for the Dragon War Dimension.

Quit demigod when the game became boring with daily releases and when most of my friends have quit. I enjoy playing Dragon Dimension again as it’s like the old school GOW. Hope MZ does not ruin the fun part of this game again by releasing new stuff every day.


Demi is the most stupid way to play GOW that was a reason for me to stop like thousand others.


Advice to Players

BeastYBoyz had some great advice to players that he shared with us and we hope that you appreciate it as well.

Decide what u wanna be and fight for that if you wanna be a trap be a trap… in that game sometimes u have to lose to win…
Most fun in that game will ever be the SW here u can show the strength of your team. Only good teammates will bring success.


One thing in the game that is exciting to you right now

BeastYBoyz also shared with us what is most exciting in the game right now to him. He is excited to see that it is once again becoming a great strategy game!

it became again a great strategy game


Reigning Emperor

With tons of experience in Super Wonder we were curious, How is it different preparing for the Dragon War Dimension Super Wonder then it was preparing for old-school Super Wonder? Both Naga and BeastYBoyz gave some amazing answers to that question.  These guys did not see much difference in the Dragon War Super Wonder and Super Wonder of old.

Preparing for dragon is almost same as preparing for GOW in old days except that we still don’t have many big players competing for SW,but I am sure as the game evolves many more will start competing for SW in Dragon Dimension. In Old GOW the SW revolves around two major teams (D:V & One ) but it’s not the case in Dragon Dimension.


In the first years, you had hundreds of allies running for it … but i think it will be the same here sooner than later.


Wrapping it up

We have said over and over again how great these guys are but we want to say it again! They are great players and great people with some fun senses of humor. We really enjoyed getting to know them and hope that you enjoyed it as well! We are excited to continue to bring all of you Player Spotlights from different players in the community. We know that there are unique stories all over Game of War and want to hear them!

Check in with us! Whose Game of War Story would you like to see here next? Comment Below and let us know.

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