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An avid Game of War player since it's original release. My passion is teaching players how to improve their game play so that the game becomes more exciting and competitive for everyone.

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  1. Find me on Game Of War @ Ariette17 anybody
    These tips and stuff are helpful by the way.

  2. I’m the trap builder here in our crew,you have a lot of info for the bigger sh traps,any chance I could get more info on sh 14 traps.i know they are not used much any more,but I’m not just going to let my trap go to a bigger sh trap,ive got to many top ten wins with him. So any new info on smaller trap,please share. Thank-you,SPYDER

  3. will it be a bad idea to try to eat a 10mil rally with 500m pure t4 troops mixed trooptypes(reg/strat/wild)

  4. So with all the new updates a lot of this is not working anymore. I have been a trap for over a year on a couple accounts. And hits come hard now. With new hero lvls, gem research and new cores hits can hurt. I have heard to boost troops do you know are the new number set up or are rumors true that the way to go is siege? I find that the siege in some aspects makes since and no cores are targeting siege. But haven’t gotten anyone to confirm it.So have you heard anything is there any truth to this or what is the new troop requirements. I know it can very but idea would work.

    • Siege can now be debuffed by Perses Core Set. So, it is likely not a good option anymore. The thing to remember about traps is there is no magic number of troops to stop every rally leader. If you are getting hit very hard then something is very wrong with your set up.

      I like to start with a baseline setup. Frostlord and Imperial Gear with 2 Kinoichi Kunai daggers. Train T4/T2 keeping under the nerf limitations.

      If you are still getting hit hard with that set up, then you have two options. You can either increase defense stats or increase troop count.

      Tell me more about your set up and the results you’ve been getting lately.

      • I have over 650mil each troop type t2 reg total 1.95bil (just reg troops) then I have over 35mil each troop type. t4 reg and strat. I run the same gear your talking about. Took a hit the other day lost 1.5 billion power. oh I have 375 t1 traps.

    • Siege are now useless the new cores are starting to debuff them so don’t wast your time on it. I’ve been a trap over a year now and I’ve had to grow my troops numbers over 2.7 bill just to eat a full 8mill rally with the new cores and that’s with them upgraded in the gear workshop.

  5. Could someone reply to this? When being attacked, you are prepared against it by health, debuff, and defense. Defenses is to ward off attack. But it also sounds like some have stated that attack boost is effective. So, is it true then while on the defensive you fight an attack with attack boost?

    • Most defense players use “Defense” and “Attack Debuff” if they greatly outnumber the incoming attack. Typically, you will kill all of the attackers troops so adding Attack is a waste. Health Debuff is also a waste if you already kill all the incoming attack troops.

      However, if you are a small health trap, under 100 million troops then Attack and Attack Debuff is best.

      If you are battling on a tile where troops are similar in quantity then again, Attack and Attack Debuff is best boosts.

      I hope this clears things up a bit more for you! Thanks for you comment Ken!

  6. A good deal of work clearly went into this and you’re to be congratulated on trying to keep it relevant with the recent update. However you should probably consider withdrawing it from publication until the new academy 24 researches and hero 70 skill point distributions have been taken into consideration.

    As it stands it is already extremely misleading. Heading out to fight as a trap based on its recommendations when there could be 8 million rallies coming in with 3,000 or more percent defence debuffs and 9,000 or 10,000 percent attack boosts could lead to a very short engagement.

    When the rewrite does happen it would be great to see the paragraph headed “Troop and Trap numbers by the tier” totally revised. Whilst much of what you write had value and validity before it became outdated, it has never been the case that the combat strength by tier was tied to the troop power of each tier.

    Specifically this passage:
    “What this means is that, assuming everything else (research, gear, etc) is equal, a 600k T4 war march is equal to 900k T3, 2.7M T2, or 10.8M T1. A rally march with 3M T4 would be equal to 4.5M T3, 13.5M T2, or 54M T1.”
    is totally incorrect.

    • That passage comes from the very early days of Game of War. It was tested. But we know a great deal more about troop density now. So many variables exist now in defending against a rally. Honestly, players should not be afraid to burn. If you want to truly capture anything thrown at you then you will likely not be hit very often. That is the trade off. Never burn and never be hit, or burn often and get hit a lot! Or somewhere in between.

