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  1. The Joker K2 says

    How many T3 does it take to kill an entire T4 Rally with the newest cores? using 6 piece cores defence focused cores overall or missile to counter missile rallies, give or take how much troops is needed? and how much troops are needed to be high enough to beat it hard enought to not loose most of the troops in 1-2 rallies ?
    – The Joker K2

  2. The Joker K2 says

    Ive been away from the game and recently came back again, and since i was never a big player before i left (a 750-800m power trap) am not exactly strong now that am zeroed and back with new hero etc, i got the idea of doing a basically full T3 Trap account on the scale of T1 nad T2 traps before they got nerfed and id like some feedback on if its possible to kill an entire T4 rally with give or take 70 m T3 and using cores ofc, atm am looking at different cores and strategies mainly looking to try maximize enemy troop attack debuff and troop defence so i dont get zeroed in 1 rally xD any suggestions to make it work and any feedback on why it will fail/succed would be nice considering ive been away for 6 months from the game and missed a ton, the idea is to sit with antiscout up at 2-3 B power (mainly from all thoose T3 troops) and they will think am a normal T4 player thats normal to rally these days then before rally hits put up boosts and cores and hopefully crush the rally – The Joker K2

    1. Serina says

      It doesn’t really make sense to make a T3 trap. The reason T1 and T2 traps are so effective is because T1 and T2 have a different strength to power ratio than T3 and T4. Therefore it is possible to have low power and high strength so you will get hit but not actually be weak. That being said, you could still have an effective T3 trap with the setup you mentioned above. There’s just no real advantage to being all T3 instead of T3/T4 except maybe that it takes less speeds and rss to train all T3 instead of T3/T4.

      1. The Joker K2 says

        yeh the plan with it is to save rss and speeds, the power thing is actually in my favor, noone wants to hit a 600-900m player cuz they look like traps nowadays but they do wanna hit an offline unshielded 2-3 B player with research gear on cuz they think its a regular 2-3 B player and will not expect it to be a T3 trap (i hope), you have any suggestions on cores i should craft?

  3. Melissa says

    I really need some help/advices on my rally trap account it is 4.7 billion in power with 8 million kills I have been building it for a year and am trying to get ready to take it out I am currently in a large power alliance where I am still one of the smallest players. I am trying to understand how a player in my alliance can show 14 million troops hospitalized. How do you increase your beds that high. This account has tremendous potential but I don’t know how to finish my set up. Could someone please advise me on this

    1. Serina says

      You must mean 1.4 million beds? It’s impossible to have 14 million beds. There is hospital capacity increase 1 and 2 research that you can do in the defense tree. Also with new urban plots you can unlock more spaces for hospitals. You should deconstruct all nonessential buildings like hall of war, marketplace, storehouse, gymnos, etc. to have more space for hospitals as well.

  4. Jeremy says

    My overall boosts

  5. Jeremy says

    Me gear

  6. Jeremy says

    Had a friend rally me using Frostbitten core set in normal gear.

  7. YFD says

    Finally got what i was looking for or close. took a planned hit from BIGGEST and one of strongest guys in kingdom and he hospitalized 1,200,000 troops. i only killed 700,000 though, so built on confidence and made adjustments. Figured if i could survive his hit, I am in a good spot and can take my talents to KE.

    Finally made custom set i thought would work for KE. Almost snatched hero. This guy was in Odin set gear.

  8. Bobby says

    Thank you all for keeping your post going. One thing that I would like to add in regards to baiting is that you dont need to be idle. I will port to another kingdom, place myself in the middle of an outlanders hive (compensate for rally march) and hit every low level city and encampment there. I will collect a number of heroes and they will either rally me or I will keep their heroes. After burning everything I can I will just wait and anticipate a rally while being in monster gear. I usually dont have a problem irking someones ego and ultimately enticing them to rally me. If not I just move on to the next hive with all their farming and low power heroes.

    And also I was reading a post about the nerf ratios and actually tried it out this last KE. I used the 12:1 T2-T4 ratio. I also had 3x the amount of T3s as I did T4s. I am not sure what the exact conclusion was but with 1.8 million beds I rarely have a T3 or T4 killed. I do lose a number of T2s and burn but I really dont mind.

  9. Das Condor says

    To achieve those boosts, you need to have your crafting research tree complete along with high end cores and pieces. To clarify no you do not need set boosts nor secret recipe mystery bonuses.

    My latest hero grab using custom cores set against a 4 horseman. Recognize that name?

    1. YFD says

      So what were your stats and how did you build the gear? Because if i use lvl 6 core 6 pieces and push straight defense, i can get 240 defense, but not much else. So that times 7 = 1680 but again no room for attack and health. you cant make rest up in gems. Thx.

  10. YFD says

    How are people getting 2000% defense or health and still getting over 1000% attack? Is it set bonuses or secret recipes? Because I CANNOT do it with custom core building. Thanks.

  11. Maeve says

    I haven’t found being reinforced to be all that effective. As a matter of fact it limits your ability to port out instead of shielding… I’ve almost been zeroed that way. Of course it was just at the change to new stats for everyone so my trap didn’t work as well as it had before. But if you do take RI – make sure you have the right equipment and have a great connection etc.

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  18. Kenny says

    Hi Chad! I’ve been enjoying your articles! Keep it up!

