Battle Tested: Trap Attack vs. Troop Attack


Comparing Troop Attack vs. Trap Attack for Solo Trap Accounts

In this article we ask whether or not maxing trap attack provides any benefit for solo trap accounts?

I decided to test this on a 76 mill power solo account. The defender has 1.3 mill T3; he used the same equipment and only changed the skill tree. I wanted to see if the skill tree made that much of a difference. Lets see what the tests say.

The difference between which bonuses you use can drastically affect the outcomes of battles by tens of thousands of troops. This test is the perfect example of that.

This article and test was conducted April 2015 and the game dynamics, specifically troop counts have vastly increased.  While walls and traps have increased in numbers it is highly unlikely that traps can provide much assistance to warrant skill points be used on them.

Also, in this test we examine how health, defense, attack function to increase or decrease losses.  Conclusion being that the defender's change in attack did not change the outcome of his losses.

The following test is saved for research and historical purposes.  Also, to further understand traps vs. troops.

Spread Sheet of Results


Test 1

The defender has maxed out Health 1 and 2 and Defense 1 and 2 and has Infantry 2, cavalry 2, ranged 2 maxed and even split on the lower troop attacks.  Defender has max T3 traps and 1.287 mill T3

Attacker Defender
100k Infantry T4 1.287M Mixed Normal
100K Ranged T4 125k Mixed Traps
100k Cavalry T4
25K Infantry T3
25K Ranged T3
25K Cavalry T3

In this attack I wounded 169,721 T3 and he killed 141,928 of my troops.  He also lost 1,963 traps.

Test 2

The defender has the same setup as the first.  I ran the same gear as the first test, I just went troop specific with infantry.

Attacker Defender
300k Infantry T4 1.287M Mixed Normal
75K Infantry T3 125k Mixed Traps

I wounded 193,321 and he killed 130,436.  A much better performance.  He also lost 2,236 traps.  More than in the first test.  We can obviously see that troop specific attacks work much better on solo accounts.

Test 3

Max Trap Attack instead of Troop Attack.

Attacker Defender
100k Infantry T4 1.287M Mixed Normal
100K Ranged T4 125k Mixed Traps
100k Cavalry T4
25K Infantry T3
25K Ranged T3
25K Cavalry T3

Maxing out trap attacks actually hurt his stats.  I wounded 169,721 and he killed 137,817.  Roughly 4000 less troops killed.  I wounded the same amount as in the 1st attack, which I expected because his health and defense didn’t change, but his troop attack was lower and the traps didn’t actually help him in this situation.

Test 4

Attacker Defender
300k Infantry T4 1.287M Mixed Normal
75K Infantry T3 125k Mixed Traps

On this troop specific attack I wounded 193,321 troops and he killed 127,340.  Again, it was lower by 3000 troops.  On this specific trap account, it is apparent that maxing troop attacks is better than trap attack.


I think that in this situation troop attack is better than trap attack because this solo had enough troops that the traps weren’t effective at all.

One nice thing to know is that troop specific attacks do way more damage and you lose less troops.

On a smaller trap account this might be a different story though. I will test a smaller trap account in the coming days and update on how this strategy works with a smaller solo trap account.

Contributed by General Bow

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  1. This is so old and obsolete that makes me feel ashame of getting this news letter

    • Perhaps, but its not wrong. Did you find the other articles informative? I would retire this article but it is still informative to players just learning the game.

  2. Would you say sh18 trap accounts are still viable in some way?

  3. had a question come up in alliance chat tonight… is overall troop attack (say 100 attack) split evenly between each troop type (33,33,33) or is it 100 each?