      • That much is certainly true.
        To underline my main point though, there’s a rally leader in 470 Demon who last night, when his hero was at 68, was tooling around the kingdom with a core set sporting, allegedly over 13,000 attack and 3,300 defence debuff, burning 100 billion accounts in defence gear (Frostlord / Imperial). Today I hear he’s reached hero 70 and unlocked troop attack III on the hero skill tree …..
        It definitely changes minimum requirements for a trap if you don’t want to always burn, and uips the level you can attract hits.

      • Most traps dont mind burning, there a big difference between winning on points and getting prizes or being destroyed in one hit and having to spend the rest of the KE retraining troops. The fun goes out of trapping very quickly if its the latter then the bigs have no targets and the inflation spiral continues.
        MZ only care about the superwonder whales and funding their mutually assured spending habits

  7. what would be today troop count a solo trap and rally trap with t2-t4 and all defense tree finished ? for solo i mean to not burn from a 2 mil nike hit

    • I’d say 500-600m troops. Don’t listen to this trash blog. They don’t know — and they take hits from —- unmaxed ppl. With the 2.7m solo march. Set gems bonus. Sh24. Buildings boosted by orbs. VIP 25 and all the other factors. Solo trap will be 6-8b power to eat in regular gear. This blog is so outdated its insane. Its like they don’t even play the game

      • Steven,
        Thank you for the comment. You are correct, this article, being a phenomenal piece of Game of War knowledge for nearly 12 months is due for an update. Fortunately for us Blind Eagle has submitted an update for it just this week. I apologize for my delay in publishing the update to this article but as you are aware Game of War has released a number of exciting updates that I felt were more important to bring to you first. For instance the following articles published in just the past couple of weeks for your review:
        Building 24
        Building Boosts
        Pegasus Gear Set
        Power Shaman
        Gem Set Bonus Preset

        Also, if it appears we are somewhat behind in our article updates and new release content its likely because we are busy playing the game updating our accounts and testing new gear. I’ll give you an update on my progress from last Kill Event.
        100 B Point Trap ;)

  8. Navi – great info. But as an Sh16 with only T3 troops and imperial gear, is there any chance of being an effective trap with all the new gear and cores out now? Are the only effective traps now all T4 with T2 as meatshields and a 3rd accessory slot filled?

  9. Is it still possible to have an effective sh14 trap account in the game now days?

  10. Exactly like the Hidden Boosts gained from Villas, Hospitals and Barracks, the Hidden Boosts gained from the Altar are not visible when looking at the Boosts screen because these “Hidden Boosts” all take place at the time of impact.
    However, the Altar Boosts gained from allocated Hero Skill Points is easily visible by looking at the Altar.
    Even if you have NEVER executed a Hero the percentages of Boosts gained from allocated Hero Skill Points will show in the Altar instead of the zeros you would otherwise see… The Altar will not glow or have an expiration countdown because the Altars Bonus from Hero Execution has not been activated yet but the percentages shown are still active.
    If you HAVE activacted the Altar by Executing a Hero, the percentages shown in the Altar are the combined total of the Hero Skill Points allocated to Altar Boosts and the Altar Bonus itself according to the level of Hero Executed.

    I have also heard from many different sources that the Boosts gained from Hero Skill Points allocated to Altar Boosts are active even if you have never even built an Altar… However I have never tested it personally.

    I Hope this helps give some clarity to the Hero Skill Points in Altar Boosts questions.

  11. Many players around 8-9 bil power in my kingdom are using a specific type of gear and it seems no one can burn them. Not even rallies of 100bil plus players. See the gear in pic attached. Does anyone know what would be the best gear/core to burn them?

    • The new rally size is making easy work of this setup. I was using it on my 6 billion trap and easily captured Nike 5.4 M rally losing only 2m troops. However, this week with 6.3m troops I lost 10 m troops to a Nike setup. I have since boosted troops another 100 M T2 and waiting to see what it does for me.

    • Just curious what gear and gems they were using on eating the Nike rallies?

      • also curious what their stats were for overall defense, health, and other assorted key combat stats. 2 kunai is dangerous, and I have that exact setup above but my troop count is far too low and I have yet to unlock 4th gem in all slots or even have level 6 4th gems to put in there.

        As a small spender, good gems and gear are very hard to get.

    • I’ve seen a lot of people using this as well. I was surprised by the Kunai.

  12. Hi, my sh now is 19, i crrently have 280m troop, all t3 mixed. I planning to train more troop. Should i go straight t3 or train t2? I might able to train another 230m t3 or 460m t2. Any advice? Thanks.