    Can you explain when you said ” 900% troop defense ( overall troop defense + specific troop defense) for example if your defending against inf that would be ranged defense.”

    Since range is strong against inf, why should we buff range defense instead of cal defense?

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  20. Scott Turner says

    My hero

  21. Scott Turner says

    Hero captured

  22. Scott Turner says

    Gear boosts pt3

  23. Scott Turner says

    Gear boosts pt2

  24. Scott Turner says

    Gear boosts pt1

  25. Scott Turner says

    Troop totals

  26. Scott Turner says

    After reading these comments, I hope I went the right direction with my rally trap build. Here goes my build stats:
    1.6 Bil power
    26 mil t4 (10 mil reg balanced, 16 mil strat balanced)
    t4 traps reg maxed at 375k
    16 hospitals (1,420,352 bed cap)
    4 presets
    c6p6 cores
    Hero 55
    Defense tree-first half at 10-second half at 8-9

    Reg gear boost numbers (with altar boost and tree set) are:
    single troop attack boost average 150% each
    single troop defense boost 265% each
    single troop health boost 70% each
    overall attack boost 430%
    overall defense boost 1069%
    overall health boost 1154%
    enemy attack debuff 124%
    enemy defense debuff 50%
    enemy health debuff 90%

    Best core set boosts: (abbreviated)
    single troop attack average 250%
    single troop defense average 350%
    single troop health average 150%
    overall attack 1086%
    overall defense 1486%
    overall health 1519%
    enemy attack debuff 270%
    enemy defense debuff 270%
    enemy health debuff 435%

    Testing soon. Ill post up results. I just hope hospitals are enough to keep from retraining constantly.

    1. Scott Turner says

      I have another defense core set that is higher on health (1959%) and defense (1313%) but lower on attack (765%). Individual attack boosts are a tough higher as well (inf 427%, range 251%, cal 191%).

      Gonna try that one as well.

      1. Scott Turner says

        Got my first real test. I must say, it worked like a charm. I’ll post ss and let you guys sort it all out.

        1. Scott Turner says

          Troop totals

        2. Chad says

          Very nice Scott! A piece of advice is to try and keep your kdr low by killing off t1. At the time of this first hit your account looked like a newbie player, but over time as kdr goes up players will be more afraid to hit you.

          1. Scott Turner says

            I’m already making plans to train t1 for next event.

          2. Chad says

            😉 preparing for success from the start, thats what I like to seeeee. I’ll be posting a great trap article later today from Creed. You will like it.

  27. Jenna Dees says

    What suggestions do you have with the new march increase?

    1. Cajsa Johnsson says

      I think Chad wrote in an answer to me earlier in the thread about there coming a post about that soon. I’ve made a pretty extensive post myself about it within my own community but I rather keep it private for another month or so to be ahead of the general public.

      But in general it’s all about finding the sweet spot where you look like an enticing target while still beeing able to eat whole rally without any substantial losses.

    2. Chad says

      Ya i have a post coming out soon, but the first draft didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to and we needed to adjust the numbers after the second set of march research came out. Expect it in the next day or two.

  28. greg cornell says

    Hi chad, I have a 500mill trap account..well only after getting zeroed recently. I have 1.3 mill beds, I have not unlocked lvl6 cores or presets yet, I have 1.3 strat cav troops. I’m not going to train any more troops and keep the beds and troops at the same number.
    Anyway my question is, I’m concidering deconstructing prison and alter to have more beds but am not sure if the boosts from the prison and alter will out-weigh the beds option. I guess I’d like to know which you think will get more kills?

  29. Matt K says

    There are a lot of different ways to build a rally trap. Saying that presets and level 6 cores are a requirement is completely untrue. You will cost yourself hundreds of millions of power getting to a preset and/or level 6 cores, when that power could easily be better spent on training troops. Plus, it’s much cheaper that way. Also, saying you must counter with cores is also untrue. As long as your hero is to level 55 to take advantage of altar boosts, with normal gear, a level 50 in my prison, and altar boost activated, my account sits at 800% attack, 1200% health, 1300% defense, 225% attack debuff, around 100% health and defense debuff, before implementing boosts. I know people have mentioned the altar boosts, just wanted to reemphasize.

    Troop counts are 3 mil T4, 21 mil T3, 2-3 mil T2, and can hold 1.8 mil reins. That’s a little over 600 million troop power, and I have around 400 million research power to sit between 1.0 and 1.1 billion total. Defense tree is complete to level 10 down to hospital increase 1.

    I’ve gone up against everything, 4h, emerald, odin, ra, etc. and eaten every rally. My gear recently got much better after that Halloween Pack, first pack I’ve bought in two months, as I’ve been trying to throttle back on my attack boost and prop up health and defense more to find that perfect balance everyone is talking about to just barely kill every troop that they send and save the most of mine as possible. Haven’t tested the better gear yet, as it’s brand new. I average between 10-15 million power lost per rally when reinforced, around 20 mil if I’m not reinforced, but again, I have recently improved my gear. My goal is to get under 10 mil power per cored rally when reinforced. Also, I recently started throwing up one accessory level 5 core, typically a nose chain or comet core (until I run out), as my accessories were my weakest gear, and that saves around 1-2 mill power (estimate on my part).