  4. it seems there would be several big variables here. One being the hero gear. If the gear is set up with high trap attack, simply moving points to a troop specific attack wouldn’t be enough. I can get trap attack just over 600% with my setup on a 50 mil trap. You can get around the same boost for one troop type if the gear carries the highest available boosts, plus 7 lvl 6 troop specific gems, but you’ll have at least one troop type that you’d still be weak against. There’s a tipping point where troop count would give you a benefit over trap attack, but it’s hard to know what that number is. Evenly constructed strategic t3 traps and a high trap attack boost is hard to beat for an account with less than 750k t3 troops. On defense, you can’t pick exactly who will attack you, so being troop specific on defense gives you a big disadvantage. Even if an attacker can’t judge your strong troop based on your hero gear, one battle report would give all the info needed to know what’s best to hit you with in the next attack. Most attackers count on a high troop attack boost to hit your troops and traps, usually passing on siege attack when they boost their gear. A full wall of 125k t3 traps only adds 500k power, but pays off big in kills from even the strongest attacks if set up properly. If an account was identical in health, defense, and other boosts, but had no traps, and 125k t3 cav for example, boosted to 600%, they’d be weaker than traps at the same boost, and also be 3 mil in troop power. Hope I didn’t lose anybody there, but basically, 125k t3 traps at 600% boost, vs 125k t3 troops of one type, boosted to 600%, the traps are more effective, and do it with 2.5 mil less overall power.

    • XJUGG3RNAUTX from K48 (Gladii)

    • The problem is, you can’t go out with 125k traps boosted to 600% and 1M t3, 10M t1, etc, and have very minimal boosts on your troops. If there wasn’t a limit to traps, then you’d most definitely be at an advantage boosting trap attack, however 125k traps just won’t do much.

      -A professional solo trapper, 62M kills on a 50M account

  5. so would we gem accordingly, meaning if go for troop attack over trap attack. do we need trap attack gems at all or fill it with a troop type attack/ defense gem?

    • Good question. Gem according to troop type attack. If you think about how many more troops you have versus traps, it makes sense that you would want to boost your troops.

      • In my opinion I don’t use trap att as its too basic. Its only for defense and too situational. Much better to add a health gem or a general troop att gem that boosts all 3.

  6. Proof that Kate Upton has a trap acc? Anyone have a link please reply with it

  7. winterofdiscontent

    Thanks for performing these tests and sharing with the community.

    Could you please explain how you allocated hero skill points for tests 3 and 4, as it is not stated in the article.

    The test procedure describes the hero tree for tests 1 and 2, with a replication of your description using this site’s extremely useful hero skill tool suggesting that the setup is 100% health and defence boost, 3.5% troop attack (assumed), and 57.25-58.5% for each of the individual troop attacks, with 0% for trap attack.

    The options for tests 3 and 4, are 100% health and defence boost, 71% trap attack (maxing TA2 and TA1), and then either
    1) minimum points allocation outside trap attack, which yields 9.75% infantry attack, 3.75% cav attack and 1% ranged attack
    2) even spread of remaining points after maxing trap attack, which would yield 3.5% troop attack and 21-24.5% inf/ran/cav attack, depending upon how they were spread.

    Thus, you are comparing the difference in trap attack between tests 1-2 vs 3-4 (71% difference in trap attack) with an unknown but smaller difference in troop attack.

    The difference would be an averaged value of 53.25% troop attack with no point allocation after maxing trap attack 1/2, or a minimum of 35.3% if you evenly spread them across inf/ran/cav.

    So, you are either comparing 71% trap attack vs 53% troop attack, or 71% trap attack vs 33% troop attack, or somewhere in between.

    If you want an true apples to apples comparison, then a 75% troop attack boost is equal to 3 level 6 trap attack gems. Much cleaner test to allow for interpretation of the effect of boosting 125k traps vs boosting 1.2M troops, but does cost more in applying and removing 3 trap attack gems.

    If you want to compare whether it is worthwhile allocating 50 hero skill points to trap attack, then you need to test 50 points against 50 points. Not 50 trap attack points vs up to 117 points allocated to individual troop attack.

    Either way, inclusion of a description of the hero skill tree, or a screenshot of the resultant overall boosts would assist in interpretation.

    BTW, what does the Slayers Spiked Gauntlet with 6% hero attack have to do with a discussion of troop vs trap boosts? It is a lovely image, but it seems a little out of place here.

  8. What if your specific to 2 troop types? Set hero to 2 troop type and trap attack on hero.