    • Rez, I’m sure you’ve moved on without an answer, but I’m curious; have you tested vs the new cores?

      Traps tend to work better with massive amounts of troops, though I can’t comment from experience in any trap under sh21 these days. Our experience is working SH21s with t2/t4 close to the nerf limit and under 1B research power.

      by losing lower tier troops you tend to win on Power destroyed comparisons even if you get burned.
      figure out the nerf limit for your t3 base and train the heck out of t2 to get you close (but not too close).

      We have traps from 1.7-3B taking solo hits. The jury is still out on how they’re faring vs the new March 15 or Nike cores, but up till then, they cap heros on a regular basis. And they’re not popping cores with 4K defense, they’re mostly doing it in regular gear vs Ares, Posiden and Zeus.

      • My solo was 3.3b with 210m troops, same like you could cap weak 60’s eating 1.5m marhes. But the hero 65 vip 24 nike core hit will burn me, with a 1.98m solo march. losing 7m mil t2. He said to even up my troops because i was reg heavy, so now 280m troops at 4.1b power. good solo traps now a days are 3.5-4.5b

  13. Hey, noob trap account here trying to get gear together. How exactly do I find out if im at 4k in defense…how am do i come up with that calculation if that makes sense sorry still new to the game. Thanks:)

  14. Hidden boosts are shown if you look at the stars in the more tab/profile/boosts. Altar boosts are the best free boosts you can get.

  15. Hey Navi. I have been playing for over a year now and read just about every single article on Trap Accounts…. Love this article btw . But I am confused on one statement from this article…. You said I will need a minimum of 4k defense (combination of overall troop defense and individual troop defense) , If Someone is sending a Zeus (infantry) rally at me , you said ranged defense would apply… Why is that when Calvary troops are weak to Inf , ? I figured For defending against Zeus , I would boost Calvary defense , not ranged…..
    Also the guy that has been helping virtually the most , said not to worry about health…. As A t4 core trap , he says to only focus on Defense , attack debuff , and Attack… ? Please help me !!!!! I’ve all but lost interest in this money eating time consuming game that I can’t seem to get right….. Thanks for listening…. Please get back to me as soon as you can….

    • to be a successful rally trap you’ll need a high t4/t2 troop count. under the 12.5:1 nerf ratio. You’ll want 80m t4 troops evenly spread reg and strat, plus another 1 billion t2 evenly spread. thats 10.9 billion troop power, plus another 1b minimal research power for a rally trap. research reg and strat till t4, full crafting, only regular traps, full restorative, maxed defense minus the march speed debuffs, hero till level 6 monsters, and march level 9 till health debuff (10 and up is too much power, along with no set bonus research). Always have maxed barracks when taking a hit, atleast 22-26 if sh 21. and gear always have 2 xena kunai daggers, along with frostlord helm, haunted xena or imperial dragon armour, frost or imperial feet, frostlord weapon and for last accessory either frostlord wielder or northern king spear. should put you at around 3k-3.5k defense depending on gems. always gem for defense with denfese gem, bulwark, trickster, elusive, rainbow, elite (minotuar, shadow if you have outdated gems). always anit scout and you dont need to use boosts with this setup. you don’t 4k defense, higher troop counts overcompensate lower stat numbers.

  16. As other commenters have stated, this article is not remotely updated, and to be frank requires a total rewrite, as the parts that have been updated are confused by the parts that are not up to date.

    • All of the numbers and gear have been updated and confirmed with Blind Eagle.

      • I’m not understanding why if A t4 core rally trap that is defending against Zeus/ infantry , why you would arrange the ranged defense ? Calvary is weak to Infantry so why not apply Calvary defense. This could be the whole key to my success…. I am currently applying the latter….

        • Gemini606,
          Thank you for bringing this to our attention. You are absolutely correct. An Infantry Missile will be strongest against Cavalry. Therefore, you should boost Cavalry Defense. Also, if you look at your battle reports you will notice that when facing an Infantry Core Set such as Zeus you will primarily suffer Cavalry losses, followed by Infantry, then possibly even a few Ranged. So, if possible don’t over look boosting same-type troops, infantry in this case. I hope this clears things up and the universe once again makes sense ;). Thanks for reading!