    The best part is my stats are horrible. I have very few hospitals, and people rally me almost immediately when checking me out. My kdr is less than 1, and I have 30 times as many troops killed as troops hospitalized. I can retrain T2 very quickly though with all of my villas. I look like a very poor player, and even have people solo me on a somewhat regular basis during kes (which is admittedly dumb on their part). Mainly, the stats help me to try to get rallied by level 57-59 hero’s, as that’s all I will take at the beginning of kes. Still, I have taken an Ra core from a level 60 with no reins and lost 19 mil power while eating whole rally.

    Your listed way to make a rally trap will still work very well, I just don’t have enough money to invest in the game to continue to get level 6 cores to use every kvk, so I went with an alternate route, which still works very well. Just wanted to post another option for people that is undoubtedly a lot cheaper.

    My main struggle is finding what to boost more, defense or health. I’m not convinced either way at this point. Also, with march increases and rally size increases coming out, I will almost certainly train more T3/T4 to counteract, probably going to the 1.2 to 1.3 billion power range to see if I’m still an inviting target, and adjust from there.

    1. Cajsa Johnsson says

      I like your post, and I have made pretty much the same discoveries you have made but my personal opinion is that your are actually wrong about your setup beeing cheaper. I was running your setup for 2 months before I decided to push further. Atleast I found that the retraining sucks, especially when you take 5-6 rallies in a short peroid of time. By getting lvl6 cores (which is not expensive) you reduce the amount of losses ALOT and this turns out to be a money saver in the long run. I’m in a position where I can take on everything there is in the game without loosing a single troop with a couple of low budget cores mixed with my best reg gear. Also your reg gear stats indicates you have spent alot more than me because I don’t have your amount of stats yet but maybe I just got unlucky with the chests I got from my packs. My setup is doable for 7 packs (maybe less with the new halloween packs) aslong as you have the patience to get the best low budget research gear there is before starting your research.

    2. Cajsa Johnsson says

      You made me curious about how good the new Xena gear actually is and if it’s possible to soak properly in regular gear now so I tweaked my reg gear as good as I could, regemming and crafting two minor upgrades. So I made some testing with my fellow alliance members, one 60B and one 22B with full research. First hit was against Dragon King core with attack/attack setbonuses. Second hit was against Ruyjin also attack/attack. My results were not very good so it makes me doubt if you really have been up against the best rallies there is? I’ve got a lot more troop power than you and my stats are slightly better, atleast the defense and debuffs. Should mention I sat next to one of the rally leaders and didn’t get the rally set warning so I didn’t apply troop attack debuff in time for the Dragon King hit. I think there must be something wrong with what you claim in your post, either you use more cores than you say or you haven’t been up against the best cores. I’ll post ss of my stats and the results as proof.

      1. Cajsa Johnsson says


        1. Cajsa Johnsson says


          1. Cajsa Johnsson says

            Dragon King

          2. Cajsa Johnsson says


        2. Chad says

          Thanks Cajsa, I’m posting an article tomorrow about how to calculate the top set bonuses so I’m going to hold off on adding these to the article for now 🙂 I think you’ll like what I have coming better!

          1. Cajsa Johnsson says

            Interesting article, it confirmed alot I suspected. I do have alot of interesting ss but I’m not sure if I should make them public, I might reveal to much information lol. But I guess the game just evolved to a new level again with the march size increase so what was valid a month ago is not valid anymore. But I’m fairly sure I’ve figuered out what route to take from now on to be able to keep breaking rallies. I do predict that next couple of kvks will be crazy with eager rally leaders looking to try out the new march size.

          2. Chad says

            Another contributor “CREED XS” is working on an article discussing how traps will change. Will be posting soon 🙂

          3. Cajsa Johnsson says

            Nice, I’ve made a quite extensive post about how traps will change, will be nice to compare his and my own analasys!

      2. Matt K says

        With reference to your first response, you’re right, I’m not sure how much it costs for your build because I’ve never done it or maintained it. I just assumed that to have enough level 6 cores to continue to use, and the additional research required, many packs would be required. I was lucky in starting to play the game back when the Casino events were still a thing, along with the Training Events that were profitable, so I did most of my training and research for free (which is why I have so many T3). I still had to buy around $600-$700 worth of packs to complete my gear set, using the Amazon Coins method, and getting 1 pack for free from bonus coins, but still felt that was relatively cheap for my size.

        With regards to your second post, I apologize. I may have been lucky against the level 60 hero with the Ra Core I went up against that I referred to. I assumed he was fully researched, but it looks like when looking at the battle report that he wasn’t. Again, as I referenced, I do my best not to go up against level 60s, and try to selectively only take rallies from level 57-59 hero’s, who probably are not research complete. So, I guess I should have clarified that while I have gone up against the best core sets, they may not have been backed up by the best heroes/research. That is by design, as I’m small enough to get rallied by less powerful rallies, and therefore that’s what I choose to accept.

        I’ve shielded against several level 60 heroes. I knew they would hurt more, but I didn’t realize it would be that much more based on the few rallies I have taken from level 60’s. It’s very likely that I was just lucky, as your stats are frightening for my setup. From now on, I will shield for sure if a 60 comes at me, lol.