          • Lol dark. Yes makes perfect sense again. Last question….. Should I concentrate on troop health as a straight t4 core trap ? Navi says 1000% combined…. But I’ve heaard from others that health isn’t important for my setup…. I appreciate any thoughts you have on this….

  17. Solo traps can easily be 3B power with 1B of it being research.

  18. You need to update on reference hospitals. My wife was hit a couple of days ago and her T1 died and T4 filled up the hospital beds with no losses at all. Important point to consider when being a trap!

    • Hospitals will fill with the most expensive troops hit in any one particular hit. This is how it has always worked. But in most traps you don’t lose everything in one hit. You get hit several times and the first hit fills your hospitals with low level troops and when you lose your t4, well they are just killed because your hospitals are all full.

  19. This article is stated as being updated, but it is still hopelessly out of date. For instance, power requirements have gone up by a factor of more than three since it was published.

  20. Hi just too confirm, hidden bonus from altar skills in hero tree, hero 55 does infact happen when skilling points in it. For instance if I’m all barracks(current set up), an skill 30/30 altar defence I get roughly 300% more defence, an gain health an attack also. Tested using preset with an without points in the 3 altar boosts. I had no altar building at all.

  21. Hi, I am currently trying my hand at a trap acc, stronghold lvl 18. I have a question or 2, to get to the hero presets I can research either the Set bonus or March trees. Would I be able to get to presets with a lvl 18 stronghold? Also how would I be go about with wild troops (making the most of them in my trap)

    Any suggestions?

  22. Is this still relevant considering the new research and cores that have been released in the last few months? Any update in the works?

  23. I see everything but troop numbers I’m sure cores are great but there has to be a troop number with hero in regular gear that can eat core set rallies

    • It depends on your research and gear. But I can cap heroes in ID against any 4.9 million rally any core. I’m at 8-1 t2-t4 with 60m t4. That’s about 10 bill power. I’m not surprising a lot of people, but surprisingly am still tried during kvk.

  24. So are solo trap accounts no good now that wild troops are out? I have done very well thus far with a monster t1 70m trap account?

  25. Can Chad, Creed or anyone definitively say what’s the nerf limit for t1 and t2 troops? Thanks

  26. Also I have a sick sh18 in my alliance rocking it hardcore! But I’m hopeing with my research an 4 m troops half t4s rest t3 I can take 600k solos. 1.1 m beds

  27. Last Ke I was a 396 m solo with 250m research an just over 3 m troops. Yet too take a 600k but scored well against lower troop sizes but took heroes from a 5 bil an a 8 bil got lucky with another 5 bil in pic

  28. Do you think it’s still possible to be an effective solo trap at SH18?

    I managed to rack up over 10 million kills at less than 100 million total power. During that time – it was rare for anyone to fill my 525k in beds.
    Now the game has changed so much that they fill my beds and kill some troops. I have steadily added more T3 and have stopped at 195 million total power (157 mil troop power).
    I have remained at SH18 because i regularly win my bracket in KVK/KE’s….now i wonder if I should just go ahead and move up to SH21.
    Thx – your articles are great!

  29. Hi! Great info, even with some mistakes 🙂
    A question though.
    You emphasize the importance of traps, but in my experience, once you get millions of troops, traps become ineffective, since the attack ratio is applied as though they were part of the total “troops”.
    It would be great if MZ fixed this, which is imho, a design flaw, but i guess it keeps the “big boys” happy.
    Of course, if they do fix it, they’ll make you “pay” for their mistake. You’ll need Hero level 488, or VIP Level 1299 to get it. lol.
    One more question regarding the way battles are calculated….
    It “seems” that when an attack hits, the attacking force first has to deal with my t1s, and a win/loss is calculated from that, then, their remaining troops have to hit my T2, etc, etc. Does that sound right? Much appreciated if anyone has the answer.


  30. When I use T1 for rally trapping I only train up to 5m and with my hospitals and gear it usually takes, or took, 2-3 rallies before they got to my T2. I estimate that above that, or at least at 10m or more T1, you loose about 1/2 with each hit. I always recommend our traps stay at or below 5m T1 to keep them effective.

    • Hey Rize I am a T4 Core rally trap. I’ve tried a lot of other styles but could never cap the hero…. I have a friend in the game trying to help but I just can’t seem to get it . I have what I believe to be great defense Cores but at the 27 mil t4 that I’ve been trying , I just can’t seem to cap the hero…. Defense is 37-4000. Attack at 1200. and att debuff around 500…. Also my friend told me not to worry about health…What can I do. I feel like I’ve exhausted all the best measures , with no luck obviously….

  31. Solo traps at 850mil are maybe hit in older kingdoms. But as far as I can tell in newer kingdoms the ‘magical border’ is at 300mil already, and I think at this power level people are already cautious. So best strategy is to slowly build up and see how it goes and then build up some more if not sufficient. Nothing worse for a trap if it doesn’t get hit anymore.

    • 300mil is a no brainer for cored bigs to solo. You will get soloed up until like 1.5bil. I even see 3 bils get soloed with their hero out. Typically though, under 850mil is a good assumption. 600-700mil will get core solo banged by a group of bigs. I got soloed last ke at 1.4bil even eating a few rallies in core. They saw me in my decent perm gear again and soloed.

      300mil is a small solo trap

  32. If you get hit once and lose T3 and T4, your T4 go to the hospital first and not the other way around. Personal experience. Lol. Now if you have more T3 than beds and get hit multiple at the same time then yes your hospitals will fill with T3 from the first hit until beds are full on the first hit and any additional hit will kill anything else.

  33. Any mention of bait gear, presets, defensive cores (5×4 vs 6×6), importance of hero 55, trap battle tactics, relative importance of buffs vs debuffs for trap hero gear etc etc etc?

    • This was meant to be a general overview for Trap Accounts for entry to intermediate level Trappers. Unfortunately, I couldn’t address every possible option.

  34. Thanks. Overall a very nice distillation of trap concepts.

    There is a fundamental issue though with the description of T1-4 power. Firstly, T1 are 2 power, not 1 power. But much more importantly, the power number does not directly indicate their ‘strength’. T1 strength is 1. T2 strength is 2. T3 strength is 3. T4 strength is 4.5. The calculations that result in a comparison of 600k T4 being equal to 21.6M T1 are just plain wrong, and by a very large amount. It would give a ‘good analytical starting point’, were the stats presented in the article actually correct. The author should review gowrealtips article on ‘Troops needed to beat a T4 rally’ for factual correctness on troop tier equivalence. http://gowrealtips.co/troops-needed-to-beat-a-t4-rally/. Whilst the interpretation of that article is way too far in the other direction, at least the inter-troop tier comparisons are correct.

    You can kind of tell that this article is written by an attacker. You can tell because this statement “I am not a fan of Tier 1 troops”. When a rally lead runs into a single troop type T1 meat shield on a rally trap, loses his whole march, but gets his hero back and only kills 2-4M T1, whilst losing horrendously on both power destroyed and tier points systems, you can see why rally leads are not fans of T1s.

    What the article author missed is that with the recent introduction of 500% troop queue boosts, it is entirely possible to replace T1 troops at 150-200k per 3-day by only having a handful of barracks, rather than 13-16 barracks like used to be required to train 70-80k per 3-day. So all of a sudden it is much more economical to run rally traps with T1 lowest tier, and ALWAYS win on points. Very hard to catch the hero with T1, but you always win the battle on points if you are set up correctly.

    • My bad on the T1 power (and subsequent incorrect calculations). I will fix that. Thanks for pointing it out. Also, nice point about Troop Queue boosts. That does make T1 easier train. I also did point out the benefits of T1 for points in events, etc. It is true that as an attacker I do hate T1…but felt the same as a Trap (Hero always got away, and burning made me less likely to get hit a second time). That was also before the Troop Queue boost. However, I think your estimate of 2-4M T1 is way low. I rarely kill less than 6-8M when I rally a Trap with T1 shields. I’ve been in rallies, or have reinforced Traps where I’ve seen as many as 16M T1 die at once. Yes, they still win in points overall even with that many lost. My point in not liking them, though, is that they steal hospital space from other Troops and don’t offer much in the way of Defense (except in large numbers).

      • Also, “not liking T1” applies only to beginner or intermediate level Traps. I will obviously have to do a follow up to address some of the other points made.

        • hey.
          I have 9.3 mill t3, I got soloed by 600k t4 he lost 281k t4.
          I had 300k t3 hospitalized and lost 150kt3.
          how can I improve.
          you mentioned beginners use 2.5mill t3. isn’t that low?
          greatfull for any help

    • Hey Winter, we got some of the numbers cleaned up. They are correct now ya?

      I’ve been talking with Creed and we are going to work on a followup article that addresses the rest of your comments as well. Thanks man!