        1. Cajsa Johnsson says

          Thx for sharing again, really appreciate it! I do believe your build with more T3 performs better than mine (alot of T4 due to I want to be able to fill rallies aswell but that’s another topic). It feels like we approach the game in the same way, trying to be competetive while spending as little as possible. Regarding cores you do have a valid point; I will run out of cores eventually but for me that time seems to be very far away. I do have the advantage that I bougt 5 packs last 3 months and they had alot of cores in them. I don’t use a full set of cores, I’ve learned what stats I need to have to not suffer any losses and thats usually 4 cores. Also, I use alot of lvl 5 pieces, it cut the craft cost alot and it makes my stash last longer. Furthermore I mix up my cores, I use some really low budget ones mixed up with some really good ones and same goes for pieces. I cannot claim that my way is the cheapest way to go but my gut feeling is that long term using my build will save you money. C6P4 cuts your losses alot! I did decide to push for 6 piece aswell and that was a real pain, I cant remember the total amount of speeds needed but I do believe it was more than one pack (including the returns from infernos). My reasoning for this was that if I could craft the secret recipies I could cut down on the number of cores and it really turned out to be the case but I don’t want to estimate how many rallies you need to take for this investment to pay off but it’s a long term investment for sure. I’m very aggressive, I’m taking on as many rallies as they throw against me basically so for me this investment will pay of faster compared to someone who takes 1-2 rallies / kvk. The one thing I’ve learned about this game is that there is no golden way to do things, everything in this game comes with a cost and I’m just trying to find the way that suits me best. Ideally I would like to be able to take rallies in regular gear but with new march size I think I can forget about that 🙁
          Again thx for sharing and clarifying what type of rallies you take on.

  30. Cajsa Johnsson says

    Thought I would share abit about my second kvk. It was total madness, I ended up playing every single minute of the kvk, I started at 1.5B power exactly and by the end I had lost 55M power where almost half of the losses came from filling rallies.
    I was up against every core set in there is. I met hero 60s with increased rally size and all research done in 4H, Emeralds and all various kind of missiles and I smashed them all. I ran out of cores very early so most of my hits was in gear crafted in panic. In average I had 4 cores equipped per hit. I even took a rally in regular gear and held up (was on a train and lost connecntion). although I only killed 2.1M. But apart from that rally I ate every single one they threw against me. Most of the rallies I didnt loose a single troop and by the end I had lost approx 1M T3 in total were the majority came from the hit and regular gear and the succeding hit where I ate the same guy with 3 cores without any pieced (lol!) equipped in panic due to the connection. I did awesome against emeralds and 4H, my results were worst against the pure missiles. Many hits they had hades so cant tell what I was up against. When the smoke settled I had 3B points and 10 rally leaders in my prison with 8 of them beeing lvl 60 heroes.

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  32. Cajsa Johnsson says

    Finally got to test my rally trap after waiting 3 months for first kvk. Unfortunatly the first rally on me was from 10B with hero 60 in a cav missile and after eating that they were reluctant to give me more action so I only have 1 rally sample size. For that rally I did pretty good I think, I ate the whole rally, didn’t loose a single troop although just under 1M T3 went to hospital. I didn’t use any troop buffs since I got heavily scouted and didn’t want to expose my setup. I didn’t have altar boost running due to the fact that this was my first kvk and I don’t want to execute heroes inner kingdom. This meant my talents were far from optimal. Neither did I have a hero in prsion, I baited in research gear and made it look as legit as possible. So it’s safe to say I have alot of room for improvement if there will be a need for that in future kvks.
    Before the hit I was pretty confident I had overdone my sets and it seems I was correct. I used a 2k attack 1k def and 1k health and some minor debuff boosts. I wanted to start with a “good” set and from there I will make weaker and weaker sets until I hit the sweet spot needed to kill the entire rally. The attacker had a 3.5k cav missile with 1000 defense debuff (that’s what he told me in a mail) basically a set built for zeroing bigs. He seemed to know what he was doing so I’m confident that aslong as no new gear is released I won’t get any tougher hits on me.
    My account is 99% built to perfection, basically every single power I have serves a purpose to make me stronger in combat. I have skipped all research that doesn’t add combat strength.
    I have 12M T4 and 18M T3 all strat. 375k regular walls. Both troops and traps equally split. Hero tree done to a minimum to pick up the troop attack/defense to lvl 10 (not 100% sure this is a good trade in terms of power vs strength). No strat trap research. Economy keot to a minimum. Crafting, done the absolute minimum to get 6c6p. Contemplating to get the extra gems but the lack of defensive special gems made me not do it so far. March done minimum to get 4 presets (adding more in march definatly not worth it). Haven’t touched set research at all (100% sure its not worth it since we won’t need complete core sets). Defense I have done top half down to hospital capacity 1 lvl 10. Havent done anything below, was debating to do more but glad I didn’t, the strength versus power gain just doesn’t seem worth it.
    Would appreciate thoughts and inputs on the choices I’ve made.

    1. Cajsa Johnsson says

      Here is a ss of the hit

    2. Chad says

      Bro your results speak for themselves, I don’t think you need to change anything. With altar boosts you may be able to hold less troops and thus less power.

      For readers’ purposes, can you tell us which gear set you and your enemy had, and the bonuses in more detail?

      1. Cajsa Johnsson says

        I made a mistake not taking ss of my gear, will do that next kvk for own reference so I can keep better track of how much boosts I need so I don’t waste more cores than needed. I used 5 piece Ruyjin, all lvl 6 cores but some pieces where only lvl5. Furthermore I had 2 accessories balancing up my def and health. I know my troop specific attack was 2k +- 50. Health just below 1k and def just above 1k (might have been as much as 1300 not 100% sure if I remember it correct but other 2 stats I’m positive of). I probabaly had around 2-300 troop attack debuff aswell.
        As for the attacker it was all very hectic, they had rally time reduction and I was quite stressed out since it was my first soak and I sat at a non optimal spot with only 3 tiles between me and attacker so all my focus went on popping my own cores at the correct time, I just had a glance at the gear and it wasn’t one of the regular sets those I recognize. I think it was Odin but not 100% sure. I had a friendly mail convo with the attacker at the end of the KE and he told me he had a 3500 attack missile with 1000 debuff built for zeroing bigs. He was very friendly so I have no reason to believe he would lie about this (this was after he had hemlocked and got his hero back so no hidden agenda).
        I’ll take ss of my gear next time. The new set I crafted I cut down to 6 cores with 1600 specific attack but 1500 defense and 1200 health instead. Trying to minimize core usage and I think I could probabaly cut down on even 1 or 2 more cores but I will remove one at the time and compare results.
        As for less power I’m actually contemplating adding even more power lol, the game has changed so much it’s crazy. I had atleast 5 alliance members with more power than me beeing rallied while the attackers knew they were online and they all burned beeing in reg gear only.

  33. Matty says

    I also have preset etc and all required as you guys stated

  34. Matty N says

    I have 12m t1 mixed even, 1m t2 even, 40m t3 even mix and 12m t4 all cores researches done and defence nearly all 9/10. I’m a bit hesitant on taking a rally but u think I will be ok ??

    1. Chad says

      I think you will be able to, just try to avoid getting hit by a 4H set for the first time.

      1. Matty says

        I have a 4h set or two will that level the playing field. Thanks

        1. Chad says

          You’re gona do work!

  35. Brian says

    Question for you all. I currently have 13m t4 and and 1.5m t3. If I increase the number of t4 troops I have will it lower my losses per rally I take? I have been eating rallies easily but would like to lower losses more. I realize I can increase my health in my cores as one way (which I have been doing) but was wondering if anyone knew if increasing troop numbers lowers losses at all

  36. Lorenzo says

    Hi Demonic
    How many T4 did you have when you took rally with t3 and no t1 or t2? Also did you have full t4 reinforcements? Thanks for any insight

  37. Demonic C says

    no worries Chad bro, thank you.

  38. Demonic C says

    Hey guys due till family reasons im sadly having to sell my account, i will be back but just not for a month or two. Thought i would post it here as you guys are interested in rally traps.

    700m power
    hero lv53
    Research 410m
    gold cores
    Defence tree mostly lv9 n 8
    march tree very close till preset
    Over 1m hostpital beds

    This is a rally eating machine and has destroyed 900m power since i starting using it as trap last month.
    Please feel contact me if u need to know anything,

    1. Chad says

      Hey man due to MZ’s recent crackdown on account sales, we are not accepting these comments anymore for player safety :/

  39. Eric says

    Hey Chad, one thing I noticed in here that’s missing is the importance of hero 55 with the altar boosts… The hidden boosts in there gave me an additional 700 health/defense which makes a huge difference especially since it’s just reskilling your hero to get it if you have hero 55.

    1. Chad says

      Yes, I plan to write on that soon, but idk if it’s a glitch or not because the boosts is only applying to normal troops right now right?

  40. Don says

    Do you have any stats on a sh18 rally trap? I seen it somewhere, was a sick rally trap. I can’t find it now and don’t know what site it was on. All T3 troops and lvl5 cores but would like to know the troop count. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated ty

    1. Chad says

      Look at the comments from eight ba1l in this article:

  41. silverhair says

    Ate a 2.375M Cataphract rally from a level 58 hero with 6 out of 7 Ra cores, and 1 tusky boots. Attacker has 150M kills, so should know what he is doing.
    Not a Level 60 hero, and no set bonus, nor specialised set bonus. Hero was gemmed in all cav attack and debuffs (father time / sovereignty) and 7 level 6 dragon fire gems. Was a 3300% cav attack missile.
    Was 745M power at the time. Used 4 pieces of perm gear and 3 purple cores. No reinforcements.
    Lowest tier was T1.
    Ate all 2.375M S4 cataphracts and smoked as I lost 2.1M T1. 85.5M vs 4.2M power loss.
    The run around the kingdom after that being chased by 3 rally teams was an absolute truckload of fun. Didn’t want to let that hero go. 🙂

    1. Chad says

      hahaha i bet that run around was hilarious.

  42. Demonic C says

    Nice one YFD, good luck. Another wee tip ive learned, knock down your villas first as they are a bit better to rebuild and yes the troop heath you get from 14 hostpitals is really nice bonus. I also dont have a store house so have a hostpital there at all times.

    Next kill event im going till try take as many rallys as i can, aiming for at lest 5 but hoping for more. Just depends on how they go. Will let you guys know anyhow after.


    1. Chad says

      Definitely let us know

  43. Demonic C says

    YFD, hey mate, if you did not have the t1 n t2 you would eat the rally up. 1st hit you take and esp if they have a good set like horseman you will lose about 5-7m of them t1 n 2, you will win on power but will burn because of your troops lost.

    If you where to take a 2nd hit after them t1 n t2 where killed, I would say you will have a very good chance of eating the full rally with that many t3 and lv6 defence cores. Personaly but I would not try unless you have a lot of beds, as t3 does lose you a lot of power. On kvk ke night I build an extra 3 hostpitals taking me up till just over 1m beds and I think it is well worth it. So far most troops a rally has hit me is just over 1m, think i lost around 150k just. I would say mate def work on the hostpital beds 1 n 2 in defence tree they are a great investment for a rally trap. Also I have a lv53 hero and the debuffs you get in hero skills are really good.

    Be interested till see how you get on, please report back here.

    1. YFD says


      Thanks for the information. I am 8/10 on Hospital 1, and am not opposed to rebuilding hospitals. I tore them down to build barracks and villas and mass trained. Plus, i like the idea of health from hospitals. I have a lvl 54 hero, so i will be using the debuffs. I will screenshot once i do it. Will take weekend to build the hospitals, then i will feel ready to try. Thanks again.

  44. Havoc says

    I posted this info on an older post but I think I’ll get more help\advice here. I am a 1.8b account and just started trapping 2 kvk kes ago. My first trap was a rush of anxiety but when the dust settled and the little hero icon appeared I was happy. So2 kes ago I was 1.5b and decided to try a science experiment and see if stacking def was better as good as or worse than having health and def together. I got rallied and the leader was around the same size as me and wearing a full dragon king set. They set and marched and I ate the raid. They wounded 5k t1 and I killed 2.1m t4. Power lost was 11k to 74m (you best bet I saved that one). So def was around 2300-2500% and I was wondering if making a set with def and HP (both between 1500-2000%) will show the same results.

  45. YFD says

    Chad, did i violate posting terms in my post attempt about 6 or 7 hours ago? It.was a legitimate question as i am not sure what is considered enough research or troops. It was the one about full combat tree, 375 t4 strat traps, defense tree to 10/10 trap capacity and some 8/10 after that. 5mil t1, 5mil t2, 20 mil t3. Lvl 6 core 4 piece. Trying to see if my research needs to be more to try taking a hit or if the troop power should be that much of my 856mil power…your help is appreciated.

    1. Chad says

      Nope! I just have to approve every comment and I’m just going through them now

      1. YFD says


  46. YFD says

    I haven’t tried to take a rally yet, but am going to try it. Combat tree full (regular), defense tree 10/10 down to trap capacity with 8/10 on some that follow into resistance. Lvl6 vore w/ 4th piece.

    375 t4 strat traps, 5mil t1(reg), 5mil t2 (reg), 20 mil t3 reg)

    1. Chad says

      You got it!

  47. Demonic C says

    Thanks Chad,

    Fire crackers and nose chain are by far the best accessory I’ve used so far, im getting around 200% and over on defence n heath once cafted n gemed on each, so roughly around 600% defence just for my accessorys.

    Pareo core is a great core for feet, best I have used so far.

    My last two rally hits I used the war load helm, but I dont have a favourite really. Rusted headdress is also really good as gets you a nice troop attack added in aswel. Really im just looking for a nice troop defence n heath and if I can get some troop attack and debuffs aswel its a nice bonus.

    Again Armor is much like helm, i dont really have a favourite but use the samurai armor when i can, it has a nice defence before you add your stuff.

    Weapons are more or less the same as above, most are the same and I just look out for nice % of defence and alot of them gave you a nice troop attack.

    The acc and feet are the main ones for me, if you have what I have listed above for them then I would def gave them a try.

    Chad, if possible I would like to share my lastest rally hits as I have a screen shot of them? That is my profile above, Dean townsend if you can get my email from there? I was a bit mixed up when I first posted as my comment did not show so then I made a profile till test it, hence the sss comment lol.

    So feel free to email me and i will gladly forward you the screen shots. Thanks

    1. Chad says

      Hey Dean, thanks for sharing. I got your screenshots and I will add to a post I’m releasing soon with all the latest information for a rally trap.

  48. dean townsend says


    1. RYAN says

      Dean from Bob bowling?

  49. Demonic C says

    I have been taking rally hits the past 5 kvk kes or so. I have tryed diff ways from t1 meats till t3 meats. I will share what I have learned.

    I’m 740m power, lv6 cores, defence tree lv9 till hostpital beds 1 and lv8 rest of the way down till bottom. I build 14 hostpitals for Ke which gaves me just over 1m beds, no presets yet but will have soon.

    Cores- all level 6 cores, I try to get as much troop defence and heath as possible, normully at lest 100% each core with acc core being 200% and above. I look for troop attack aswel as much as possible, threw cores ,pieces or gems. I also like to add a mix of a set type of troop attack aswel. The way i see it, they are sending 2.3m troops at my say 12m troops, yes i want a high defence n heath but why should i just defend, i have them out numbered so I throw as much attack in as possible.

    Rally no1. T1 meats, I had trainned around 5m mix t1 n had also about 1m t2. All my t1 where killed and most of my t2, although none of my t3 or t4 where harmed so did work protecting them. I also won the battle on power, think i lost around 9m power till their 30m but I burned as they killed 5.5m troops, so this way puts a big dent in your kdr but does work if you dont mind about that.

    Rally no2. t2 meats, Trainned around 4.5m t2 here no t1 at all and had about 1m each t3 but I went a little different this time n trainned a higher % of infanrty. Sadly they sent ranged at me and this one hurt bad, i lost about 70m power, all t2 died plus my t3 infanrty got hit hard aswell. Now this might off worked better if they had of sent cav but I still think t2 does not stand up till a rally.

    Rally no3. t3 meats, I trainned 2m each stat t3 n around 700k each reg t3, no t1 or t2. Happy to say I smoked in this rally and not burned. they injured 700k of my t3 and I killed 1.5m t4, so I lost no power at all as all troops where in beds.

    Rally no4. again meats where the same as above. this guy was 5.2b. Again i won and only smoked, injured 1m troops n killed 35k or so n I killed near 2m of their troops.

    Rally no5. same as above. this rally was right after the guy above hit me, i was in the wonder durning a kvk ke. I quickly healed my 1m t3 n let them hit. Lol till my disbelieve they only injured 25k troops and I killed their full rally, after looking into the report more the rally leader did not add his hero lol.

    Anyhow till sum it all up, t1 n t2 does work and you will win the battle on power but never on troop count so you will always burn. So if like me and like till smoke after taking a rally hit and want till keep your kdr going up then t3 is the best way.

    Again I stress I have over 1m beds, lv6 cores and defence tree mostly on level9 n lv8. So i would say you should try till get these things 1st if you have not already.

    Sorry for the size of this post but I hope it can help some people.

    1. Chad says


      Thank you for spending so much time posting a great comment! What are some of the cores you used?

  50. Red says

    I’ve built a 600 mil rally trap. 5 mil T2, 6.5 mil T3, 1.5 mil T4. No strat which kept my power lower. 4 presets. My core sets exceed the above requirements.

    I only have enough good gems for 2 core sets. Ranged and Cav. I was thinking I should be able to get away with that if all strat is sent at me. If all Strat Cav is sent at me, my reg Cav will also be strong against them. I added a bunch of troop attack so my reg infantry will help kill the Strat Cav. I’m already covered if Infantry or Ranged are sent. Any thought on how well that will work?

    Testing the build tonight.

    1. Chad says

      What was the outcome?

      1. Red says

        Went fairly well. 2 alliances ported in to my hive and started double rallying one of my alliance mates. Then me as well when I ported in. I took 4 rallies, she took 2.

        First showed a Ra set so I got ready to hit my Cav set. Sneaky guy switched to a Hermes right before it left, then back to Ra before it hit. Came at me so fast I’m still not sure if I switched in time. I still won. Didn’t get through my meatshields. I quick hid the cores again.

        Next 2 rallies were Dragon sets. I ate them both and took their heroes. Niether had full set gear research. I only lost 10 and 16 mil on those.

        4th was from the first leader with the Ra set. I should’ve shielded for that one since I’d lost too much power by that point. Wanted to see how far I could take it so I let it hit. He had full set gear research and hero 60. Lost 54 to 42 mil and finished off my Guardians. Lost no T4

        End result, came out way ahead. Lost roughly 120 mil to 260 mil destroyed. I believe my Cav set did work holding off the Ra because I only had reg troops. They sent strat. I had 1.1 mil reg Cav reinforcements.

        1. Chad says


          WELL DONE. I’m going to put your results in my revised article 🙂

      2. RedDragyn says

        Thanks Chad!

        Here’s are some of the stats. Was a little off on one of them

        1st rally Lost 28.6 mil Destroyed 50 mil. Had 3.6 mil T2 killed.
        2nd rally Lost 10.2 mil Destroyed 78.8 mil. Rest of the 1.3 mil T2 meat killed. not a full rally
        3rd rally Lost 29 mil Destroyed 85.5 mil
        4th rally Lost 55.2 Destroyed 42 mil

        One additional note. My kingdom 593 is still fairly young. We only have the defense tree up to Trap Capacity Increase available. Once the rest opens it’ll be harder to defend until I can do enough research to keep up. I’m sure the big spenders will finish it quick. lol

        1. Chad says

          Perfect, thank you. I’m putting this a new article that i’m working with all the rally trap information combined. I’m focusing on comments that readers post of what’s been successful for them lately since requirements keep changing.

  51. GhostRider says

    You should not use strat troops on defense. They are weaker against two troop types. They provide no advantage on defense.

    I am 950m power. I build 15-20m T1 per kvk. I have 6m T4, 6m T3 and a hodgepodge of good gear concentrating on troop Attack. I’ve taken about 20 full rallies in KvK and Coliseum events. I almost always kill the entire rally. I burn and do not get the hero but I’d say my average is I lost 20m power to their 85m loss. It doesn’t matter to me what gear they have. The only time I don’t kill their whole March is when I don’t have time to get at least three cores put on. Their gear is irrelevant to me. Missile, suicide, whatever. Irrelevant. It’s all about my boosts. I don’t have presets.

    It’s easy for me to get rallied at this power level.

    1. YFDJr says

      You focus on defense or health? I thought nerf was at 5mil t1. Am i wrong on that or the t1 only for meat and not caring about their nerf? Thank .

      1. Frankie Cummins says

        I believe nerf is 15m t1 and 5m t2. I previously thought it was 5m and 5m as well.

        1. Chad says

          That is what I’ve come to believe as well. I will be posting a follow up article on this in the next couple of days.

          1. CyCops says

            I love how they just won’t flat out say what it is, hahaha! So funny! Looking forward to reading that article!

    2. Chad says


      Can you elaborate more on your entire set up? I’m looking to accumulate all my trap article into one with the most up to date information.

  52. Chivalry says

    You should be using regular T4 instead of Strat because they’re stronger against same type which is obviously an advantage in a defensive role.

  53. Conner says

    With multiple rallies coming at me/ if I don’t know what’s coming in a rally, is a horsemen set better to defend with? I have enough troops to take multiple rallies at once just don’t know if the horsemen is good enough.

    1. Chad says

      This horesmen is the best their is besides colussus and emeral dragon right now

      1. Frankie Cummins says

        Hey Chad, I love the articles and have learned and applied many tips! Thank you! What is a really great defense bonus on a core pre-set? I made a custom set just having achieved level 6 cores and vip 13 and got a full pre-set with a combined defense boost of around 1300% on the lowest troop type and 1600% on the highest and I’m wondering if it’s worth it to try and duplicate this set? Thanks, Cy!

        1. Frankie Cummins says

          In general I prefer to defend with attack boosts but I made this core set special… my style is known in my kingdom so i call this set the becoming king set.

        2. Chad says
          1. CyCops says

            I have but it’s hard to compare without actually seeing it in the preset section where it lists the stats. Thanks for the info, though. I’m going to craft more core sets… i just hastily threw this one together as I was tired of moving crap around. I have full colossus but only one vambrace… So I carry two Phoenix Chaos with the other two accessory slots. With the set research bonuses it looks like it really is worth it to do that and craft those…

          2. CyCops says

            Have you had a chance to check out that new Colossus Hunter Set yet? I prefer defending in attack gear with attack bonus but slowly changing my mind on that with amassing troops… Suppose I’ll have to have it at some point. hahaha!

          3. CyCops says

            I crafted several of sets of the first core recipe from this link… on General troop attack and I think adding defensive gems to it will achieve just about exactly what I want it to. I’ll test it with the massive 14.99 m t1 shield and report with screen shots… if I’m not satisfied I’ll adjust like Demonic C did below with t3 and try that. Hopefully I can pass something useful along to someone looking to learn. Next to fighting in Game of War learning is my favorite thing and then teaching whatever I can.

  54. drama beats says

    what gear should i be focused on if core gear is unavailable?? meaning i don’t have lvl 6 or lvl 5 core gear researched

    plz help

    1. Whodlungdoo says

      You should focus on your shields if you can’t use L5 or 6 cores.

    2. T Mega says

      Colossus or samurai sets are great but you’ll need the whole set. And the rally will hurt a lot more

  55. Kick ass says

    Hey Chad..I had a quick question regarding another setup I saw this kvk kill event. A player had 36mil T3’s (mix of troop type), 6 mil T4 (mix of troop type), full wall and purple cores. He was smashing the rallies he took from players with lvl 6 cores all maxed out.

    My question is – If I have those many T3’s and T4’s and if I had a hospital capacity of 500k…will the T4’s go into the hossie first or will it be the T3’s, since a rally of 2.5mil T4 wont get through the T3’s I have. Let me know if I was not clear and if you need screenshots of the scout reports. Thanks

    1. Chad says

      T3s will go to the hospital

  56. Cory says

    If you’re building a 750-800 mil rally trap you should easily be able to eat a cored rally in regular gear with a core or two thrown in. Presets are a huge waste of speeds and power that could be used to beef up your troop count.

    1. yo joe says

      Not sure what kingdom you are in, or who you are competing against, but the days of regular gear and a core or two are over. That’s a good way to get smoked by these new core sets with their insane extra boosts. In fact regular gear is essentially worthless now. I watched plenty of players more than double that size get DESTROYED by these new cores. The guys hitting you will have stats that put your values negative. Try it out if you want to see your 800m account drop to 600 in one hit, even if you are in good regular gear with your hero set.

      1. Chad says

        I agree with you that there are players who have INSANE missile cores that you can only defend with counter core sets. Although, there are many bigs who still hit with normal gear or “mess up” core sets that you can be successful against as a trap.

      2. HumanTorch42 says

        There is a guy in my alliance, just over 1b power, that eats full t4 rallies with regular gear and, if it is one of the badass core sets, one core…

    2. KnottieDevil says

      Lol Cory cores make up a 10x stat multiplier, that’s like turning your 15 mil troops into 150 million. You won’t make that up in regular gear. Building cores so theirs are less then a 2x multiplier is a huge advantage. You obviously are speaking on speculation because anyone with practical knowledge would understand

  57. grrrlgeek says

    How many t4’s would you recommend if you can’t get reinforcements in time?

    1. T Mega says

      at least 2.5 m of each but with hero 60 your going to need a lot more to kill the entire rally

  58. phong bui says

    It would be great if you could post pic of core they used. against your defending core……

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